sei-The Hidden Face of the Moon

The Hidden Face of the Moon
by Sei-chan

Part 4

He had been working on this paper in a classroom he had borrowed for 
a while now and still wasn't done. He felt like puting everything in 
the garbage and just not hand it back to that crazy teacher. The 
problem was that he was the perfect student, so he had to do the best 

'Aaah! I did this part six times! Why can't I get it right!?' 
Throwing a little ball of paper in the paperbasket for the forth 
time, Toshiya cursed. Of course, it had gone in, he was after all the 
captain of the basketball team.
He could not miss.

That was not the point, he wanted to be done. That homework was just 
taking forever and he could not ask for help even if the teacher 
would be glad to know that even the most intelligent student in 
school needed help.
Maybe he wouldn't be thinking that everybody wouldn't have gotten the 
point he would ask about...but Toshiya did not care about the others! 
He cared about himself, he wanted to be done!

"You need help with that?" Almost jumping off his chair, Toshiya 
looked at the guy that was reading his work over his shoulder. 
Remembering the grades Kaoru had, Toshiya hid his paper. That guy had 
better notes then him, and he would never let him know that!
Toshiya was suppose to be unreachable and he wanted to stay this way!

"What do you want?!" Kaoru blinked at the mean tone the blue haired 
man's voice had. He closed his eyes for a second sighing and sat on a 
chair next to Toshiya.
"I was just asking if you needed help! You seemed desperate that's 

Toshiya snorted. "I do not need help. I'm the BEST student in this 
school. Sometimes I even correct my own teachers! YOU can't help me 
even if I'm having a hard time. Because if I do not know what to do, 
neither do you!"
Feeling like pouting, Toshiya turned around and got back to his work.

He never got Kaoru's smile. A smile that meant he knew exactly what 
was Toshiya's problem. Or more...Toshiya's problem"S".
He was too proud and was reading the question wrong. He understood 
that the blue head would soon get his mistake, but didn't say 
anything walking out of the classroom calmly.

Toshiya was close to pulling his hair out when he looked at the paper 
with the question on it that was in front of him. He read it 
again...and again...and again... He did now get it, nothing... 
Everything was so blurry in his head. It had to be that, he needed 
some rest.
He had been working for too long on this paper.

Standing up, he closed his books and took the damned paper in one 
hand reading it again. Nope, still fucked up. Maybe he should ask for 
the teacher's help...or...maybe he could ask...ask Ka... 

'NO! Don't you even think about it! He already knows too much! It's a 
good thing he hasn't told so don't give him another chance!' Nodding 
to himself, the beautiful man put the paper in his bag and walked out 
of the classroom.

Shinya was happy when he was in his own world. He was happy when 
people looked at him like if he was E.T. He was happy when he could 
do what he wanted when he wanted.
Of course, he was a strange person, but not bad. He was good at 
school, had good grades, and respected anybody he would talk 
to...well, almost anybody...

Between classes, he would always sit at the same spot and not bother 
his classmates. He would listen to jrock, would read mangas or even 
sometimes drawn, even though he wasn't that best artist in the world.

Sometimes, some people he knew would stop, talk for a few minutes and 
then walk away, but nothing more.
He wished it could always be that way but Die always bothered him 
when he was in the worst mood. Or was it only his presence that made 
him fire up so much... Who knows...

Aaah! He hated him so much! He wanted to punch him at least one time! 
Or just be able to shut his mouth for good. What a punk he was! He 
knew weird colors in their hair weren't allowed so he...he PAINTED 
his hair completely flaming red.
His friends followed him of course. Sugizo was pink, Hide was green, 
Kyo was yellow, Sakito was purple and...Kamijo...he was so ugly!

He didn't know why they were hanging out with that guy, but had to 
have a good reason. 'Maybe he as lots of money... I did hear from 
that Ayumi that he was from a rich family...' But who believed what 
Ayumi said.
She even had bad taste, she liked Gackt. Shinya shivered.

"Thinking about me?" Shinya blinked looking up. Ah! Why did he have 
to always be there! "Why would I be thinking of YOU?!
Die laughed. " I thought that maybe you were 
thinking about me in your..."

Shinya jumped up pushing Die against a wall. "DON'T EVEN SAY IT!! I 
don't want to hear your fantasies... You disgust me!"
Feeling an hand on his shoulder that pulled him backwards, Shinya 
turned his head around to glare at the person that was bothering him 
while he was yelling at his worse enemy.

He stopped himself when he realised it was actually Kamijo. Not 
saying anything, he ran away screaming.

The other three, since Kyo was missing probably sleeping somewhere, 
looked at the retreating Shinya and then looked at each other 
bursting out laughing.
Sugizo grinned. "Geez have some bad effects on our little 

Kamijo sweat dropped and made a pose. "Well you know... It was like, 
not my idea. I just wanted to, you know, like stop him before he hit 
Die. He's such a looser!"
The others rolled their eyes. If he wasn't a bad poker player and 
didn't have lots of money they would never stay around that guy.

Die shrugged. "Lets go you guys."

Smiling at himself, Die looked where Shinya had gone to. He knew 
Shinya would never had done anything because he was too peaceful to 
ever go farther the pushing against a wall.
'You're even better then I though...Shin-Shin.'

Shinya was still running when a door got slammed into is face. He, of 
course, landed his trip on the floor next to a water fountain that 
had been broken for three years because the water wasn't coming out 
for the right end. That end was right under Shinya's bottom, which 
meant he was now wet.

Standing up fast, Shinya felt like punching somebody. If only he 
hadn't ran away from Die's gang, he could have hit a couple of them 
for fun.
But...he would never do that so...

"I'm sorry! Are you hurt anywhere?" Shinya blinked. The person 
actually talked to him? Unbelievable!
He looked up and studied Kaoru's worried features.

Kaoru had been talking with a teacher for half an hour and though he 
was really late of his next class before he remembered it was lunch, 
but he still ran out of the class fast not being careful. 

Shinya had been his victim and he felt bad about it. He was a good 
person and he thought that Shinya looked like a decent was hard to tell but that person 
still looked very nice.

"I...I'm...fine..." Shinya said not sure if he should have answered. 
Kaoru smiled cutely and shook Shinya's hand. "That's good then. I'm 
terribly sorry about that!"
"It's okay, I'm fine really. My nose is just going to become twices 
big next week but I don't really care." Kaoru shrugged.

"You sure it's okay? I meen...I can get you to the nurses office. And 
it looks like you landed on the right place too... You're wet..."
Shinya laughed. "I know."

Kaoru scrached his head. It wasn't the first time he had met somebody 
like that. Those people were actually the nicest he had ever known, 
but the person in front of him really was the most...out of the 
He looked sweeter thought.

Looking at his watch, Kaoru jumped. 'Ah! Kyo's waiting for me! God 
I'm going to be so late!' Kaoru shook Shinya's hand again. "I didn't 
meen to destroy your beautiful face. Really, it's my mistake..."
Kaoru turned around and ran towards the cafeteria's location.

Shinya's eyes widened. 'Beautiful...face...?'

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