sei-The Hidden Face of the Moon

The Hidden Face of the Moon
by Sei-chan

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The hidden side of the moon
part 21

Days passed, the holidays were long and lonely for the blue head. For
he was alone in his apartment since Kyo had gone to his mother's
house for a few nights. Toshiya would have gone too if only he hadn't
gone so much homework to do.
None of them were Kaoru's since they were all done before anything
had happened between them, but he still was stuck in his own papers.

They burned all the hours, the minutes, the seconds of his time. He
would only get a little glimpse of what was suppose to be sleep,
wishing that he could have gone to see his aunt. His aunt who loved
him and took so much care of him.

If she knew, she would have done something, but not anymore, because
it was different. His relationship with Kaoru would change for the
best, it had to! They had slept together for God's sake! They even
missed their first class because of it!
The younger man had never skipped a class, but he didn't feel really
ashamed of himself, it had been a great experience.

He could still feel Kaoru's touches on his skin and his kisses on his
neck. Kaoru was the sweetest lover anyone could have ever gotten for
their "first time". The blue head was lucky, well...he wanted to
believe it.

Kaoru... Kaoru... Kaoru...

The name circled around in the young man's head, he couldn't get it
out. How would he ever do his work on time with a cloud in front of
his eyes.
He felt like floating around in his room and jump up and down on his
bed, like a little kid. He felt like rolling on the floor and stay
there until he would get sick of the ceiling.
He felt like he could jump of his window and fly away like a bird in

But reality was hard, it was really hard. His homework was still
waiting in front of him, screaming his name desperately. It had to be
done, or never would he keep his grades up. Not for himself, but for
his future...for the future he would give to Kaoru.

The sound of reality came ringing even louder in his ears when he was
finally able to get back to school, to get back to his friends, to
get back to him. First, the purple head wouldn't be found anywhere.
The corridors were crowed by the other students but none of them as
seen the older man. How strange...

Miyabi was still playing cards with his beloved Sakito and the others
when Toshiya saw him. Kneeling next to him, he saw his hand full of
aces and kings, he sweat dropped. His friend really was the luckiest
bastard he'd have ever met in his life.
"You winning?" He chuckled.

Miyabi tilted his head up and smiled at his good friend. "Hey
Totchi!" Totchi...? A nickname? Toshiya blinked, it sounded pretty
"Of couuurse I'm winning, I ALWAYS win, 'cause they are ALL bad poker
players. Especially Mijo." Miyabi laughed like a witch and went back
to the cards he had in front of his eyes with a wide grin. (O_o;;; -

Kamijo was about to scream when Toshiya left them to keep on
searching for his Kaoru, of course, the blond man was about to loose
fifty dollars.
Maybe they weren't cheating after all, since Miyabi could win, but it
wasn't his business to judge them, he had to FIND the purple head.
Which proved to be a very difficult task.

Miyabi glanced at the retreating Toshiya, who didn't know what he was
looking for really was an idiot because it was really obvious.

The blue head ran in the corridors, slowing down every time he met a
teacher of some sort, he would bow slightly and keep on running on
the same direction, not caring if they told him he wasn't allowed to
run in the hallways.
He only would hear the sound of his light shoes touching the ground
as he turned towards the gymnasium.

There he saw a purple head, Kaoru was there and laughing with some
friends, which were Kohta, Takeo, Aiji and Kirito. Toshiya was about
to wave at him and call his name when he saw his arm around another
man's frail shoulders.
The smaller man had flaming orange hair and cute little smile on his
face. He had a deep shade of red on his cheeks. He seemed to like
being so close to Kaoru.

THAT young man was close to HIS Kaoru and both of them ENJOYED being
close to each other. Toshiya felt betrayed. How could he... He
thought they had something special... Something nobody could reach,
could stain...
But... He was wrong.

Toshiya didn't know that man either, he seemed to be a friend of the
other four and a cute, happy go lucky one too! He had to be a new
student, the blue head couldn't think of any other options.

