sei-The Hidden Face of the Moon

The Hidden Face of the Moon
by Sei-chan


pairings/band: ShinyaXDie, RyutaroXEmiru, ToshiyaXKaoru...I think
that's it for the moment... *shrugs*
the major band is DeG plus some jrockers and jpopers

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This part is more about Shinya and please enjoy ^-^
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The hidden side of the moon
part 18

There was no point in trying to understand what was wrong with Die
and Shinya knew that perfectly. He wanted to know what had made him
so mad, but he was scared. So scared he shivered every time he heard
a word with "dai" in it.

He sighed. English class were usually very amusing, but not today. He
was in Toshiya's class, which meant Ayumi's babbling could be heard
and Gackt would probably come in any second.
Classes with those two were famous, some student would even miss the
first two minutes of theirs to come see Hamasaki fall when Gackt said
a word in french. Shinya laughed at her each time; easy to understand
he hated her.

However, that day, everything went as they usually did, but Shinya's
mind was elsewhere. He missed the show, one of the best ones if fact:
Ayumi falling over while a desk fell perfectly on her "beautiful"
Gackt grinned as he sat on his chair et started talking with You and
Yasu, but the brunette never noticed.

He didn't care…
All he cared about…was Die. What had gone wrong with him? WHAT?! It
was driving him crazy.

Trying to calm himself, he looked outside. English class was also his
favorite because he could see the red head's physical education class
outside, in the yard, playing soccer.
Die really was good, he often had the ball, and when he did, he would
score inevitably. The young man would stop paying attention to the
class to see the red head run around the court and make his team win
every time! He was so passionate.

Shinya was so touched when people around him loved what they did.
When they liked getting up in the morning to go to work, what ever
they did. Happy people were always the friendliest, even if the young
man never talked to them.
All he did was look, afraid they would reject them. Afraid they
wouldn't accept him because he did not love his life.

As he kept staring outside, Die's class finally came out. The red
head was there, he could see him. He was talking with four guys in
his class : Kirito, Aiji, Kohta and Takeo.
Kirito and Aiji were the infamous gay couple of the school. They were
accepted by everybody for an unknown reason. Kohta, Kirito's brother,
was a smart kid and Takeo was the clown of the group, he got along
with Die very well because they loved teasing people all the time.
What surprised Shinya the most, was that Takeo always refused to
tease him.

The brunette looked at them playing soccer like always. Surprisingly,
Die's team was loosing. The red head was behind, too slow. When
people would give him the ball, he'd miss it or somebody would steal
it from him after a couple of kicks.
He finally sat on the grass under a tree and watched his friends play.

Shinya missed every word the teacher said, all he would see was Die.
Die…why did you hurt me? Why are you so miserable? Please…come talk
to me…

"Hey Shinya." He jumped on his chair and looked toward the person
that was talking to him. He blinked. "Kaoru…" What was he doing
there? Why was he…? Oh right, he was in his english class too!
How could he have forgotten. Everybody forgot about him because he
always stayed in the shadows behind others, but he didn't have the
right to forget about others. If he did, they would never notice him.

Anybody would say that he was too sweet, to ignore people that did
the same to him. The young man didn't think the same way. He had been
rude before, he admit it because they never left them alone.
He had been rude because the others students would treat him like
dirt. Each time, he would regret. Regret his words, regrets his
actions and told himself that they had a good reason to call him a

Shinya shrugged. "What is it Kaoru?" The purple head smiled sweetly
and sat next to the brunette. "Well…first things first. Class as been
over for five minutes, it's time for lunch."
The young man looked around him and realized they were the last left
in the class. "Oh…" He stood up and started packing his things up.

Kaoru kept smiling. "Another thing, Shinya…" The young man looked up
and eyed Kaoru. "What?"
The older man chuckled. "What were you looking at?"

Not feeling embarrassed at all, Shinya but down his english book and
looked out. The red head was still there, looking directly at him.
They stared at each other for about fifteen seconds before Shinya
talked. "I was looking at Die."

Kaoru bit his lower lip. "Something wrong with you?"
Shinya resumed packing his books and put his bag on his shoulders
turning away from the large window. "Yeah."

Damn he was dying for a smoke!
Die snorted, this school really was the worse. His team had lost the
game, he was failing mathematics and everybody was the same : dirty
and uncaring.

Sitting down on the same bench everyday, he stared at his friends.
They were playing cards with Miyabi, again, and they were loosing,
again! Laughing at them, he looked away and noticed Shinya place was
`Probably having fun with that Izam friend of his...' He kicked his
bag and rested his head on his hand.

He couldn't believe he had been attracted to the brunette. His heart
had run away without him, he was not aloud to love another man. He
would get rejected, he didn't have the courage to face his friends.
He was afraid, but now he felt betrayed. Shinya had played with him,
he preferred a girly looking man or so he said. Izam surly did not
look like a man, so did Shinya but...but...Shinya was Shinya!!

That's when he head footsteps heading towards him, looking up he saw
Kaoru. Kaoru with purple hair, Kaoru with an angry look on his
face...a VERY angry look. Something had to be wrong...
And, behind him, was a running Shinya. The young man was pulling his
arm back saying `it was okay', `to let it go'. Die knew the brunette
was terrified.

The purple head stopped in front of him and gritted his teeth. He
pushed him against the wall and almost climbed on him. "You..." Die,
with a surprised look on his face, stared at him. He didn't know how
to react, was it Shinya that had told him awful lies?
Turning his gaze towards Shinya, it grew dark, until Kaoru got the
red head's attention back to him. "Don't look at him, LOOK AT ME!!"

Die stared at Kaoru, never detaching his eyes from his, the purple
head was even scarier then him when he was mad. "Y-yes!" He felt a
shiver run down his spine, Kaoru really looked dangerous.
"You really are an idiot you knew that?" Die raised an eyebrow. "Huh?"

Toshiya was surprised when Emiru stopped him in the corridor to ask
him to eat lunch with him. They both got Ryutaro too and let Miyabi
play cards with Sakito since he seemed so happy about it.
The three of them got out and sat down in front of the school.

Emiru was the sweetest thing, he had apologized so many times to
Ryutaro about an interlude they both had in the morning.
The blue head liked watching them talk to each other, they were so
careful about everything. They had such caring ways towards each
other it would make any single person jealous.

Toshiya was, like anybody, even if he knew they weren't together. He
understood very well that they wouldn't admit they loved each other
so much.
The blue head didn't want to put his nose in their relationship
because he didn't want to spoil it. It had started so well,
destroying everything would break both of their hearts.

Now that he thought of it, lunch without Miyabi wasn't as much of fun
because he wasn't as comfortable with Tarou then with Miyabi. He
really was his only close friend. Emiru and Ryutaro were also
friends, but it wasn't the same.
He had to talk to Miyabi. Thinking he loved Kaoru because he had
purple hair was a mistake, he had to see for himself.

Realizing he was starting to change wasn't in his mind, all he
thought about was Miyabi. One of the first time he would think about
others before himself.
He stood up. "Sorry, Emiru... Ryutaro..." He bowed slightly and
smiled at them. "I have something to do." He ran away leaving the
both of them speechless.

That's all for tonight because it's so late. Don't kill me yet, cuz
if you do Kaoru will kill Die *LOL*

Sei ^.^

to be continued~

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