sei-The Hidden Face of the Moon

The Hidden Face of the Moon
by Sei-chan


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The hidden side of the moon
part 16

Shinya gazed at the retreating Izam from the corner of his eye, the 
vision started to blur when tears formed in them. He was having a 
hard time to breath; damn Die was too strong for him!
Struggling wouldn't help since his feet weren't touching the ground 
and nobody would ever try to get him down from there. There was no 
way out of this.

"Die…you're going to…kill me…!" The brunette was starting to cough 
but the red head didn't seem to care at all. He had a grin on his 
face, not the usual one that made him look so stupid but a very mean 
Shinya didn't know what to do or to think, Die was out of control!

The young man knew he was out of reach and trying to talk to him 
would do no good, he had to wait but he couldn't tell how long he 
would hold on. He'd probably fall unconscious before Die finally 
regained his calm. He was afraid of getting beat up again…

Why was he so scared? Because it would hurt? No…impossible. Because 
he could be hospitalised? Nah…that was unlikely. Because it was Die…? 
Maybe… Possible… He couldn't tell.
He wondered where it'd hurt the most: His body or…his heart?

Tears started to roll on his cheeks as he heard Die chuckle.
"Please…please le…let g…let go!" Shinya couldn't scream or call for 
help, it was over…

"DIE!! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!" Die turned his glare towards 
Hide who was standing next to him. He snorted.
"Stop! You're going to kill him." Sugizo put his hand on Die's wrist 
and tried to make him let go, but the older man didn't budge.

Shinya growled. Great, his "best" friends to the rescue, his life was 
Sakito and Kamijo were behind him; they had worried looks on their 
faces. Was it because Die was mad or maybe because the brunette was 
turning blue?

To make things even worse, Shinya heard Toshiya scream. The blue head 
had appeared next to Sakito with his new friend Ryutaro.
Pushing Sugizo away, Toshiya practically hanged himself on Die's 
arm. "Stop! You're going to kill him! Let him go!!"

Shinya panted for breath, he still had tears in his eyes and thought 
he was having hallucinations.
Toshiya? Helping him? Impossible, he had to be dreaming. Probably the 
lack of oxygen in his brain that made him imagine the weirdest 

"PUT HIM DOWN!! Oh my God! He's turning purple! Ryutaro help me!"
That's when Die finally reacted. Glaring at Toshiya, he pushed him 
against the wall next to Shinya and smiled. "Want to get out of my 
way you little whore??"
Nobody dared to move.

He turned his gaze back to Shinya. "Anybody who makes fun of me will 
suffer the consequences. After you, I'll get your little girlfriend 
He smirked.

W-what? Shinya started laughing, at everybody's surprise. It was too 
funny! Girlfriend? Girlfriend!! He couldn't believe Die thought Izam 
was his girlfriend!
"WHAT ARE YOU LAUGHING AT YOU FREAK?!" Feeling Die's hand squeeze his 
neck even harder, Shinya started to struggle for real. The air was 
gone, no air…need to breath…

Putting both his hands on Die's, Shinya was able to loosen his hold 
for a couple of seconds. "You…you MORON!" He breathed hard. "Izam…
Izam isn't a girl!! HE'S A GUY!!"
Die snorted. "SO WHAT?! I'm a guy too and I…" The red head's eyes 
widened as he finally let go of the young man.

Falling on his bottom, Shinya started to cough. Finally, he had let 
go. Toshiya and Ryutaro kneeled beside him patting on the back. They 
both helped him up and walked to the nurse's office.

As they were walking away, Shinya saw Die sit on the bench with his 
face in his hands. His friends were surrounding him; they didn't seem 
to know what to do…
Something was terribly wrong with the red head, a little more and he 
would have broken.

Shinya didn't know what would have become of him then.
He was now scared… Scared of Die… Scared of the people around him 
because he never knew what they could do.

He thought of Die as the sweetest of them all. Yes, he teased him all 
the time, but the older man never tried to hurt him before. NEVER!
He was still the first one that had exploded in front of him…

Moments later, the three of them were in the nurse's office and 
Shinya was lying on the bed. His neck had started turning different 
shades of blue and his respiration still hadn't came back to normal.
Toshiya bit his lower lip, poor him.

Turning his head, he looked at Ryutaro who had that same expression 
on his face: They were both worried about the young man.
"Shinya…?" The brunette opened his eyes slightly and looked at 
Toshiya expressionless. He didn't answer.

"Humm…are you…are you okay?" Toshiya smiled slightly.
Shinya grunted. "Do I look okay to you?" He glared at both of 
them. "You made your good deed for today, you can go do what ever you 
popular guys do at that time of the day." The young man turned his 
head away; he was pissed off.

Toshiya looked at him sadly, the poor man really was stuck in this. 
He was alone and when offered company he preferred refusing it.
Standing up, the blue head held a sob and closed his eyes for a 
second. He was like him. Lonely, alone…he thought he knew his closest 
friends but didn't. `I understand him… I really do…'

Bending down, Toshiya rested his head against Shinya torso and hugged 
him tight. "I'm sorry… I'm so sorry…"
Then stood up and walked out of the room accompanied by Ryutaro who 
had his arm around his shoulders.

Shinya watched them leave.

Ryutaro kept holding Toshiya in his arms. His new friend was so 
fragile, so nice compared to what he was before they had met. He had 
changed completely, for the best.

He sighed. `Poor Shinya…' The black haired man wondered how the 
brunette would handle it. It was very clear that his heart was broken.
His purple throat was nothing compared to this wound. `There are 
wounds that never heal…' He shook his head sadly.

As the bell rang, they both entered their art class. Ryutaro nodded 
to Emiru who was sitting with Hiro and Full near the windows. The 
small man waved back with a smile on his face.
Ryutaro chuckled.

Sitting next to Toshiya, he looked at his down cast expression. 
Toshiya was beat for the day, anything more would make him cry for 
Taking his hat off, Ryutaro shrugged. What could happen anyway? It 
wasn't like they had such a shitty existence.

Tapping his fingers on the desk, he looked around. Where the hell was 
Miyabi when he needed him? Talking to either Toshiya or Emiru was out 
of the question, he needed real company but his other friend was no 
where to be seen.
He growled. "…bet he's drooling over that Sakito guy again…" Not 
realising Sakito had been there when Die had gone berserk, Tarou 

Laughs made him look up, a man with purple hair entered the class 
next to Miyabi. `Well what d'ya know…he talked to him.' He examined 
the couple.
No wait, something was wrong. This wasn't Sakito it was somebody 
else. Another person he knew as well, it was Kaoru!
Why had he changed his hair colour? It wasn't allowed, did he want to 
get kicked out?!

Poking Toshiya on the arm, he forced him to look up. Toshiya blinked 
in surprise. He and Ryutaro both knew Miyabi was fond of purple 
haired man. Why? They didn't know, but he just did.

Tarou knew the blue head would probably blow up any second, so he 
covered his ears and wanted. He heard nothing, nothing at all.
Putting his hands back on his desk, he looked at Toshiya. His friend 
had a shocked look on his face. He was horrified!

His best friend was laughing with his biggest enemy, no wonder!
Ryutaro watched his friend his rest his head back on his desk and 
hide his face in his arms. He was crying silently. 

Life was shitty after all…

Shinya's hurt...
So is Totchi...
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to be continued~

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