sei-The Hidden Face of the Moon

The Hidden Face of the Moon
by Sei-chan

The hidden side of the moon
part 13

Amazingly enough…

Amazingly enough…they had called him back. They had told him he could 
come back to school as long as he didn't fight for the rest of the 
year. Usually he didn't, so it would be okay. He was happy, he really 
was. He had been given another chance.
One thing was making him uncomfortable: to whom did he owe this turn 
of event? He had clearly heard the director, Kyo's father, say that 
he wouldn't listen to "him" another time, so he had to watch his 

Die had pondered about it all night long, but no name came to his 
Who could it be?

Entering in the school with a dirty looking uniform, as usual, Die 
made his way threw all the other students. Some waved at him, said 
hello, others asked him where he had been, while the rest were just 
avoiding him.

Sitting next to his friend Hide, he poked him on the arm. "Hey." Hide 
turned around and gave him a weird look before a smile formed on his 
lips. "Oi! Where ya been man?! I thought you got expelled?"
Die grinned. "They called me back, guess they love me too much." And 

"Ah! You're finally back." Kaoru appeared right in front of the red 
head. "Missed us?" He smiled.
Die looked up at Kaoru and blinked. "Is it because of you? I mean…did 
you talk to the director?"

Kaoru chuckled and shook his head.
Die raised an eyebrow. "Then who…?" The older man gave him an 
enigmatic smile. "I had part in it, but it wasn't me."

Die pouted. "Can't you just tell me? You're driving me crazy." 
Really, did new students always had to be this strange?
Kaoru was okay really, they were good friends actually but he really 
had a twisted mind. You never knew what he was thinking or what he 
was going to do. Which was really annoying, especially when you 
insisted and he wouldn't tell you anything.

Kaoru still had that smiled. Aah! Screw him…
Die looked away and noticed his favourite little cutie freak. 
Strangely, he literally stole Kaoru's smile. Standing up, he excused 
himself and ran towards Shinya.

Hide sighed when he saw where Die was going and Kaoru just kept 
smiling. "Are you going to tell me?" Kaoru looked down at Hide. "Of 
course, I was going to tell but…" He shrugged. "Die ran away."
Hide crossed his legs with an annoyed look on his face. "And? Who is 
it?!" The blond man chuckled. "It's Shinya."

Turning his head towards Shinya, the green haired man wasn't really 
surprised by what Kaoru had told him, but he still burst out laughing.
So…something was happening between those two hey? Interesting… VERY 

Hide was wondering how his red headed friend would take it, would he 
deny it or would he admit it? Strange, he couldn't tell. Little did 
he know about Die's heart, but there was something there… He could 
sense it.

Walking very very slowing to be sure he wouldn't hear them, they both 
had huge smile on their faces. He would be so~~~ mad, but it was 
worth it.
Emiru had seen them and had put a hand on his mouth to be sure he 
wouldn't be giving them away. He looked like he was attentively 
listening to Ryutaro.

Tarou was explaining an English problem to him but he didn't hear him 
anymore, he really wanted to see how Miyabi and Toshiya would 
surprise him. He expected it to be really hilarious.

Miyabi jumped on his friend's back while he was trying to write 
something down. They both fell on the floor when Ryutaro screamed. 
Everybody around them turned around and glared at them. As usual, 
they were bothering everybody even if it was only child's play.
Normal people wouldn't care, but Emiru hanged out with the strangest 

They weren't really intelligent, they were too serious, excluding 
Levin and K.K., and smoked a lot, which meant they were part of 
the "bitch" society. A few knew Die pretty well and didn't really 
like freaks like Ryutaro hanging out with Emiru.

Emiru was the sweetest thing on Earth and liked everybody. He was one 
of those who talked to Shinya once in a while. He really liked 
dressing odd but it didn't really bother the others since they were 
all really good friends and Emiru never was mean to them even if he 
was being weird at times.

They liked Emiru, but they hated Shinya. Shinya, for them, was mean. 
He was harsh, cold, considered himself higher then his classmates, he 
was a freak... 

…like Toshiya.

Nobody ever thought of the blue head actually. He was there or he 
wasn't. He was smart okay, could help people get 100% on tests they 
would usually fail, but Toshiya never helped anybody.
His classmates started turning away from him after a couple of 
months, they still said hello but hated him from the bottom of their 

The "Popular Guy" wasn't the problem, his friend was. What if…what if 
Kyo talked to his father? Not only was his father the director but…
his mother was damn rich! Yeah she was…
His mother was an actress and his father worked to pass time when she 
was away. She was very well known and Kyo had a lot of power in this 
school. He had power, not because of his father but his mother who 
loved him very much.

