sei-The Hidden Face of the Moon

The Hidden Face of the Moon
by Sei-chan

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The hidden side of the moon
part 11

Hanging up the phone, he sighed. Such a beautiful day it had been, he 
really was happy. Die snorted. "Happy my butt!" Life sucked so much, 
he had finally forced himself to be nice to Shinya and that was after 
he got expelled.
He knew Shinya had worried about him when he got beat up. "I was an 
ass but he kept talking to me. I really was a moron after all."

He didn't understand Shinya, if it had been him he would have beaten 
his own face up. But Shinya wasn't like that, he was sweet. Of 
course, you had to get passed his looks and his attitude because 
people always treated him very badly.

He really was the nicest person Die had even encountered. Looks like 
an alien and then you found out he's more human then you are.
Die fought a lot, he smoked, he skipped classes, he forgot about his 
homework and even forced himself to forget then, his friends were 
poker players and he used people for their money...pretty often. He 
was BAD, really bad.

He wasn't the best of friends and Shinya knew that. Must have been 
the reason why he refused to talk to him all the time, but he kept 
talking to him. ALL the time, everyday of his school like the older 
man had bothered him with trivial stuff.
The red head sighed. "Poor Shin-Shin..."

"Are you ok Miyabi?" Another man behind Toshiya's look a like helped 
him up. The one whom he called Miyabi, still holding his nose smiled 
to his friend. "I'm fine."
He turned around and looked at Toshiya. "I'm very sorry." He bowed 
and started walking away while taking the tissue his friend handed to 

Toshiya blinked shocked. It had been his own fault but the young man 
had apologised, incredible! Not thinking about it twice, he ran after 
the both of them and stopped them from going any further.
"WAIT!" The two guys stopped with terrified looks on their faces, 
they were afraid of him!

Toshiya bit his bottom lip. "Hum...are you're okay?" He 
looked around, nobody had heard. No one would be able to spoil his 
image for the moment, or maybe he shouldn't care?
But that was out of the question, he had to take care of this Miyabi 
person. "I mean I...I'm the one who should be apologising, it was my 
fault after all."

Miyabi and his friend's jaws hit the ground, the famous Toshiya had 
talked to them, he even had apologised! The world was going to end! 
Gackt would probably end up President of the United States!
They both gave him odd looks and Miyabi even put his hand on 
Toshiya's forehead.

"What is it?" Toshiya pouted.
Miyabi jumped. "Ah! I was just wondering if you were sick that's 
all." The blue head sweat dropped, it was true that he had been very 
uncaring to others for a while now and he pretty much understood the 
two men's feelings. rude! (Wouah! Jar Jar Binks! :P *is 
that how I'm suppose to write it? LOL*)

Knowing they had good reasons, Toshiya smiled to himself. He usually 
wouldn't have talked to people like this. They were a little too 
girlish for his taste. (Sei-chan thinks he shouldn't be talking.)
But...hey, you never know.

The sexy man started laughing. He was surprised the others weren't 
mean to him, they actually were nice and "worried" about him. Taking 
Miyabi's hand in his own, he shook it. "You must know me, I'm 
Miyabi rolled his eyes, well duh, and then smiled. "I'm Miyabi, this 
his Ryutaro." The little blacked haired man standing next to Miyabi 
smiled shyly and raised his hand slightly.

When he turned the corner of the corridor, Kaoru stopped laughing and 
turned around. He knew he had been very rude, he knew Toshiya was 
He smiled to himself. While he had been walking away, Toshiya had 
gone out and was now talking to people...with a smile on his face!

Things were changing...but not Kaoru's ways, not yet!

He hadn't gone to his last two classes, Die's voice had disturbed 
him. Disturbed him a lot! He didn't like it. Even, he HATED it so 
much. His tone of was near sweet, a sweetness Shinya 
shouldn't have heard from the red head.

