sei-The Hidden Face of the Moon

The Hidden Face of the Moon
by Sei-chan

pairings/band: ShinyaXDie, ToshiyaXKaoru, MiyabiXSakito,
RyutaroXEmiru...I believe that's all for the moment and it's enough :P
major band is DeG plus some jrockers and some jpopers

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Sei-chan ^.^
The hidden side of the moon
part 20

He knocked at the door, no answer. He shrugged and knocked again,
harder…still no answer. He opened the door and saw the man sleeping.
He walked in the room and kneeled down beside the bed.
He took a deep breath. "TOSHIYAAAAA!!!!!!!!" The blue head screamed
and sat up looking at Kyo. He was panicking. "What? Why? Who? Huh? K-
Kyo? What is it?"

The little man sweat dropped. "If you don't get off of bed RIGHT NOW
you'll be late for school you idiot." Standing up, he walked out of
the room muttering. "Can't believe he slept more then me…"

Toshiya blinked. Late? He looked at his alarm clock: 7:30am. Oh… He
stretched and his eyes widened. "7:30am!! OH MY GOD!!!! I'M GOING TO
BE LAAA~~~~~~ATE!!!!" He jumped off bed and ran out of it making his
way into the bathroom, knocking Kyo out of his way.

Kyo growled. He then shook his head and got out of the house.
Something had to be going on with Toshiya. He was never late, never.
Kyo was late; Kyo would sleep too much and only get to his second
Heck, he even, some times, was late to that class too!

The little man shrugged; there was nothing he could do. Toshiya
always wanted to be on his own and that time too. He would never
accept his help.
Kyo sighed. He wished he could do something, at the least comfort him
or even know what was happening to him.

Running to school wasn't his favorite option but it was the only one
he had, so he kept running. He was exhausted already and only half
way. He had fifteen minutes left and more then half another of
walking, why had he missed the bus!

Why was there only one in his neighborhood and why did it pass only
during rush hours! Why did he have to wake up at the end of it! Aah!
His perfect record was blown up! He would be late to one class!
That's when a care rolled slowly beside him. "Hey, you late?" It was

Toshiya glared at him. "What does it look like?!" He tried to run
faster but, of course, Kaoru could follow him easily. "Woke up late?"
The blue head gritted his teeth. "Why should you care? It's not like
it's YOUR fault that I sleep late because I have so much homework to

Kaoru shrugged. "Aww…you should lay low a little. I'm doing fine you
know and we're in the same year!" He lit up a smoke and kept driving
with one of his hands.
Toshiya was fuming, of course he was doing fine, the blue head was
doing HIS homework!

"You look stressed you knew that, gives gray hair you knew that? You
should be careful." A few of Toshiya's veins popped. He pulled a big
history manual from his bag and threw it at Kaoru.
The purple head caught it and smirked. "You don't want to destroy
that book now do you?" Toshiya felt like screaming, but he stopped
himself, it would be to embarrassing, especially in front of Kaoru,
so he decided to shut his mouth and keep heading forward.

Kaoru shrugged. "Want me to give you a ride?" Toshiya almost fell on
his ass, he stopped running, and Kaoru put on the breaks, and stared
at him blushing slightly. Kaoru never saw it.
The purple head smiled and unlocked the doors of his car. Toshiya
smiled back and reached for the handle. He stopped himself… "ARE YOU
CRAZY?!?! I'd rather rot then go in the same care as you!"

He resumed his running. Kaoru looked at him and chuckled. `Such a
strange guy.' He drove up to Toshiya and asked again. "You're going
to be late you know, come on…come in!"
Toshiya stopped again and glared at him. "I said no, didn't you
understand?!" Kaoru raised an eyebrow. "Alright, if you say so." He
threw his cigarette in front of the blue head and pushed his gas

Toshiya blinked. What? What? "HEY WAAII~~~~~~~IIT!!" Kaoru hit his
head on the staring wheel. What now? He stopped the car and turned
around to see Toshiya run up to him.
He opened the door of the car. "I'm coming in!" The purple head sweat
dropped, he was like a woman: didn't know what he wanted.

Toshiya sat beside him and closed the door. Kaoru chuckled but didn't
say anything. Toshiya shrugged, why had he given in? Why didn't he
continue running? Because he would have been late…that's it he would
have been late.
The young man smiled, happy with the reason he had given himself.

He turned towards Kaoru and eyed him. Damn he was so gorgeous…

Kaoru drove in the school's driveway and parked his car at the far
end of in under the trees. He stopped his car and sighed. He looked
at his watch. "Seems like you won't be late."
He turned around and smiled at the blue head, which was staring at
him. He pouted. "What is it? You're not happy, is that it? Geez, I
got you to school in time and you don't even thank me. Remind me to
never get you into my car." He was about to open his door, when it
got locked.

He blinked. He gazed at Toshiya who had his finger on the lock
button. The blue head kept staring at him.
Kaoru pulled back slightly. `What the hell…?'

Toshiya smiled at him and climbed on the purple head's legs. He
kissed him passionately. Kaoru's eyes widened. `What?' Damn…it had
gone better then he had thought. `…and he's a good kisser too…'
Toshiya pulled back slightly with a grin.

Kaoru chuckled. "Is that my thanks?"
"Yeah." Kissing him again, Toshiya opened the shirt of Kaoru's
uniforms and brushed his fingertips on the white skin. Like he
thought, it was smooth and warm. He felt the shiver that ran on it
and chuckled.

Kaoru pulled back and smiled. Toshiya licked his lips, he loved that
taste. "How about we go on the back seat?"

During lunch, Ryutaro and Miyabi were eating together in the
cafeteria when Toshiya finally came in. He was on his cloud, which
meant very happy.
He sat beside Miyabi and put his lunch box on the table. "Hey you
guys…" He sighed and looked up with a strange smile on his face.

Both his friends sweat dropped. "Oookay, what's going on?" Miyabi
shook the blue head but he didn't get off his cloud.
"Seems like he's lost it." Ryutaro shrugged. "Why not?" Miyabi
laughed at his best friend.

He was about to say something else when he saw Shinya come in the
cafeteria. He stood up and waved at the young man. "Hey! Shinya, come
The brunette walked towards them and stopped near their table. He
pouted. "What do you want?" The equally young man gave him a friendly
smile and Ryutaro pulled a chair beside him. "Want to sit with us?"

Shinya raised an eyebrow. "What are you going to do? Laugh at me or
something like that?" He crossed his arms.
Ryutaro and Miyabi eyed each other and started laughing. "Of course
not! We were only being friendly because it's so sad to see you alone
all the time. And…you could also help us wake that guy up." Miyabi
pointed Toshiya.

Ryutaro took off his hat and threw it in Toshiya's face. "Hey you
wake up!" The blue head didn't even react. He only took Ryutaro's hat
in his hand and put it on his head, which didn't make him look to
bad. Ryutaro shook his head.

Shinya blinked. They were…being friendly…to him? He looked at the two
men who were making fun of the other. He smiled.
Emiru appeared behind him. "Hello Shinya-san." The brunette bowed at
Emiru. "Hello Emiru-san. How are you doing?"

The cute little man sat beside Ryutaro and giggled when he saw
Toshiya with the hat on his head. "Please, sit down with us Shinya-
san. Miyabi, Toshiya and Ryutaro are the sweetest people."

Taking Shinya's hand in his, he urged him to sit down in another
empty chair. "Thank you…Emiru-san."

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to be continued~

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