sei-The Hidden Face of the Moon

The Hidden Face of the Moon
by Sei-chan


the hidden side of the moon
part 15

The week passed very slowly. Never had he felt so alone, so rejected.
Usually, Die would come talk to him, he would tease endlessly the 
brunette until he blew up.

Alright, Shinya always thought he hated it, but Die was his only…
Admitting it was torture, the young man liked to believe he preferred 
being alone, but it was hard. Loneliness was a burden after all.

Atlas had the Earth on his shoulders when Shiny had nothing. He was 
stuck with objects as his only friends. He would burn his collection 
of mangas to have company, screw the portrait he gave himself.
Nobody cared about him anyway, why wouldn't he change a little?

Ripping the passive mask he had on, Shinya put his face in his hands.
Why? Why had he pushed them away? Why was he so different?

Yes, an original personality is good, even great! But what did he get 
for it? Nothing! Nothing at all!
There were people just like him and they all stayed together as 
freaks. All happy to be, they had fun alone and applauded the few who 
could stand up to others that weren't part of the group.

The brunette despised it, he refused to compare himself to them. He 
was different: they were white, the rest of the face of the Earth was 
black while he, only he, was yellow. He stood out!

BUT…but, when Die sat next to him and laughed at/with him, he felt 
more part of the group, even though he came from a far away world.
Colours weren't important anymore. But now… He was gone…

Shinya's heart was bleeding and soon it would die. With no heart, he 
would never learn to appreciate anybody again.
Screw the world!

"Gomen, Shinya-san?" Looking slowly up, the young man eyed the girl 
in front of him, well…sort of.
He sighed. "Izam." She smiled as shi brushed her dark pink hair with 
her right hand.

She had that little shade of red on her cheeks.
Shinya knew she had a crush on him, but he didn't really care. It was 
only the look, the look. She didn't know him inside.
Starting an innocent conversation, they were getting along well. Both 
of them were very similar but not trying to reject the other or 
becoming a very close friend.
They had the possibility to get closer, like Izam wished, but they 
stayed distant.

That was not how he saw it. There was a disgusting taste in his 
throat, he felt sick. The cute little girl and the beautiful doll, 
what an adorable couple!
They looked like a couple of lesbians!

Blasphemy, they would get rejected, especially Izam! She was part of 
Utada Hikaru's group and now she chose THE freak.
Now the brunette would never be alone anyway, where was the fun in 

The red head had been happy, after their kiss the girl ran away 
leaving Shinya alone. Of course alone, because Die, to mad to even 
think, had turned his back on him.
The older man had thought Shinya had turned her down, but he was 
wrong. She came back, and now he could see the stick their tongs out 
at Namie Amuro, ex close friend of Izam and part of her ex group 
of "friends" too.

When Amuro realised she was being mocked at, she turned her back at 
them with a snort and walked away.
Usually, it would have made him laugh, Amuro wasn't the smartest 
girl, but he didn't feel like it.

Seeing Shinya and Izam finding it hilarious mad his veins pop. He 
really was a freak… What made him think he could get along with a guy 
that didn't even care about how HE could feel?!

Not realising how self-centred he was at that very moment, Die kept 
staring at the couple. He was so jealous!
Damn jealous of Izam. Izam who could talk normally with Shinya, Izam 
who was able to make the brunette smile, laugh… Izam who erased the 
loneliness in Shinya's eyes, a deed, lets not be afraid of words, 
that only Die could do.

HE was the only one that could do it; he HAD to be the only one! 
Shinya was his, so Izam had better back off!
Die snorted. Of course, these weren't his thoughts because he was 
blinded by all this jealousy. They were only the facts, facts 
invisible to him.

Their eyes crossed and they both stared at each other. Shinya was 
surprised, he thought the red head was mad at him, maybe he wasn't. 
Die kept staring and finally stood up.

Walking slowly towards the two, he stopped in front of them.
Izam was still laughing and only one look from the red head made her 
stop. She swallowed hard. She understood that Die was dangerous; 
keeping away was the best idea. She only had to find a reason to run 
Die gave them a snarl. A shiver ran down Izam's spine, why was he 
looking at her like this? Had she done something wrong?
Turning her head slowly, she gazed at Shinya whom was staring at Die. 
He wasn't scared! How could he not be? Die was a menace, especially 
in that mood; Izam could feel that he could charge like an angry bull 
any moment.

Getting closer to Shinya to find a little protecting, Izam got 
another growl only this time it really was directed at her. Her eyes 
widened, what now?
But nothing happened; Die gave his attention back to Shinya.

"Hello there…my little thing. How you doing?" Die forced a smile. His 
eyes were dark; he really was in a bad mood.
Shinya raised an eyebrow. He didn't look very happy…not mad? He had 
been wrong, very wrong.

The young man stood up slowly and glanced at Die calmly. He smiled 
innocently. "What is it Die?"
Die gritted his teeth.

A second later, Shinya was being lifted up against the school wall by 
only ONE of Die's arms. His big hand was around Shinya's neck and not 
giving the idea he would ever let go.
Shinya's feet weren't even touching the ground.

Izam took it as her cue: She ran away.
Die smirked. "Well well It, good friend you've got there."

Sitting at his desk, like in every class, Toshiya looked outside. 
Usually, he would never do so, he would always be very alert in class 
and listen to every word the teacher would say.
You never knew when he could make a mistake.

Before, he would have found it very funny to correct the teacher, 
especially the science one, but not this time. He was just bored and 
did like the others, something else then hearing what Miss Shingo was 
Her and her round pink glasses, she was so~~~ ugly, and stupid!

And that dress… That dress…suck bad taste! It's not the students that 
should wear uniforms but the teachers! They had no sense of fashion!
Looking down on his desk as a paper got passed to him, he shrugged. 
The test, he had 100% as always, but it seemed empty. As he read the 
answer he gave to the questions, which he remembered well, he felt 
like he was reading a textbook.

Knowing all those texts by heart wasn't really glorious, all he did 
was recite everything and he had all the points. It was not the 
object of this class; he could figure that out. He had to understand, 
no more no less.
No wonder he didn't like to help others, he couldn't. He didn't 
understand himself.

Now that he thought of it, Kaoru was always mad when he gave him back 
his homework. He always said it was badly formulated, and sounded 
like a university student science.
Toshiya sighed. "Now I understand…"

The bell rang and Toshiya made his way out of the class. Maybe he 
should consider trying to learn something instead of remembering 
empty sentences.
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to be continued~

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