sei-The Hidden Face of the Moon

The Hidden Face of the Moon
by Sei-chan

The hidden side of the moon
part 24

"Ahahah! You saw his face?" Shinya giggled. "He was so surprised!"
Emiru was beside with a huge smile on his face, finding it funny
too. "Yes, Izam was chocked. I don't think he likes you anymore."
Emiru chuckled while playing with the flowers he had in his hair.

"Well, that's a good thing. I never liked him anyway." Shinya
grinned. He knew how strange looking he was when he didn't have his
fake hair on. It was even weirder when people never had seen him that
way before.
"I think it suits you Shinya-san." Emiru kept smiling.

Playing with a few strings of his hair, Shinya leaned backwards. He
was wondering how the red head would react. Would he like him more
this way? Or maybe not…
Well at least, he wouldn't take him for a lady anymore that's for
sure! And that was the main point of him waking up later on purpose.
He didn't have the time to put on make-up and his long curly hair so
he would look close to normal.

Lots of people in the corridors would turn around and look at him.
Starting to whisper about that fact that there was yet another new
student. Girls would start giggling saying he was handsome and that
they wouldn't say `no'.
Shinya sweat dropped. Sometimes, he wondered how they were able to
have gotten this far and not know it was the freak Shinya.

"Stupid…" Scratching his head, Shinya glared at the laughing Emiru
beside him. "It's not funny!" But the cute little man kept laughing.
Seconds later, he stopped and put his hand on the brunette's shoulder.
The younger man blinked and eyed his friend. "I think there's
somebody to see you." Emiru grinned. (Wouah! How unusual :P – Sei-

Turning around, Shinya saw the read head standing there, seeming like
he was looking for something or somebody. The younger man
chuckled. `I can't believe even Die hasn't recognised me.'
"Looking for somebody?" Surprised, Die eyed him with a puzzled look
on his face.

He raised an eyebrow when Shinya kept smiling like there was nothing
wrong. "Do I know you from somewhere? You look…somewhat familiar…"
Both Emiru and Shinya broke into laughter. The red head glared at
them. "Freaks…"

Standing up, Shinya crossed his arms and stayed there in front of
Die. "You idiot! Can't you recognize me?!"
Die pondered for a second, who was that guy anyway? Then it hit
him. "Shinya?"

The brunette smirked. "Can't be? Is it really you?!"
That's when Emiru understood he wasn't at his place anymore. He stood
up and walked away casually. `So much courage…Shinya-san. I wish I
was like you.'

Playing with his hair carefully, Shinya sat back down. "Doesn't it
look good? I kind of like it better this way."
Die couldn't believe it. Shinya really was a man after all, not that
it was hard to see…but still. Now that he was looking normal, the red
head could clearly see how pretty he was.

Even without the long strands of hair, the colour in his face, Shinya
was so beautiful. Die stepped closer and leaned forward. He put a
hand on the younger man's head. "It's great. Makes you look…pretty

There it was again, like on the phone. His full name… But now, he
hadn't heard it from far away, the red head really was in front of
him and didn't seem to care about the fact he was saying that about
his "enemy".

Looking down, Shinya blushed hard. "Thank you…Die." Forcing the
brunette to look up, Die smiled. "It wasn't just a façade after all…
you really are pretty Shinya."

And then, it begun…

Emiru was standing still near the bench he had previously left. They
looked so good together, such a nice couple…
He sighed. Would he ever find the way to get his friends to like each
other? Or maybe should he just speak his mind, but…he didn't want to
hurt them.

He felt a tap on his shoulder, turning around a smiling Ryutaro waved
slightly behind him. "Tarou-chan…" Smiling back, Emiru mentioned him
to look towards the new couple. "Aren't they cute?"
Ryutaro nodded. "They finally made it, took them so time." The black
haired man pouted.

"Want to go search for the others? Can't disturb them now can we." He
turned around and walked away slowly.
Emiru stared. Was Ryutaro stupid or just shy? He didn't know.

But, he was probably making his friend think the same way…
Ryutaro really was nice and sweet. He just had to get his courage up
and face him, and Full…and Hiro too. They didn't have the right to
decide how he lived his life.

With that decided in his mind, Emiru smiled cutely, as he usually did
and followed Ryutaro. It would probably take him some time, but he
knew he would be able to make it.
Just follow Shinya's example, Die was so much harder to get, Emiru
knew that very well.

Toshiya was still there, in the classroom with Kaoru doing what ever
he pleased with him. It was hard to do nothing, it was hard to try to
push he away, but he had to. He had to do it or Kaoru would never
respect him.
Besides, he was hurt, he felt like he was only a toy to Kaoru.

Finding the strength, the blue head pushed Kaoru away and closed the
top of his uniform protectively. Tears were still in his eyes as the
blush slowly faded on his cheeks.
"Stop. You're hurting me…and…" Toshiya took a deep breath. "And…and…I

The purple head blinked while licking his lips slowly. He then sat on
a nearby desk and raised an eyebrow. "Oh? But I was under the
impression that it was the contrary?" Toshiya growled.
How come Kaoru was always able to understand his every thoughts and
moves. It was so frustrating.

"Maybe…but you don't respect me!" Hitting the wall with one if his
fists, Toshiya walked towards his backpack that he had left there
right before this had happened.
"You don't respect me! You make me do your homework, ALL of them!
That way, you get better grades, the respect of every student and
teacher around the school! You act like there was not care in the
world while you literally blackmailing me! I'm no toy; you can't use
me as you please because you saw me smoke. Besides, I don't care
anymore. You can tell whomever you like. I have friends now who
respect me, like me and I know I can count on them. I know YOU are
not part of them even thought you try to take them from me. And you
frustrated me when you told me to lay low because I was working…"

Kaoru sighed. "Shut up will you! I did my homework my self, all your
work was thrown out in the garbage because we do not work the same
way." Toshiya's eyes widened. "…too much…" But still he finished his

"You…you mean that…that…" Kaoru smirked. "Yeah, that you worked for
nothing, that you haven't slept enough for almost a month for
NOTHING. That Miyabi WAS in it from the beginning."
Toshiya opened his mouth chocked. "Of course he was! He talked to me
saying that you only thought of yourself. That it was frustrating
because it was heard to make you help others even if they needed it."

The blue head couldn't believe it. Everybody was on his back. Kaoru
had used him; Miyabi hadn't been the friend he thought he was. And he…
he…he had believed it all. He had worked in all of their plans never

It hurt; it hurt so much to know the truth.
How could come people could be so cruel to others? So cold and
uncaring… And now that he thought about it, he was like that before.
How stupid of him…

"Makes you think doesn't it? Makes you want to change, makes you want
to erase what ever you did before, what ever you didn't do before.
Can't you see now how you've been to others? Imagine…imagine if
somebody had loved you like you love me, how they were hurt. Why
don't you crawl back down where you were before if you want to have
control over people again. Understand that WE won't think of you as a
friend if you don't forgive us, because we forgive you for what
you've done."
Walking away, Kaoru got out of the class. Leaving Toshiya with that
stain on his heart.

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