sei-The Hidden Face of the Moon

The Hidden Face of the Moon
by Sei-chan

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The hidden side of the moon
part 25

Sitting on the floor since Kaoru had left, Toshiya hugged himself as
he cried his heart out. It was so hard to admit he had been wrong,
but he knew Kaoru was right.
What made him cry so, were his last words: "we forgive you for what
you've done."

He was still a friend to them, even after what he had done for so
many years. He had treated so badly, all of them, thinking he was the
brightest student in the school. What a brat he had been…

Kyo knew that, but he still stayed with him. He would comfort him and
care for him all the time. The blue thought he was taking care of
Kyo, but it was the other way around.
"Kyo…my sweet sweet little cousin… I can't believe you've been able
to live around me for so many years."

Standing up, Toshiya made his way towards the classroom's door. He
opened it and he saw Kaoru standing there, right in front of the door
waiting for him. He smiled.
"Kaoru…" Toshiya couldn't believe it.

The purple head grinned. "I forgot to tell you something." The blue
head blinked; somehow he was afraid of what Kaoru was going to say.
"About Jun…" There it was; Kaoru didn't love him after all. He loved

"He hangs around me a lot, I know you noticed, but I don't care about
him THAT way. He's just a friend." Kaoru chuckled with he saw that
relief on Toshiya's face.
"Makes you feel better doesn't it." He laughed.

He winked and put his hands in his pockets. Of course, he was about
to go. "Wait!" Toshiya closed the classroom door.
Biting his lower lip, the blue head gathered his courage and looked
directly at the older man. He smiled. "Thank you."

Kaoru smirked. "You're welcome."

Miyabi was playing cards with Sakito, Hide and Sugizo and he was
winning as always. Delighted to win all the time, he started to dance
around the three men.
Hide snorted. "Lucky bastard."

Sugizo laughed. "He's not the only one." He pointed towards Shinya
and Die whom were having what it seemed like the most interesting
conversation. (Yes, they are really talking – Sei-chan ^.^)
"Can't believe it took him that long to realise he loved Shinya."
Sakito chuckled.

Miyabi blinked. "You don't hate him? Didn't you call him a freak
before? I mean…people didn't really like didn't they?"
"They didn't care about Shinya and we never called him freak, Die
did." Miyabi sweat dropped. "What an idiot…reminds me of someone

Miyabi dropped his cards on the floor and smirked. "Want to know
something interesting?"
Hide and Sugizo eyed each other. "What?"

"Why Kaoru got kicked of his old school, Jun told me so. He's a nice
guy." Miyabi smiled.
Jun was a nice sweet person once you got to know him. He was
something like a mix of Emiru and himself, really fun to talk to.

"Seems like he decorated the director's office with toilet paper. The
usual prank if you're asking me." Hide raised an eyebrow. "Only that?"
Miyabi shook his head. "Not really, they used it as the main reason
but the truth is that he was so good in class his teachers thought he
was cheating since he never seemed to study or do any work anywhere."

Hide and Sugizo broke into laughter at the same time as Sakito
started to chuckled silently.
Kaoru really was a strange person after all, probably the only person
that could have changed Toshiya so much. But maybe he wasn't…maybe he
was completely normal and that made him stand out.

Miyabi giggled; he knew both Toshiya and Kaoru would never have a
normal relationship but that was what made it more interesting and
young man liked it that way.
All their work together had paid off; the blue head had a heart
beneath that stonewall of his and they were all proud to have been
able to break it down.

They all returned to their game, preparing themselves as they would
probably loose again.

Things changed while they stayed the same…
School years were the hardest for them all even thought most of them
knew everything would probably change someday.

They knew they would part and never see each other again.

Some would find somebody else while others would stay together.

Some would forget about the other while others would love them

It would hurt, it would be painful, they were afraid but they went on.

Think of the moment and later will be later…
You may change, you may not, goods things will happen and others will
seem bad to you, but then may you understand it was for the best
after all.

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