She loved Toshiya too, she was the one who was paying their apartment 
and they both lived under her wing. So, if anything happened to them, 
they could suffer the consequences because Kyo's father was the 
What they didn't know, was that she was often gone and Kyo never 
whined about anything, nor did Toshiya. They liked dealing with their 
own problems. Even if Toshiya felt like he didn't have any.

Anyway, I got carried away…

As I was saying… They really loved Emiru so Ryutaro and Toshiya were 
dangerous to them. They didn't want them to corrupt their sweet 
little friend.
Emiru was well protected by his friends and never seemed to realise 
that everybody was mothering him. Ryutaro didn't like it much but he 
had to live with it.

"What the HELL are you doing Miyabi!!??" Miyabi wasn't dangerous, he 
was as innocent as Emiru was.
Miyabi was on top of Ryutaro hugging him like a teddy bear. Toshiya 
sat next to a giggling Emiru.

"Hi. You're Emiru right? I'm Toshiya." Toshiya smiled at the small 
man who smiled back at him. He bowed slightly and they both shook 
hands while Ryutaro and Miyabi were fighting on the floor.

It happened in a flash, nobody ever predicted this to happen, not 
even Emiru who knew his friends well even thought he was so innocent.
A young man with strange looking hair and a hat took Emiru's hand 
away from Toshiya's. "Don't TOUCH him you… You freak!"

The blue head looked up at the other man with a hurt expression on 
his face.
Emiru's eyes widened. "Full! What are you doing??"

Reading a book, Shinya heard footsteps. Somebody was running towards 
him and he was sure he knew who it was.
"Heeeey!! Shin-Shin!!" There, he knew it! Why did he go talk to the 
director again? Shinya sighed. Peace…would he ever have? Naah…not 
with Die around.

Looking up, Shinya glared at Die. "Quit it!" Die stopped running in 
front of Shinya and sat next to him. He shrugged. "What?" "Calling me 
Shin-Shin, sounds like a new kind of noodles!"
Die blinked. "Oh, must be the hair then."

Die dodged Shinya's hand as it almost hit him behind the head. "YOU 
IDIOT!!" Die grinned. "Thanks, I love you too."
Shinya was taken aback. He blinked and started blushing deep red. Lo-
love me?? Had something hit his head? Was the red head feeling well?

The red head didn't seem notice Shinya's face as he crossed his legs 
and stretched his arms. "Wouah! Feels great to be back!"
Shinya stared for a second. Die…he was so…large. He looked so strong, 
athletic even. Compared to him, Shinya was a stick.

The top button of Die's uniform was open and Shinya could see the 
pale skin underneath. It looked…well…tasty actually… Shinya wondered 
what it would be like to have Die in his bed…

Realising what he had just thought, Shinya wanted to hit his head on 
the wall. You baka! Baka!! What were you thinking? He's your enemy! 
Don't go on falling for him now!
What if he finds out? You'd be in REALLY big trouble, more like deep 
shit actually…

"I'm sorry… Shinya-san…?" Both he and Die looked up at the girl in 
front of them. Shinya recognised her, it was…Izam.
Shinya pouted. "Yeah? What do you want?"

Looking down, she stared at her hands and started blushing. Shinya 
raised an eyebrow. `What now?'
"I…I wanted to tell you something…" Shinya waited, she didn't say 
anything. "Go on."

"Hum…" She looked at Die for a second. The red head smiled at her 
sweetly, like he always did with anybody. "…in…private…"
"Very well." Shinya stood up and followed her. She stopped a couple 
of meters away from the bench Die was sitting on.

The red head couldn't hear them, but he didn't really care anyway. 
All he wanted was for her to be quick because he wanted to talk to 
Shinya. Tease was more like it, he hadn't seen his angry face for a 
while and he really missed it.
It was so funny… Shinya's angry face…

Smiling at himself, Die looked at the girl and Shinya with an annoyed 
look on his face.
That's when he noticed something strange about Shinya, the expression 
on his face had changed. It seemed more sweet, more comprehensive. 
What was she telling him?

Die quickly grew curious. He wanted to know! He wanted to know!! Come 
on Shin-Shin come back I want to ask you what she wanted!
The red head's fingers started to tap against the bench. He was 
impatient. What could it be?"

While he was staring at them, he saw her take Shinya's hand. Die's 
eyes grew darker as he saw her bring the younger man's hands against 
her chest. She looked up and Shinya smiled at her.
In a quick movement, she raised her head and kissed Shinya lightly on 
the lips.

Seeing that Shinya didn't try to stop her from kissing him, Die stood 
up feeling like he would explode and walked away.

IzamXShinya? how straaaange...but still I like it. *see Arashi I put 
Izam in the fic again, so stop complaining :P*

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Sei-chan ^.^

to be continued~

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