`A good thing it was one the phone...' Shinya thought. He didn't know 
how he would have reacted if Die had been in front of him. Words 
similar to caring coming from Die seemed very rare to him, he knew he 
would have blushed and that moron would have laughed at him for sure!

He could see it now! Such awful sayings he would have given 
him: "What is that? Oooh! You're blushing! Shin-Shin is blushing! 
Don't tell me you're falling for me?! I don't want a THING for a 
girlfriend. You're a freak, who would want a freak!"
Shinya could feel the tears in his eyes, he held them. He would never 
cry again. NEVER! Nor would he never admit his heart had jumped a 
couple of times when he had heard Die say he was sorry. 
Besides, he didn't care about that big old moron! He was disgustingly 
stupid and couldn't even be nice to others when he was in front of 
them! Moron. Moron! MORON!!

He hated him so much, and what was that "I'm sorry.." He wanted 
Shinya to feel strange? He wanted him to fall for him so he could 
make fun of him? That's right, it had to be it. Why that no good 
Or maybe... Maybe it was because he wanted Shinya to feel bad because 
he got expelled.

Bet he hadn't been, he had been lying and probably was laughing his 
head out at this very moment. That JERK!
Shinya's veins popped, he felt like hitting somebody. No, not 
somebody...he felt like hitting Die himself! "DIE YOU'RE ONLY A 
STUPID MORON!" Damn you, you deserve it. Just get expelled from the 
school. See if I care.

He had screamed. People in the corridors stopped talking or walking 
to look at him.
They all knew Shinya hated Die, but never with this kind of passion. 
Something was wrong...

I don't care about you, I don't care about what ever happens to you 
or me. All a care about are my family and my friends, if they are 
happy then I'm happy to. I don't care about morons like you who can 
only manipulate people and make them feel helpless...

Who was he talking to anyway? Die wasn't there, he had got expelled. 
He would never come back in this school.
Shinya would never hear him call him Shin-Shin or It anymore... 



He was...gone...

...for good...!

Shinya's eyes widened and tears rolled down his cheeks. 
NO! He couldn't let it happen!

DAMN IT!! It was his fault, all his fault. Die...Die had got expelled 
because of him! What was he going to do?!
The director, he had to talk things out with him. Surely he would be 
able to turn things around or only at least get the red head back in 

Kaoru had been having fun watching Toshiya talk with his first new 
friends. They seemed like they would get along, maybe the blue head 
would finally see others before himself.
He had to think about this. Maybe Miyabi and Ryutaro could help him 
with this task he had given himself.

The funniest fact was that Toshiya had said he knew everybody, but 
his face when he had seen Miyabi was so precious. He had never 
realised the other man and him looked like twins.
Kaoru even thought that Toshiya probably had a personality close to 
Miyabi's, when he was around human.

"He's a brat!" Kyo was probably right, Toshiya was a brat and so was 
Miyabi. Kaoru knew him, of course he did. Who didn't? Toshiya's long 
lost supposed brother, he was famous too!

That's when he saw Shinya run in the corridors, direction: The 
director's office.
Blinking, he ran after the brunette and tried to stop him, which he 
was unable to do since Shinya was so much stronger and faster then 

"Wouah! Shinya will you stop for a second?!" Shinya looked at Kaoru 
from the corner of his eye while still running. A tiny smiled flashed 
on his face like a phantom.
"Hey Kaoru...have something to a hurry...!" Kaoru sweat 
dropped, like he hadn't noticed.

"What's going on?" Shinya seemed like he was worried, dead worried 
about something. Maybe something had happened, an event he still 
hadn't heard about because he was busy.

Shinya bit his lower lip and then a huge smile appeared on his 
face. "Ooh! This is great, really great!"
Taking Kaoru's wrist with a firm grip, Shinya pulled the older man 
behind him and started running even faster, since it WAS possible. 
Kaoru could barely follow. "You're coming with me, I NEED you!"

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