The who was he? Family? "Long-lost" friend? (Sounds dramatic ^^; -
Sei-chan) Maybe Kaoru was on a play and he was practicing his part!
Anything else then his boyfriend or...or...

Tears were rolling on his cheeks as he kept staring at the couple. No
wonder Kaoru hadn't waited for him at the front gate, he loved
So...what they shared before the holidays...was a lie?

Not waiting for any answers or questions to be asked, the blue head
turned around and ran away wanting to find a dark corner to cry alone.

Behind him, Takeo pointed towards him and Kaoru turned his head
slightly to see the retreating form. The arm around his little
friend's shoulders fell to his side and he only stared.

Shinya was sitting with Emiru on his usual bench, they were both
waiting for Ryutaro who had promised to be there earlier that day.
Emiru, surprisingly, was wearing the uniform for a change, only had
he changed the pants for a long deep blue skirt. Somebody, no need to
ask, had added a few ribbons here and there to make it more girlish,
which soothed more Emiru's image.

The cute little man had a sweet smile on his face even thought he
wasn't saying anything, neither was Shinya. They were both the silent
type even if they got along just fine.
They both would understand each other very well since they both had
the same...hum...I-don't-care-about-what-the-others-say-about-what-I-
look attitude.

They liked to look like a woman even if it didn't say much about
their orientation. Of course, they weren't the straightest students
of the school, but women could still be attractive to them.
The two of them liked a guy who had something that could remind you
of a woman. Ryutaro really was the girlish type and Die had the
longest hair... They both sighed, if only they had the courage to

Emiru seemed like an innocent little kid but he knew very well
Ryutaro was attracted to him and vice-versa. The little man loved
Ryutaro very much but didn't want him and his friends to fight all
the time.

He understood that his friends protected him too much sometimes. He
realized that he should have calmed them down a few times, never
bothering to, he had caused the present situation.
He shrugged.

"You think Ryutaro will ever get along with Full and Hiro?" Shinya
turned his head slowly and eyed Emiru. "You crazy? Unless you kill
one of them they'll never understand how you feel."
He growled. "Both I love all my friends, I don't want them to fight
because of me!"

The brunette smirked. "To late for that..." Shinya crossed his legs
and stick his tong out to nobody in particular. "Can't tell I'm in a
better situation though, I can't even talk to the one I like. He's in
a different world anyway."
"So you really like him after all..." Shinya heart stopped beating
for a second, he shouldn't have said that.

He sweat dropped then turned his face and found Emiru staring at him.
A faint pink blush found it's way to the brunette's cheeks. "Y-
yeah...I guess so. I mean...!" His laugh was a shy one. "He did help
me a lot."
Emiru hit his shoes together cutely. "So did you. He almost choked
you to death too."

Shinya sighed. He remembered well those events, but they were all
pardoned and forgotten. He would give everything just to talk to the
red head one more time, but Die was having fun avoiding him all the

He felt a tap on his shoulder. "A-anoo...Shinya-san?"
The brunette looked up and recognized the red head that was walking
towards three annoying brats running around him : Kotani Kinya, Levin
and Takanori.

Shinya breath caught in his throat when they stared at each other for
about two seconds. It seemed like the longest moment of his life.
It that tiny amount of time he could see the annoyed feeling and the
worry mixed in his eyes, how guilty he felt about what he had done,
how he wished he could stop and tell him how sorry he was.

A cry of joy woke him up, he broke the fine line of communication
between him and the red head. The link had shattered in a second as
both of them got back to their separated, empty, lonely lives
"TAROU-CHAN! RIGHT HERE!!" He sighed when he caught a glimpse of his
dark haired, which were topped by a hat, new friend running towards

I know, I havent mentionned any holidays last part, but it seemed
like a good idea to let Totchi think about Kaoru alone for a while.
Poor little guy...I pity him ne T_T

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to be continued~

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