sei-The Hidden Face of the Moon

The Hidden Face of the Moon
by Sei-chan

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The hidden side of the moon
part 12

It had been two days since the three of them had met and they were 
getting along fine. Ryutaro and Miyabi were the nicest persons, after 
Kyo, Toshiya had ever met and he was glad he had talked to them.
Miyabi was a brat and Ryutaro was more mature. He was very sweet and 
didn't talk much, but very intelligent, like Toshiya. Only he knew 
things that weren't taught in school yet, like phylosophy.

He had an implacable logic, which was very fascinating because Miyabi 
always got caught in it, which was very funny.
Toshiya liked Miyabi the most, they were so alike he thought. 
Well...maybe not that much, because Miyabi cared about others. He 
cared about how they felt, their well being. He cherished his friends 
a lot, which was a thing Toshiya didn't really have.

He was starting to regret his attitude, he could have gotten so many 
friends if he wanted to but he had always pushed them away. He had 
rejected them for childish reasons.
He knew he and Miyabi were similar in some way, he was a brat too. 
However, they're actions were very different : Miyabi was more noble, 
Toshiya was a block of ice.

Standing up, Ryutaro bowed. "I'm sorry, I have to go now. It was a 
very nice lunch, thank you for your company, both of you." He smiled 
and turned to walk away.
"Ouuuh! Tarou-chan as a date!" Toshiya blinked and eyed a laughing 
Miyabi. "Date?"

Ryutaro turned around with a blush on his face and glared at 
Miyabi. "Shut your mouth!" Miyabi was now rolling on the green 
grass. "Don't be so mean Tarou-chan!" He sat back up and smiled 
sweetly. "So, did you tell him?"
Ryutaro turned away not answering. Toshiya sweat dropped, Miyabi 
really had fun torturing his poor friend. "I think I'm missing 

Miyabi grinned. "Tarou-chan as a crush, so very cute ne!" Toshiya's 
new friend really was so cute when he was laughing, the blue head 
knew they would get along very well.
"With who? Please tell me!" Ryutaro had took that time they were 
talking with each other to run away and had now disappeared God knows 

The younger man smirked and turned to face Toshiya. "You want to 
know?" Toshiya nodded. "He as a crush on Emiru." Toshiya's eyes 
widened. Emiru? The kawaii little thing that was in his art class? 
True he had talent, but Ryutaro and Emiru? Such an odd couple...
"Emiru's fine, but his friends are such pests. Me think Levin and 
K.K. should meet Takanori."

Toshiya closed his lunch box while looking up at Miyabi. "K.K.?" 
Miyabi chuckled. "Yeah, Kotani Kinya if you want. They are both very 
lively, real pests. Like Takanori."
Toshiya tried to imagine three little bouncing things telling him 
this and that had happen all the time. He sweat dropped again. "That 
wouldn't be good... Takanori's a real pain in the ass. Three of them 
would be hell for me."

Miyabi's eye twitched. Here he goes again, "for me". Toshiya was okay 
when you got to know him, but he had such a self centered 
Miyabi shrugged, maybe he should try to make him change a little for 
his own good. Besides, Miyabi didn't know if he could handle it very 
long, this way of thinking would soon get on his nervs.

"Only for you?" Toshiya looked up. "What? Yes, for me. Takanori 
always bounces around me and tells me things I don't even care about. 
I don't want three of those bothering me. I don't care what he does 
other places as long as he doesn't make ME mad."
Maybe Toshiya knew, or maybe did he try to act this way. It was 
really frustrating though. "Can I tell you something?"

Toshiya sighed. What now? "Go on." Miyabi raised an eyebrow, if he 
wanted them to be friends he had to let go of this "me, myself and I" 
thinking, it was bad for him and the others around him. How would he 
ever be able to make other friends?
"Lets have an homework to do in some class alright?" 
Toshiya looked at him not sure he understood what Miyabi was trying 
to tell him. "Uh huh..."

