sei-The Hidden Face of the Moon

The Hidden Face of the Moon
by Sei-chan

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The hidden side of the moon
part 22

Toshiya was able to dry his tears before his first class, which was
English. He would have the possibility to laugh, IF he felt like it.
Walking in his class with slow, heavy steps he was pushed around by a
little orange haired man that sat behind one of the desk in the front
of the class. Kaoru passed right next to the blue head, not saying
anything, and sat next to him.

The little man gave the purple head a kiddy smile, which earned him a
light laugh. The blue head felt sick, sick about what he was seeing,
about what he was hearing. Kaoru really was the most self-centered
person on the planet.
He wanted to throw him out the window of the top floor and watch him
beak his neck. That...BASTARD!!!

The scream rang between his ears has he finally sat down next to
Shinya, whom he didn't really see.
The brunette eyed the popular guy next to him that seemed like he was
fighting the urge to do something really important.

He looked left and right and seeing nobody was watching them, he bend
slightly towards the blue head and spoke softly to him. "What's
keeping you to do it?"
Toshiya was surprised to ear the usually silent Shinya talk to him.
He had never realized the young man was in his English class either.

He put both the hands that had been covering both his ears for the
last five seconds and sighed. He was tired of fighting about
everything in his life...
"I can't..." A single tear ran down his face as a friendly smile
appeared on his face. "You must understand how it is to be alone in
the world, I envy you. You're strong compared to me." He said with a
faint voice.

Shinya bit his lower lip, the man next to him was so lost it was hard
to look. "Strong? Me?" He looked outside, Die's physical education
class was starting to play some baseball outside.
The sun shone brightly as the sound of the baseball could almost be
heard when it hit the ball. The younger man watched it fly away.

He looked down to his hands never really seeing them. "But... I'm not
strong. I'm weak, so weak..."

Miyabi and Ryutaro were surprised to see Shinya and Toshiya sitting
next to each other on the wooden bench. Toshiya had his head on
Shinya's shoulder, his eyes were lost in the shadows of the sun's
As light as it seemed, both of them were dark. You could almost miss
them as they were hidden behind the laughs of the other students
around them.

The two black haired man could finally see how their friend had
changed during the last month. How he had turned out so good after
The moon had a good face after all. It was never meant that it's
hidden face would be ravaged by monsters and aliens. It was smooth
and sweet, caring about the others around him and would be affected
by the tiniest events around it.

Toshiya was now caring about the friends he had finally found. He
understood how the ones that he thought so different were so similar
after all. How they would hurt like him he did, how they were human
and maybe more then he was before.

He could see that manipulating people existed in this world and he
was the one struggling under his foot for hair and for freedom.
Escaping wasn't an option because there was always a way for him to
get back at you because only the cowards way was able to cut the
strings that help him still.

The strings were stronger then before, because now he cared about
his "master", he loved the one that looked at him like if he was a
little worm.
He was hurt by the feeling but couldn't push away his attracting for
the purple head. He had told Shinya and so did the brunette repeat it
to the two others. They were both really shocked by the news.

Even Miyabi who had known about Kaoru's plan for a long time but he
never thought the purple head would be so cruel to his friend. He
thought the older man would stop when he would see the blue head
finally changing.
It had happened but Toshiya was still hurting a lot. He was breaking
into pieces in front of his eyes and he didn't know what to do.

The pretty man bit his nails, he could have stopped it but had
followed Kaoru wanting to believe it would help his new friend. It
did like he wanted, but now it was turning bad. The man who he
thought a nice and sweet friend was nothing more then a traitor to
their agreement.

Miyabi felt like punching him to death. How dare he!
Turning around, the young man was about to leave when he felt a cold
hand holding his. He turned back surprised to see it was
Toshiya. "What is it?! Don't you want him to be punished?!?! He
deserve to be!"

The blue head surprisingly smiled at him. "No, I was cold too. He
only got back at me." Miyabi glared at him, was he insane?! "Besides,
I don't want you to punish him because I love him. If YOU dare hurt
him, I will hunt you down Miyabi.
Toshiya's stare was hard, he meant it.

Shinya finally sat alone when the group broke up in three. Ryutaro
left with Miyabi, Toshiya disappeared in a classroom unknown to him
and he stayed on the wooden bench.

Everything was so fucked up now. Everybody was hurt, was crying
inside and he almost believed there was no way out.
He sighed. How he wished he could have company, a friend that would
cheer him up.

It wasn't like his new friends were nice, on the contrary. They were
all very nice to him and caring, but they were all caught up in
something hard to untangle. Shinya didn't want to be part of it, even
thought he knew Kaoru too.
Kaoru was still a stranger to him because he was so different then

He was mysterious and nobody knew anything about his past life.
Except maybe...Jun, the new student.
Jun was the orange haired student sitting next to Kaoru during
English class. He seemed like a happy person and nice. Maybe did he
try to touch the purple head a little too much, that what's bothered
the brunette too much.

He was gay and didn't even try to hide it. Of course, nobody should
be ashamed about what they are but screaming it wasn't really
appropriate either.
Jun was from his late school. He had chased Kaoru to his new school
because "he missed him!" did he mention. Shinya still remembered the
laughs and the word "fag" being used behind him.

Jun's reputation was already made and the young man didn't seem like
he cared. He kept on sticking himself to Kaoru who hadn't even tried
to push him away.
Shinya shrugged. Maybe he should try talking to Kaoru, a little word
wouldn't hurt...

He blinked when he felt somebody sit next to him. Tilting his head
up, he stared at the person and almost screamed as he nearly fell
He strong hand held him and he steadied himself back on the bench.

"D-Die...what do you want?" The words weren't said in a harsh way but
more a timid one as the brunette stared at the floor finding it much
more interesting.
He could almost hear the red head pout. "You were screaming 'I want
company' just now, so I gave it to you."

"Huh!?" Shinya stared at the red head and raised an eyebrow. What did
he say? He was "screaming" I want company? What was that suppose to
The red head broke into laughter as the brunette kept staring at him.
It turned into a glare. "What's so funny!?"

Die help his ribs as he tears came up to his eyes, he was laughing so
much it hurt him. "You should have seen your face!!"
Sitting back comfortably on the bench, he chuckled and patted Shinya
on the head. "Your always so pretty My Lady." He stuck his tong out.

Shinya's eyes widened. Still that 'My Lady', what did he take him
for? A girl? A fragile little ungrateful twit that liked to walk
around with make-up all around her face and skirts so short you could
almost see their panties?
He pouted. Die was taking him for a girl!!

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