sei-The Hidden Face of the Moon

The Hidden Face of the Moon
by Sei-chan

Part 3

Keeping himself shut was a mistake, a grave mistake. Everybody talked 
to him, about him, but they never really cared about him. 

He was alone... 

So alone... 

And lonely... 

Very lonely...

Closing his books as the bell rang, the blue head sighed. 'I want to 
go home...' He waved to a couple of girls and laughed as two guys 
gossiped about something stupid.
He didn't meen it... The were just futile actions...

I'm a robot...

I walk around and talk...

I do what I'm told...

And I'm empty inside...

"Hey Totchi!" The beautiful man turned around at the sound of a very 
familiar voice and smiled at the petite man, half a sleep but still 
awake, that appeared in front of him. "What is it 

Kyo shruged. "You know I don't like it when you call me that..." 
Toshiya chuckled but said nothing.
"Don't wait for me...I'm going out with Die." Toshiya raised an 

Out? What did he meen by out? Out as in 'we're going to have a beer' 

Kyo turned around and walked away not catching Toshiya's questionning 
look. 'But Kyo hates alcohol... Can't be... With Die?'

Feeling hurt but not wanting to admit it, the young man walked out of 
the classroom trying to erase the idea of Kyo and Die together. 
(ouuhh...hentai hentai Totchi ne)
'I have some work to do...'

"Hey! What took you so long?!" Sitting in the grass in front of the 
school, Die looked annoyed. With an unlit cigarette in one hand and 
the lighter in the other, he glared at Kyo.

"Sorry, was talking to Mister Popular..." Kyo snatched the cigarette 
from Die's hand and light it with his own lighter. "It was hard 
getting passed all the crow and everything."

Die chuckled getting his cigarette back. "Get you're own!"

They both walked out of the school grounds not caring if anybody saw 
they were smoking or not. "That cuty...I'd get him in my bed 
anytime." Die grinned.

The little man looked at his friend suspiciously. "You gay?" Die 
smiled. "So what?" Kyo shrugged. "Nothing...I guess I'm the same as 
you anyway."

"So? Did you get any from you're cuty room mate?" Choking on his 
cigarette, Kyo glared at the red head.
"You crazy? That guy is even bratier then I am! He walks around the 
apartment half naked all the time as if he really wanted me to jump 
him! He's selfish, durty, a pain in the ass and very lazy!"

Kyo fumed. "If I didn't clean the apartment once in a while, it would 
look like shit. He's a totally different person at home, not exactly 
like his ideal figure I tell ya!"

Seeing Die's huge grin, Kyo jumped two feet away. "Ah! You pervert! I 
can't believe you like that!"
Die laughed. "Of course, a wild Toshiya...kinda turns me on..." Kyo's 
face went blank.

"You make me sick, don't say that in front of me ever again!" Still 
smiling, Die put his right arm around Kyo's shoulder and leaned 
close. "So you're not like me after all...too bad ne..."
Dodging Kyo's punch, Die ran away laughing his head out.

"YOU BASTARD! I may be like you but I'm not a sex freak!" Besides the 
idea of having his cousin in his bed made him sick.
"Incest doesn't work for me anyway you know." Die stopped running as 
he heard Kyo's statement, and took a step to the left as Kyo ran 
passed him to land on a nearby trash can. 

'Riight, I had forgotten that. They're family...' Die shruged, 
looking at Kyo coming out of the trash can with green stuff in his 

"Ew Kyo, you know that's not very sanitary!" Die laughed as Kyo threw 
him a couple of dirty cans. Of course he missed, but hey...Kyo is 
suppose to be a singer not a baseball player. Even if in this story 
he just plain sleeps all the time.

"Are there any other people that turns you on like Mister Popular 
does?" Kyo snorted when he found he had gum stuck in his hair.

Die pondered, and then his face lit up.
"Yes of course, Shinya does! What a cuty!" Die sticked his tong out 
at his friend who made an even more disgusted face.

" meen...Shinya, THE Shinya? don't even 
know if it's a girl or a guy! How can Shinya turn you on?!" Kyo 
thought he was doing to go crazy, how could he have a friend like 
that and not know he was so fucked up? 'I was so blind!'

Die threw his finished cigarette away. "It's the not knowing that 
charms me, even if I don't think much of Shinya..."
"What do you mean?" "You know...he's another person on the planet and 
that's it...he looks like a little kid, but I'd sleep with him just 
to know if he really was a him." Die put his hands in his pockets.

"I'd call you a slut if I didn't respect you." Kyo was blushing hard. 
A one night stand? Was that the only thing Die thought about?
He didn't really care what he did in his life, but thinking people 
were sex machine was maybe a little too much.

"So where do you want to go anyway?" Kyo looked away, not wanting Die 
to understand that he was trying to change the subjet.
'Embarassed hey...?' Die smiled. "How about the hotel?" He grinned 
right before a furious Kyo jumped on his back calling him names.

Toshiya had some comities that night and an appointment with his 
director, which was about the new guy...Kaoru.
He didn't really want to go but he had to.

Listening to the director's babbling, he looked out the window and 
saw Kyo and Die fighting with each other.

I'm alone...

They looked like good friends, nothing more nothing less. He held a 
Taking the paper his director was handing him, he scanned it very 
quickly at first, but when he saw what was on it, he almost crushed 

They were Kaoru's previous notes. They were good, great even. He had 
almost perfect notes in every subject but had been thrown out.
Where was the logic?

Toshiya could understand why the director had accepted to take him, 
but he still was curious about the reason why he was kicked out of 
his old school.

There were good reasons why it was impossible :

1- It was a public school, the kind that deals with just about 

2- It was in a crazy neighborhood, so that meant he couldn't have 
been the badest of them all...

3- Whit those perfect scores, he had to at least study three times a 
week! Which didn't really give him much time to do pranks.

How was it possible for a good kid to get kicked out then? No matter 
how much Toshiya thought of it, he couldn't tell. The director didn't 
seem to want to tell either, how frustrating! 

Didn't he trust him? It's not like he would go tell everybody about 
The blue head surely was the most popular person in this school, but 
never bragged about things like that.

What a mistery this Kaoru was...

He looked odd.
Was probably good friend with Kyo, who ad been sleeping since the 
first time they had met.
Had perfect notes.
Was kicked out of his school for an unknown reason.
And...and knew that Toshiya was smoking on the school grounds!

Toshiya's eyes widdened. He had forgotten about that, what if he 
tells? His reputation would be ruined and he would go down from his 
rank... Then what?
Nobody would talk to him because he had worn a mask all this time. He 
had been lying to everybody for some time now, they would hate him.

Now nobody really cared about him, but he didn't want to be hated!
'What am I going to do... What am I going to do!!' Oh the 
horror...somebody I don't know about will crush me with one single 
sentence! I'm doo~~~~~~med!!!!

"Hara-san? Is there anything wrong?"
Toshiya jerked his head up from the paper. "Yes! I'm fine. I 
apologize if I was not listening, can I be excused now? I have some 
homework to do." The director smiled. "Such a perfect student, of 
course you may go."

Toshiya walked out of the bureau. 'Old geek...'

Well...that went well :\
Hope you like it Miyage, there's more Kyo in this one!!! : *laughs*

Sei-chan ^.^

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