sei-The Hidden Face of the Moon

The Hidden Face of the Moon
by Sei-chan


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Sei-chan ^.^
The hidden side of the moon
part 17

In a comfy couch, no homework, a good lunch and a big screen… Aah, 
what a life! He wished every weekend could be like this.
Kyo sighed cuddling himself in big fluffy blankets. That was the best 
place to fall asleep and actually sleep well! He did fall asleep 
everywhere, but curry wasn't always comfortable.

He had slept through all his classes that week, he knew he was 
failing half of them but he didn't care. All he cared about was his 
well-being and having fuu~~un!!
Now, all he needed was somebody to keep him warm. There weren't many 
options but he knew who he liked. He wondered how Toshiya would take 
it…him being gay and all.

Speaking of Toshiya, where was he? The little man had seen him come 
in him with a mass of homework and go into his room but hadn't heard 
from him since then.
Usually, he would hear him curse or his chair roll around in the room 
to find the books he was probably looking for. His radio always 
played popular music and hearing Toshiya sing was always a 

But not now… No singing, no music, no sound at all; Kyo was starting 
to worry. Was something going on? Was he asleep? Had he jumped out 
the window?
Kyo chuckled; a bloody blue head on the bottom of the apartment would 
sure make his life easier. No bratty cousin who whines all the time, 
complete peace!

He smiled to himself, but he still had to go look. No matter how he 
said it, he still loved his cousin and taking care of him was part of 
the "love". He growled, but he liked his little nest!
Forcing himself up, he pushed his blanket aside and walked to 
Toshiya's door. It was closed, of course.

Kyo knocked.

No answer. He shrugged. What the HELL was he doing?
He opened the door slowly and took a quick glance inside. Same room, 
clean as always, radio was at the same place, papers were spread on 
the desk, the bag was on the floor next to it and the chair hadn't 
move since that morning. He turned his head slowly and saw Toshiya 
face down on his bed.

He wasn't moving but Kyo could clearly see he was breathing. He was 
sleeping as he thought. The little man pouted; he had raised his ass 
from his comfy couch for nothing! How irritating!
Turning around, he took the blanket in his hands and came in the room 
putting it on Toshiya to be sure he wouldn't catch a cold.
He looked calmly at his cousin's face and realised there was 
something odd about it. What was it?

Kneeling down, Kyo examined it closer: his cheeks were wet. The poor 
man had been crying!
Sitting down, Kyo sighed. Usually he wouldn't care about his cousin's 
problems but they never made him cry!

Resting his head on the bed, he closed his eyes. Better stay next to 
him, just in case…

Seeing Kyo sleeping on the floor next to his bed when he woke up 
surprised him. His little cousin was so cute, so adorable and sweet. 
He had taken care of him after all.
Feeling less alone then when he had come in, Toshiya lifted Kyo up 
and put him in his bed.

He left his room and closed the door behind him then sat next to the 
window to smoke a cigarette.
Kyo and him were very careful about the smoking habit, his aunt 
should never find out they smoked so being near a window was the only 
option for them, even during the winter.

Lighting his smoke, he took a deep breath and leaned his head against 
the wooden frame of the window. It was dark outside and stars 
glittered in the sky. All those little stars… So pretty… But they 
were lost in the endless sky that surrounded them all.

Yes, lost…like he was. He was lost. He had no friends after all 
didn't he? Shinya hated him, Ryutaro hanged out with him because he 
was a friend of Miyabi's, Emiru hanged out with Ryutaro and Miyabi 
was suppose to be his friend.
But he liked Kaoru!




No matter how many times he said it, the same rage would come up 
every time. Kaoru, the mean, the bad guy who stole his friend, his 
only friend. Who had dyed his hair purple to get Miyabi's attention.
Toshiya knew he had heard him when Miyabi confessed his love Sakito.

Kaoru had finally found a way to steal his best and only friend, the 
only one he had talked to without having to! Miyabi…
Holding a sob, he crushed his cigarette on the balcony's floor. He 
didn't feel like smoking after all.

