sei-The Hidden Face of the Moon

The Hidden Face of the Moon
by Sei-chan

The hidden side of the moon
part 14

It was so stupid, why hadn't he done anything? Toshiya was his friend 
after all! And he let Emiru's friends call him a freak. Emiru talked 
back to them, but not Ryutaro. His small friend looked disappointed 
in him too.

Sitting in the library in front of the large windows, he saw his 
little friend walk with his so-called gang. Full and Hiro were both 
next to him, almost helping him walk. Emiru didn't seem to notice and 
talked with Machi playfully.

Ryutaro looked at the little man's smiling fan, he was so cute…
He sighed. Emiru really was adorable, and that day he was wearing one 
of his strange dresses. He looked like a little porcelain doll.

His blond hair was tied in braids and he had flowers here and there. 
Of course, he didn't wear the uniform, but nobody cared, not even the 
teachers because he was so cute. He was actually the only one allowed 
to wear such strange clothes in the school. He was more like a mascot.

Everybody knew him, loved him and cherished him, but he didn't know. 
He was so innocent…so perfect… Little kawaii Emiru-chan…

Turning his attention back to his science book, he sighed again. Life 
was so hard to handle some times. He knew Toshiya counted on him and 
Miyabi to be good friends but he had failed him.
Him! He had failed to help a friend! "I'm so stupid…"

Pushing his book away, Ryutaro took a white sheet of paper out of his 
bag and started to doodle on it. Slowly and carefully, he drew a 
little doll dressed like Emiru. He smiled sweetly.

He heard a chair being pulled in front of him, his head jerked up. He 
saw Toshiya. "Toshi!" The blue head smiled at him. "Hi, am I 
bothering you?"
The tall man looked at what Ryutaro was doing. "Oh! How cute!"

Not giving him a chance to add another comment about the drawing, 
Ryutaro crunched it in his fingers and threw it at the bottom of his 
bag. "Nah, it's bad." He forced a smile on his face.

Toshiya had that innocent look on his face, almost like Emiru's. 
Ryutaro's smile fell, why did children surround him? Worse…he really 
liked it, made him feel like he was the only one who could help them.
But it wasn't true… Look at Emiru… Everybody helped him all the time.

"What is it Tarou-chan?" Looking out the window again, Ryutaro didn't 
find Emiru. "Nothing, I'm fine…" He shrugged. "I wanted to say… I'm 
sorry about what happened earlier, I should have said something."

The blue head chuckled. "Is that why you feel bad? Don't worry… I 
don't care about them. Besides, Emiru scold them."
Emiru… But he didn't want Emiru to help him. He felt like he could 
have done something but didn't. Maybe could he have drawn Full and 
Hiro away from Emiru to be sure he would finally fly by himself. He 
stopped himself, he shouldn't have.

Emiru was trapped but he hadn't done anything. The key to the cage 
was right in front of him but he let it get rusty in front of his 
eyes. He was a failure.

Toshiya looked at Ryutaro, he knew he was depressed. He could see it 
very well.
His friend was closing himself right in front of his eyes, he had to 
do something, but he didn't know what. Toshiya had never been very 
good with others. He always cared about himself, but now he saw that 
people around him could need his help sometimes.

He understood that there wasn't only his little person on the planet; 
he needed others like they needed him. It was a circle; he had to 
give a hand to be awarded back.

"Ta-Tarou?" Ryutaro raised his head and looked at Toshiya with a 
downcast expression. "I know you worry about Emiru. You shouldn't. 
He's fine for the moment…" Toshiya bit his lower lip. "I'm sure we'll 
find a way to unlock his chains."

Ryutaro blinked. Of course, he hadn't been there for Toshiya but his 
friend was okay with it. He had been alone for such a long time that 
it wasn't too much to be forgotten sometimes.
Everybody had to live with it anyway; you couldn't always count on 
others to get you out of all situations.

The young man smiled slightly. "Thanks Toshi…"

He yawned. Geez, computer classes were all so boring. They never got 
to play on the machine until the end of it, which wasn't long enough.
Kyo pouted. He couldn't even sleep with this teacher because her 
voice was just too high, lets just say also very annoying.

Usually, he would sleep through anything, but not this time. Turning 
around, he watched Kaoru write down what ever the teacher was saying.
"Kao…you're too serious. You should let it go y'know. Her exams are 
way too easy. You don't even have to study to pass."

Kaoru looked up and smiled at Kyo not even bothering to answer. Lying 
on Kaoru's desk, he stared at him for a couple of minutes, which 
didn't seem to bother him.

Kaoru really was the strangest guy he'd ever met. Kyo finally gave up 
and turned his head towards the two guys next to them. They were 
talking about some guy name Sakito. Kyo knew Sakito; he was in Die's 
gang but nothing more then that.

Seemed like Toshiya's friend, who was one of those two, had a crush 
on him.
"Really? You like that guy? I don't believe you! He hangs out with 
Die, which means he plays poker…"
Miyabi blinked. "So? What's your point?" Toshiya sighed. Miyabi could 
be so stupid sometimes. "Don't you know with what you play poker, 
excluding cards?"

Miyabi shrugged. "Yeah, money."
Toshiya almost fell down his chair. "You don't care?!" Miyabi started 
laughing, he didn't care that the teacher was glaring at them.

Seeing that his glaring didn't help at all, the teacher continued her 
class ignoring them like they did her.

"I played with them once, they aren't that good. I won." Miyabi 
Toshiya jaw hit the desk. Miyabi was a poker player, and damn good 
one in fact! Extraordinary!

Miyabi giggled. He liked that look on Toshiya's face. "I kind of like 
his purple hair you know…" He blushed slightly. "It gives him this 
rebellious look, as if it would be dangerous to hang out with him…"
Miyabi sighed, his mind was totally out of this class.

Toshiya rolled his eyes. Really, he was like a groupie that drooled 
over a boys' band.

Kyo rolled his eyes too, wondering if Miyabi really was a man. 
Really, there were to many gays in this stupid school. Weren't there 
any normal guys that went out with normal girls?

Kyo shrugged. They had to start by finding normal girls to come in 
this school, the only ones they had were maniacs that went out with 
V6 and stuff…

He stared back at Kaoru who was still writing notes. Looking down on 
his friend's notes, Kyo pouted. Was that English? He sweat dropped.

"Did you hear that Kaoru, Miyabi likes Sakito." Kaoru chuckled. "It's 
not nice to make fun of people Kyo."
Kyo glared at him. "They make fun of me, I make fun of them!" Kaoru 
nodded not really listening to what Kyo was saying.

Kyo noticed. "Hey I'm talking to you!"
Kaoru looked up. "I know, I heard you like I heard him. He likes 
Sakito's purple hair." The older man grinned and went back to his 

Toshiya looked at Kyo and Kaoru from the corner of his eye. Had he 
heard right? They were talking about them weren't they?
Bet they were talking in his back again… Toshiya fumed and turned his 
head completely.

Still listening, he caught something out of the ordinary. "Did you 
know Kaoru, I heard Die doesn't talk to Shinya anymore."
Toshiya blinked. Die stopped talking to Shinya? Interesting, maybe 
something happened between them.

The blue head saw Kaoru look up at Kyo and nod sadly. Kyo sighed and 
turned his head towards Toshiya. They both stared at each other for a 
Toshiya broke the contact when he noticed that Kaoru was also looking 
at him with that smile on his face.

I can't believe I was able to do two parts in one day without some 
motivation ¤_¤;

comments are appreciated
Sei-chan ^.^

to be continued~

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