sei-The Hidden Face of the Moon

The Hidden Face of the Moon
by Sei-chan

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The hidden side of the moon
part 19

Die never tried to push Kaoru away, because...well...he was afraid.
It was hard to admit it, but he was. Hide and Sugizo pulled the angry
man away but he kept calling Die names. Telling him he was nuts and
he didn't know what he was doing.
Die snorted. "Geez, I thought you were my friend, but it seems like
you prefer Shinya." He eyed the brunette with an accusing look.

Shinya took a few steps back and looked down. He felt so guilty, now
Kaoru and Die were fighting because of him.
He sighed, how he wished everything would have stayed the same.

The red head glared at Shinya when he started looking so depressed
and all. He felt sick to his stomach. "Don't make that puppy face
Shinya, you're not that much of a victim. Better get back to your
little girlie friend!"
Die crossed his arms and smirked.

Kaoru gritted his teeth. "WHAT A MORON!! Stop saying mean things to
him! Shinya always took good care of you but you're so stupid you
never saw it!"
Die raised an eyebrow and burst out laughing. "Shinya? Taking care of
ME? You must be joking. He doesn't care about anybody, why should I
be more special?" He looked at the young man.

The purple head blinked, he really didn't get it. Die really was
dumbest person on the planet. "Is your mind clouded or something? You
got expelled didn't you?" Kaoru pushed Hide and Sugizo away with a
Die pouted. "Yes I did, but they called me back. So what?"

Kaoru felt like hitting his head on the wall, what an idiot! "Who do
you think talked to the director to make you come back in this stupid
school? Hey? WHO??" Die shrugged. "I don't know and I don't care."
The purple head closed both his eyes for a second to try to control
himself. "Well you should, because..."

Shinya almost jumped on the man and pulled him back. "Don't Kaoru,
it's alright! I don't care anymore! Let it be, I'm fine. Really, I
am!" Kaoru turned his head slowly and looked at Shinya calmly. "No
you're not."
Turning back to Die, he crossed his arms too. "Bet you understood
now, it was Shinya."

Toshiya felt so much better now, he knew Miyabi would stay his
friends because nothing never really happened between them and even
if he admitted his jealousy, his friend would surely take it well.
After all, the blue head loved having friends; he didn't understand
why he always refused having a few of them.

Running in the school, even if he wasn't allowed too, he climbed the
stairs two by two and arrived in front of Shinya's bench. He blinked,
the young man wasn't there, something must be going on, not that he
really cared but it still wasn't normal. Shinya was ALWAYS there.
Like Die was always on the other one just at the other hand of the...
Toshiya's eyes widened when he saw Kaoru yelling at Die and an
embarrassed Shinya behind of them.

Miyabi was with Die's friends, which were right on his left, and
stared at the three. What the hell was going on? Running towards
them, he stopped right beside Shinya and glanced at him.
The young man wasn't in a condition to talk so he kneeled next to
Miyabi and whispered in his ear. "Hey...what's going on?"

Miyabi bit his lower lip. "Remember what happened between Die and
Shinya a couple of days ago? Well, seems like Die was jealous because
he got mad for nothing. Kaoru just said that Shinya was the one who
helped Die come back in school."
Right... Die had got expelled, Toshiya had heard about it and he was
surprised when he saw the red head come back to school. It was him
who hanged V6 from the roof, but he didn't know why.

Guess he'd have to ask... Now that he recalled it, Shinya had been
beat up the day before, maybe it was V6...? He shrugged. 'But why
would Die help him?'
He guessed that their relationship maybe wasn't pure rivalry after

He looked directly at Die, the red head seemed surprised, even
shocked. Who would have guessed that Shinya, the "freak", the one who
didn't care about anybody, the mean Shinya would help somebody. Help
Die, the only man that had the guts to hang around him and tease him
all the time.

He sat between Sakito and Miyabi and grinned at the purple
head. "Hey! Nice hair Saki-chan!" He stuck his tong out while Sakito
glared at him.
Miyabi punched him on the arm and sweat dropped. "Stop that will
you!" He bowed slightly towards Sakito. "I'm sorry Sakito-san, my
friend is an idiot." He then glared at his giggling blue-headed

Sakito raised an eyebrow and shrugged Toshiya's comment off getting
his attention back to Die, Kaoru and Shinya.

"He pulled me in the director office to go talk to him so that he
would change his mind. I never said anything, didn't even open my
mouth. He kept talking by himself until the director said you could
come back. Damn! It took two hours!"

Die wasn't even paying attention to Kaoru anymore he was staring at
Shinya. He couldn't believe the brunette had helped him after what he
had done to him. Now, he was saying that he didn't care, that he was
okay. His neck was still blue...
The red head felt bad, really bad. He didn't know what to think, what
to do, what had he done?

'Poor little Shin-chan...'
The bell rang: Lunch was over.

Everything was left as it was...
They never talked about it anymore. Shinya and Die were now really
uncomfortable around each other and couldn't talk to the other
normally anymore.

The other left to class, leaving only Kaoru and Toshiya alone.
Toshiya gave Kaoru his homework for that class. The purple head was
about to leave when Toshiya stopped him. He blinked. "What is it?
Want another homework?" He grinned.
One of Toshiya's veins popped and he squished the purple head's
foot. "Itaii!! Are you crazy? You hurt me!"

Kaoru had tears in his eyes as he jumped around in the corridor
holding a scream. Toshiya snorted. "Leave my friend out of this."
Leaving his foot be, Kaoru eyed Toshiya. 'His friend?'

"I don't care about you hair, I don't care if you want to look cool
or be expelled or anything, but you leave Miyabi out of this, I don't
want you talking to him. He's important to me!" Kaoru pouted and he
put his hands in his pockets.
"You don't want me to have friends?" He made a puppy face.

Another few of Toshiya's veins popped, he wanted to kill him! "You
don't have to take mine, there's lots of people around the school. I
had a hard time only talking that this one, so he is MINE!" Kaoru
kept pouting.
Toshiya couldn't stop himself thinking that Kaoru was so adorable
with that face. Not only was he sexy but now cute...

He wanted to hit himself for thinking so. Kaoru really was driving
him crazy! He didn't want to love him; he didn't want to be attracted
physically to him. Even if the man had sexy legs, a beautiful butt,
smooth hands, a beautiful smile and those deeps eyes!
The purple head even looked sexier with his purple hair, it would
have been like having sex with a rebel, a sexy rebel.

He was gorgeous; it wasn't hard to admit it. Anybody would kill to
fuck him only once well, Toshiya would actually.

Realising the blue head didn't have anything to say anymore, that he
even was lost in his own world, Kaoru turned around and walked away.
No point in missing his class if he didn't have a good reason.

Looking at the older man walking away, Toshiya licked his lips. He
never thought he could be so horny.

Miyabi was hidden in the shadows when Toshiya was talking to Kaoru.
Good... Everything was going the way he planned.
He knew how Toshiya felt, understood it a little even. Kaoru was a
gorgeous man, but not his type. He didn't know about Kaoru thought,
the man was so mysterious.

Making Toshiya jealous had been a good idea, now he was okay with
the "friends" thing but he would finally realise how life is worth
living when he'll have somebody he really cares about.
Toshiya was attractive too, so maybe would Kaoru fall for him too.


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