He felt betrayed. He hadn't talked to Miyabi all period. His friend 
didn't notice thinking he was listening to the teacher, which he 
wasn't. He talked with Ryutaro who glanced at Toshiya once in a while 
with a strange expression on his face.
The blue head suspected he knew something.

Kaoru was dangerous. He liked to play with people's heart, to steal, 
to blackmail! He was hard on Toshiya, he was…he was…he was nice to 
He had a beautiful smile he gave to anybody but him. The way he 
walked was so sexy, but he never walked beside him. He only talked to 
him when nobody was around and when he was sitting or standing still!

That deep voice, it was so soothing, but so hard to hear when the 
words that came out of his mouth were full of hate and anger.
And those lips, he wanted…he wanted to kiss them! He wanted to tie 
Kaoru up and fuck him so hard he would scream his head out! He 
desired that body so much it made him horny to only think about it!

What was he thinking?! What horrible thoughts! Terrible, it was 
terrible to think of his tyrant that way!
He was making his life even more miserable knowing he would never get 
what he wanted, but he wished for it so hard his head started to spin.

Those hands, he wanted to feel their sweet touch on his body and 
imprint their warmth to remember them wherever he went! But only the 
cold tap on his shoulder Kaoru would give him came to his mind, it 
was no use.

Banging the back of his head one time against the wooden frame, he 
looked up the sky again. He was so miserable… (Comes in, the violin 
of Gackt's song!! *sweat drops* - Sei-chan ^-^)

Rainy days, he hated rainy days! Especially when there was school 
too! Making his way up the staircase of the school, Ryutaro growled. 
If only teachers realised students were more hyperactive on rainy 
days, they would cancel classes!
But that was not logical, so he pushed that thought aside.

He had to meet somebody up the stairs, but he was afraid to do so. He 
didn't want his little friend to be in trouble because of him, 
because he knew Emiru's gang didn't like him very much.
They hated him actually. That was bad.

Emiru was still waiting on the bench where they had agreed to meet 
and smiled innocently at him like there was no care in the world. 
None of his friends were around so Ryutaro could talk freely.

He wanted to tell Emiru he cared about him. He wished Emiru to 
understand he didn't want him only as a friend, but was afraid of his 
What if Emiru was straight? But one look at that yellow dress he was 
wearing made him change his mind: A guy with flower in his hair could 
never be. He had to be a little funky.

Emiru giggled when Ryutaro sat next to him and stole his hat to put 
it on his head. Hitting his shoes together, he kept smiling cutely at 
the black haired man.
Ryutaro blushed slightly; Emiru was so adorable!

"What did you want?" Ryutaro went right to the point, you never knew 
when Full and Hiro could appear, not mentioning any of the others 
that knew him as well. "Emiru…I wanted you to know that I…I…"
Ryutaro looked at his shoes and played with the ring he had on his 
left hand. He wasn't sure he wanted to tell anymore… He didn't want 
to be rejected…again.

"Yes?" Emiru put a hand on Tarou's shoulder. Such a sweet gesture, 
the little man was so affectionate.
Oh, hell with it! So what if Emiru didn't like him back!? Ryutaro 
knew he would never be mean to him. "Well Emiru I…!"

"EMIRU!!" They both turned their heads towards the voice that they 
had just heard. `Oh no…' Ryutaro jumped behind Emiru to hide himself, 
to the little man's surprise. They HAD to look for him all the time, 
damn Full and Hiro!
Machi and Hyde were next to them while Levin and K.K. ran around not 
so far away from the other four.

Eep! He was in deep shit now!
Emiru kept smiling and gave Ryutaro back his hat. He stood up and 
bowed slightly. "I apologize. I can't force you to get along with my 
friends now can I?" He looked down sadly.

Ryutaro stared at the leaving figure.
Accusing fingers were pointed at him but he didn't care.


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to be continued~

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