"Imagine it, I'm not telling you are." The blue head looked up for a 
second. Oh yes I do, not only mine but Kaoru's work too. "Right 
right, and?"
"You have to do that homework WITH somebody and if you don't, you get 
a REALLY bad mark." Toshiya growled, team work, he hated 
that. "Unfortunatly, the person you work with doesn't understand a 
thing. What do you do?"

Toshiya pouted, showing the answer to him was so easy it was stupid 
to answer. "Simple, I do them job myself." The younger man shook his 
head. "Didn't you understand what I said?"
The blue head shrugged. "If you don't work with somebody you get a 
really bad mark! So you and the guy or girl have to do half of the 
work. Everybody as a way of writing, so it's impossible to copy, so 
the teacher would know. What do you do if he doesn't understand?"

Toshiya put on an expressionless mask. "I work alone." Miyabi started 
laughing. It was so funny the way Toshiya didn't want to help the 
others. For him, working for himself was enough and the others 
weren't important.
"You can't! You have to work with somebody! Don't you understand? 
It's part of the work!" Toshiya scratched his head. "It's not true 
anyway, why should I care about answering that question? I did 
anyway..." He grumbled.

Miyabi sweat dropped. "Just answer will you."
Toshiya looked away. "No choice, I'd have to help him...not 'cause I 
want to." This wasn't going the way Miyabi wanted it to. No wonder 
the blue head didn't have any friends, he really was a BAD person. 
Worse then any punks he could ever meet on the street.

"Alright... Then think about this. To have a good job you have to go 
to a good school and if you don't care about the others' grades your 
school will get a bad reputation. Besides, teaching others would help 
you improve your own work and you can get friends too."
Toshiya raised an eyebrow, was Miyabi trying to lecture him? Was he 
trying to change his way of thinking? But...Toshiya liked the "you 
can get friends too", he felt so alone sometimes.

Miyabi stood up and smiled. "I have to go now. Unlike you, I'm not 
smart so I have to study for my tests. I'll see ya~." He turned 
around and made his way to the school.

'He's trying to help me get a better person...' Toshiya layed down on 
the grass and looked at his retreating new friend, he sighed. 'Such a 
nice person...compared to me.'
The problem was that Toshiya couldn't help it. He had grew up like 
that, his parents always told him "think about yourself before the 

Maybe had he gotten it wrong... "I wonder..."

Ryutaro ran in the school corridors, he had gone early to meet Emiru 
but was still late. He was going to be mad at him! "This is not good!"
He had promised to help him with his english homework and Emiru 
really counted on him.

Seeing his little friend sitting on one of the tables near his 
locker, he put on his breaks and sat in front of him breathing hard. 
Damn... He hated...this big...!!
Looking up, Ryutaro tried to smiled at Emiru who didn't seem like he 
had noticed him being late.

"Konnichiwa Ryutaro-san." Emiru put on a little smile which was 
really adorable. Ryutaro blushed slightly and put his backpack on the 
floor next to him.
"I'm sorry, I'm late!" Emiru blinked. "Late?" He looked at his 
watch. "Oh! You're right, I hadn't noticed. I was daydreaming I 
guess." He giggled.

Emiru was really adorable and always daydreaming so it was 
alright... 'Well I guess... 'Ryutaro always wondered what Emiru 
thought about, but he never had the guts to ask.
"So, what's the homework you needed me for?"

Miyabi was making his way to the librairy when he heard somebody call 
his name. It was a good looking man, too bad he was blond though.
The older man smiled at him and asked him to come closer. "I have 
something to ask you, it won't take long. It's about Toshiya." Miyabi 
raised an eyebrow.

Somebody who wanted gossip? Miyabi glared at him. "What?"
The man blinked when he saw the look on Miyabi's face. "Oh! Don't 
worry it's for his own good! I want you to help me with something."

Miyabi sat next to him and crossed his arms, he sighed. "Alright, 
what is it?"
The man next to him smiled. "I'm Kaoru, nice to meet you Miyabi."
Miyabi's eyes widened. Kaoru? THE Kaoru? The only guy that could have 
better grades then Toshiya? Humm...interesting.

Miyabi smirked.

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to be continued~

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