sei-The Hidden Face of the Moon

The Hidden Face of the Moon
by Sei-chan

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Sei-chan ^.^
The hidden side of the moon
part 23

Days were still hot when Shinya woke up that morning. He looked at
his reflection in the mirror and shrugged.
"I wonder if it's a good idea." He pondered for a moment and turned
around walking out of the bathroom. "Guess I have no choice, there's
no time anyway…"

Taking a light jacket from the closet, he put his hood on his head.
Biting his lower lip, he was about to change his mind when the clock
in the living room stroke 8.
He blinked. Already this late? He had to hurry or he would be late,
no time to change his mind. What was done, was done.

He ran out.

Toshiya was early in class, like always. He was sitting near the
large windows and looking outside with a bored look on his face.
His life was so crappy. Nothing worth remembering was happening,
everything was fucked up and he didn't know what to do anymore. Help
his new friends? Or…maybe…selfishly worry about his own self for the

He preferred the second option because he knew his situation was more
then worse. He loved Kaoru, he had given his virginity to Kaoru but
the day after…a friend of Kaoru's late school came in and they seemed
to be closer then he would have liked to believe.
Toshiya sighed. "Damn him…"

"Damn who?" Toshiya jerked his head up and was surprised to see the
purple head standing there. He knew he shouldn't be, because Kaoru
was only there when you least expected him to be, as always.

Toshiya growled and returned back to what ever he was not doing. He
stared outside.
Kaoru sat on the desk in front of him, he had that mysterious smile
on his face, the annoying one.
"Something wrong?" Of course, that question had to pop up…

Toshiya hated it, he despised the fact that Kaoru always knew when he
was feeling down. The problem was that Kaoru always was the main
factor to his depressions. "None of your business." The blue head
said between his teeth.

Kaoru jumped down the desk and forced Toshiya to stand up. "Of course
it is my business, I know it is. Come on tell me." While talking to
him, Kaoru managed to get the blue on corner of the classroom, where
nobody would be able to see.

Imprisoning him there, Kaoru stared at Toshiya making him very
uncomfortable. The blue head was unable to look away, the purple
head's stare was just too much for him.
But still, he didn't say a thing. He didn't want to admit he was
jealous of Jun, to admit he thought they were together after what had

He understood that for Kaoru it was only a one night stand, more like
a one morning stand but still…
The older man didn't care about him like he didn't care about the
color of the sky. It had only been for fun, something refreshing
maybe. He had probably been horny that day and Toshiya had been on
his path, so the blue head became the victim without any choice.

The blue head remembered he had been the one jumping on Kaoru, the
one being horny, but that guy…he hadn't even tried to push him away!

Kaoru was still staring at him; a grin appeared on his face.
Toshiya's eyes widened, he knew, he knew what was bothering him.
Oh no…now it was over…

Finally being able to look away, Toshiya held his tears. He didn't
want to get laughed at, but if that was the only way out, so be it.

Surprisingly, he felt a hand patting him on the head. Not budging,
Toshiya waited to see what would happen. Kaoru held him close
brushing the blue head's hair lightly with such a sweet affection…
The younger man rested his head on Kaoru's shoulder enjoying the
embrace, he was about to finally let himself cry when Kaoru pulled
his hair backward. The gesture hadn't been sweet or anything, it was

It hurt a lot.

Toshiya stared at Kaoru, the purple head still had that mysterious
grin on his face. Not being able to stop the tears anymore, they
rolled down the blue head's cheeks uncontrollably.
He knew it had been to good to be true, but he still had fell for it.
He had wanted to believe it…but now, his dream was over.

"Won't you tell me what's going on, ne...Toshiya?" The tone of his
voice was, deep, manly...Kaoru's voice.
But it wasn't his, it was Jun's and there was nothing he could do
about it. Still he replied... "Bet you have some homework to make me
do hey!?"

Kaoru snickered. Tears were still rolling down slowly on Toshiya's
cheeks. How horrible it felt, to be manipulated like that. How could
he even drop his guard down? He knew Kaoru was mean, a bully, an
bastard who had the heart of ice, but why...? Why had he changed his
It hurt to know he loved him so much. It hurt to understand the older
man would probably never love him back. The a cold knife
cutting slowly and deep. Curving around his heart to steal it.

To steal his ability to hate, to cherish, to care, to respect,

Kaoru moved closer to Toshiya's boding and pressed himself onto it.
He watched the face of the blue head as he kept crying. "So
beautiful…" He licked his cheeks gently and then his lips.
Kissing him lightly at first and then almost biting him, Kaoru let
Toshiya's hair go to locked him in his arms.

Has his tongue made it's way down his neck, Kaoru fingers ran on the
skin of Toshiya's back.
Of course, the blue head wasn't willing. He hated savage love…but he
was helpless. He wasn't strong enough, didn't have the strength
physically and mentally to push the purple head away.

He knew Kaoru wouldn't go that far in the school, but Toshiya now
understood he was at his mercy.

The taste of hate… bitter…

Izam was sitting on Shinya's bench looking at himself in a pocket
mirror to be sure his make-up was alright. It was hard to accept that
the brunette didn't like him more then a friend but it's still was
more then he had first expected to.
Understanding he was a man without any second thought, accepting him
how he was, it warmed his heart.

Shinya really was perfect. He was his perfect match! They were both
pretty man who liked to dress up as woman, liked to be different, did
not care about what the others would say about them...
Shinya was so perfect!

Izam sighed. How he wished they would be a couple. Eyeing himself in
his pocket mirror a second time, he smiled cutely. `I look cute, why
shouldn't he love me back? Why not? I'm no monster and we're a
like...he's destined to love me!'
Hugging his little mirror and blushed slightly. `Shinya-san, please
hurry! I want to see you!' He giggled.

Seconds later, a man sat next to him. He was tall and slim, had long
white hands and long legs he crossed. He was wearing the uniform so
surely he was in the same school, having a light jacket on his
shoulders and his hood on his head, he shook it off.
Only seeing his hair first, Izam noticed how nice they looked: light
brown and cut down his ears, which made him look very handsome, for
somebody he hadn't seen the face.

He finally turned around and smiled. "Hey Izam."

Izam's eyes widened. "SHINYA_SAN?!?!?!"

to be continued~

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