sei-The Hidden Face of the Moon

The Hidden Face of the Moon
by Sei-chan

Part 2

Toshiya was sitting on the edge of his window his long legs crossed 
with a book in his left hand. He had a cigarette in the other and an 
empty glass of water was resting on his stomach.
He was wearing a red shirt but no pants, which was really sexy. 
(Isn't Totchi always?)

Since his apartment was on the fourth floor, he didn't really care if 
anybody would see him because he thought they couldn't.

Closing his book he tossed his cigarette out the window and looked 
up. `What was this guy anyway?'

The day before, he had been walking around the school for no reason 
after class. Just enjoying the sun 
and finally being able to smoke a cigarette after a rough day of 
boring studies and trying to forget all the 
homework he had to do.

Everybody was suppose to be long gone. They had gone home or hang out 
with other friends since it was 
Saturday and they didn't have class on Sundays. He lied down on the 
grass not caring about how he 
looked or the fact that he was smoking. Nobody knew, it was a secret 
even if he smoked A LOT, a real 
Of course, he wasn't too proud of that, he had tried to stop a few 
times but he had always failed. `The 
only thing I can't do it seems…'

It wasn't they ONLY thing, but he preferred keeping it at that. 
Yawing soundly, he never heard the foot steps 
behind him. They were faint, he could have heard them if he had paid 
attention, but he never did. What 
a mistake, a grave mistake.

He realised somebody was behind him when the sun disappeared. First 
he thought it was a cloud, but still 
opened his eyes.
Except of the sky he saw a face, a very handsome one if fact. It was 
unknown, but it was impossible, 
he knew everybody's face, he could tell which was in which class with 
which students and 
if he had good grades or not.

This one he didn't know.
He was blond…but no fake blond were aloud in the school because they 
had strict rules. Kyo was 
an exception, he had good motives…and a perfect background.
This guys had bleached his hair light brown, which looked a lot like 

That's when Toshiya finally realised what he was doing on school 
grounds. He couldn't smoke or 
even bring a lighter in the school walls and now he was right next of 
it enjoying himself with one.

Sitting quickly up, he threw it away and stood up taking his bag.
The blond guy was still kneeling down on the grass looking at the 
location where his late cigarette was 

"What are you doing!? And who the hell are you? No stranger is 
allowed on the school grounds, 
you should go before I call somebody."
The handsome guy looked up.

"How do you know I'm not from this school?" He smiled. 
Toshiya snorted and looked away. "I know everybody!"

The young man stood up still smiling. "What a beautiful lie, you 
don't know me." The guy grinned and 
walked away.

The blue head looked down on the street feeling down all of the 
sudden. "Must be a weirdo…" Uncrossing his legs, he jumped down and 
put his book next to a sleeping Kyo.
Well, that was one thing he recognised.

"I wonder if he opens his eyes sometimes?" Toshiya smiled to himself. 
Kyo was cute, adorable in fact, but he did not like when people said 
so even thought he knew himself it was the truth.

Sitting next to the sleeping man, Toshiya sighed. He seemed so 
peaceful, so happy.
"Wish I was…"

Looking even more tired then the week before, Toshiya felt like 
rolling on the floor to get to his class instead of walking. It 
seemed easier, even if it would be very silly…and weird.
But he wasn't weird, so he stopped himself from doing it, wishing he 
wasn't so popular.

He was looking in front of him but not seeing anything or anybody. He 
didn't care when an unknown student waved at him or said `hello, how 
are you'. He just walked passed them, with the only knowledge that he 
had to go to class. Which meant, going straight and turning left when 
he would reach the class number C-097.

Bumping into something, the young man fell on his ass (His oh so 
beautiful bottom…) and dropped his bag.
Looking up, not really caring who he had bumped into, he eyed the 
girl/guy in front of him and signed. `Not one of those I-like-j-rock 
weirdoes…' (I apologise…Toshiya is not himself in this fic… *cries*)

Standing up, he at least helped the person that crashed onto him up 
and walked away.
He didn't say `I'm sorry' or `Are you ok'. He just turned around 
thinking about his reputation more then anything else.

Shinya looked at Toshiya as he walked away and smiled. `I can see 
that he likes me very much…'
Shinya sweat dropped. Nobody liked him anyway, they never knew if he 
was a guy or a girl until he would talk or take the fake hair off.

He liked the fact that everybody hated him, because he didn't like 
anybody either anyway. They all liked the same stupid things and kept 
living in a world that was abnormal to him.
He loved his inside world, a world where he could dream and live with 
his friends. Friends nobody saw, but that didn't make him crazy, he 
was just happy like that.

He never talked so nobody would be friends with him. He knew people, 
people like him, but they weren't friends. They just knew each other 
and respected each other.
He liked being alone, doing his stuff and not be bothered by other 
guys or girls.

"Hey Shinya!" Shinya's heart almost stop. Oh no…he did not need that.
Turning around he gave a huge glare to the person he hated the most 
on the planet. (I wonder who that can be… *laughs*) "What do you want 

"What are you today Shin-Shin? A girl or a guy?" Die gave him a 
beautiful smile, like he always did.
Shinya growled. That was a question he was just tired to hear all the 
time. "I'm what I am! Stop asking you idiot! Open you're eyes and 
you'll know, or are you just too stupid to do so!"
Shinya walked away looking like an angry bull, people let him pass 
carefully as he almost destroyed the floor beneath his feet.

Die, who was sitting on the floor smiling like always, looked at the 
frustrated Shinya walk away.
He laughed. `How cute'.

The blue headed young man finally reached his class and dropped on 
his wooden chair. Half the class was already there and Kyo was 
sleeping in the back of the classroom.
Next to him, was a person he didn't want to recognise. It was that 
guy…the one he had met before the week-end.

He was still very handsome and was looking at him with the same grin 
on his face. `He was in this school after all…how come I was not told 
about this?'
Toshiya raised an eyebrow when Kaoru stood up and sat on a desk next 
to him.

"Hey…told you, you didn't know everybody." He laughed. "I'm Kaoru." 
He held up his hand for Toshiya to shake but the blue head did not 
move, not sure if he should shake or not.
`He could destroy my image…he looks weird…' He shook it anyway but 
turned away after he did.

Kaoru blinked, but didn't say anything. `If that's the way he wants 
Going back to his place next to Kyo, he poked him with a plastic 
roller until he semi-woke up.

"What d'ya want Kaoruuuu…?" Kyo didn't move his head from the place 
where it was comfortably resting.
"What's with that guy in front of the class? He almost didn't even 
look at me…"

Kaoru heard Kyo laugh. He blinked not understanding what was so funny 
about what he said.
"You talking about Toshiya? You understood he was a guy…? Wouah, 
you're pretty sharp!" Kyo laughed again.

"Toshiya is the most popular guy of this school, if you don't look 
normal, he won't talk to you."
Kaoru eyed Kyo and then Toshiya and then went back to Kyo. "You 
serious? What's so bad about me?"

Kyo moved his head slightly in a way that he could see Kaoru with his 
left eye. "You're blond…" And then went back to his resting little 
next in his short arms.
"Then he doesn't talk to you either?" Kaoru looked at Kyo waiting for 
an answer.

"I'm different…" That was the last reply Kyo gave him as he fell 

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