sei-The Hidden Face of the Moon

The Hidden Face of the Moon
by Sei-chan

Part 5

How could that happen...

He didn't even know the guy, he was a freak, Kaoru seemed like the 
kind that would be popular... 'If I remember well, he even mentionned 
Kyo, so he hangs out with Die too.' Or maybe not... 'Oooh, how I 
wished he didn't!'

Shinya sighed.
He had been obsessed by that little accident for two days now and it 
was driving him crazy.

"I didn't meen to destroy your beautiful face. Really, it's my 
mistake..." Shinya blushed. Such kind words, he had never heard those 
before. And those eyes...

Kaoru had the most beautiful eyes, they said so much. They talked by 
themselves and the young man liked that. He liked it very much.
Maybe... Just maybe...he would consider being friends with me...

A friend... How nice...
Somebody to be with, to laugh with. Somebody who cares about you, who 
understands your feelings, who comforts you when you need it.

I need it. I need it so much!

Hugging himself, Shinya looked at the reflection on his bedroom's 
mirror. He looked like a little doll. "I really am a freak after 
A single tear ran down his cheek. He felt loveless...

That day he felt like crap. He usually would be happy because, as 
always, nobody bothered with him. He was cast away and could stay 
Thought, that morning, he was searching desperatly for company. 
Anybody would do, just anybody.

Shinya sighed and looked up when he heard footsteps. Usually, there 
weren't much people in the school at this time of the day so he was 
curious. Who could be stupid enough to be in the school at 7:15 in 
the morning when class started at 8:00?

He wasn't surprised when he saw Toshiya, the popular guy. The smart, 
beautiful, perfect popular guy... Exactly what he wasn't.
Shinya shrugged. He even would have talked to him if Toshiya would 
just give him a second of his time, but that was most unlikely.

Studying the blue head's features as he passed by him, Shinya 
realized that he seemed as tired as he was. He looked even down... We 
could even say lonely...
Shinya had people he knew, but he wasn't popular like Toshiya. So 
what caused this lonelyness?

'Maybe we aren't that different after all...'

Now that he thought of it, Shinya had never seen Toshiya with anybody 
on his free time. He never really had free time anyway, he was always 
studying or doing some homework, unlike him.
He never fooled around and the only person that he talked to with a 
smile was Kyo.

Kyo never gave his smile back and that didn't seem to bother the tall 
Shinya blinked, Toshiya was complicated after all. The young man 
could see that the popular guy was hiding something, but it was hard 
to tell what it was.

Looking towards the corridor where Toshiya had disappeared to, the 
light brown haired man never heard the footsteps that were coming 
from his left and only noticed somebody was there when he heard a 
female voice.

"Hey you!" Shinya jumped and looked up. He blinked. What did THEY 
Shinya grunted. "What?"

The girl in front of him, whom was the gang leader, put her hands on 
her hips with an annoyed movement. "You're sitting on MY spot!"
Shinya's eyes widened. Her spot? Her spot! What a joke!

He started to laugh.

"What?! Are you trying to make fun of me? Because if you are I'm 
going to call my boyfriend so he can beat you up! You freak!"
Shinya laughed even harder, having a hard time to breath now.

"Your...your boyfriend??" He coughed. "You meen the guy in that gang 
that calls themselves V6?" He started laughing again.
The girl snorted. "Yeah! So?"

"And you girl are one...two...three... Ah! You're eight! So what do 
you call yourselfs?? V8??" Shinya rolled on the floor laughing. He 
couldn't stop, he was going to die of laughter.
The eight girls made a discussed face. What a bad joke!

Turning on her eals, Utada Hikaru snorted again. She glanced at her 
seven friends and talked to Namie Amuro.
"Lets go! He's crazy!"

Noriko Sakai laughed. "Besides, our spot is tainted now, we can't sit 
here anymore!" Seven of the eight agreed while Shinya had finally 
been able to stop laughing. He was now grinning at the gang of girls 
who were trying to be tough even if they were really frustrated.

Ayumi Hamasaki turned around and went wherever in the school with the 
other seven. Only one of them stayed behind for a second lookind at 
the strange looking girlish/boyish person that was Shinya.
She smiled slighly at him and bowed lightly so the others wouldn't 

She then turned around fast and ran towards the others who were 
already at the other end of the corridor.
Shinya gave a puzzled look at the retreating girl and shrugged 
returning to his secluded world.

"You know...I think I need company... I was really mean to them..." 
Shinya made a face. Even if they are brainless and stupid, they 
didn't deserv to be talked to that way (aaw...he's so sweet! - Sei-

"Who are you talking to?" Shinya jumped and hit his head on the wall 
behing him.
Holding the back of his head with both of his hands, Shinya started 
to curse. "Holy shit! My heaaad!!!"

Die laughed. "Since when do you swear?"
Shinya glared at the red head that was sitting next to him. He was 
alone. "What do you want?!" 'Geez...can't people leave me alone...' 

Feeling very annoyed, Shinya didn't call him names like he usually 
He was actually glad to have some company. Of course, it wasn't the 
best he could have had but it was better then nothing. He was better 
then those girls anyway. Besides, Die was the only person that could 
make him think about something else then his own loneliness.

"Nothing in particular, I just noticed you were talking alone and 
thought... Wow! Interesting! He's got an invisible friend!" Die 
Die got closer to Shinya looking in his eyes strangly. "So?" 

"S-so what?" Die pulled back and put his arm around Shinya's 
shoulder. "What's your invisible friend's name?"
Shinya's eyes widened. What did he just say? His...invisible friend's 

The young man felt anger risingin his chest. How could that guy be so 
stupid? Where did he find his brain? In a cereal box or what??!!
Feeling his anger boiling inside of him, the young man started to 
shiver. He was so mad... But why was he? It was just a 
stupid comment by a stupid moron! Why couldn't he calm down? He was 
just satisfying Die by getting angry. He knew that's what the red 
head wanted. Even if he wanted to stop himself, he couldn't. He 
couldn't get passed those none logical comments and just ignore him. 
It was frustrating!!

Looking up at a smiling Die who still had his arm around shoulder, 
Shinya tried to calm down and sighed quite abnormaly.
"What?" Die's smile widened. It was coming. He would be able to see 
kawaii Shinya's angry face. It was funny how the pretty face would 
get distorted by it. He really liked it. It was so much fun, making 
the young man angry or run after him. Aaah! He liked his hobby so 

It was funnier when he asked about his sex. Shinya would never tell 
him, even thought Die had an idea. Of course, he was probably a guy 
because his file said so. But you never know...

"Oh! And something else your friend a girl or a guy?" 
That was it. Shinya couldn't hold himself. It was just too much. Die 
wanted him to be angry, so he was going to be.

Knocking Die's hand away, Shinya stood up. He had no expression on 
his face, which meant he was really very mad right now. Usually, 
anybody would run away after seeing him like that, but Die didn't 
care. He thought it was the most hilarious thing.
"What is it Shin-Shin?" He still smiled. That smile... It was so 
annoying... So annoying!! You could never get passed it, it was a 
wall. A big thick wall so Shinya never really knew what Die was 
thinking and it drove him crazy everytime.

"You...go away before I punch you to death..." Die blinked. "What? 
Why? But I liked it here... It's nice and peaceful." Die crossed his 
legs and then his arms behing his head laying against the school wall.
He sighed seeming very happy.

Shinya just looked at him. 'What a moron...'
He's so stupid. Getting himself happy with the most little things. 
How simple...

Shinya snorted. 'He's happy with...the most...the most little 
things...' Shinya looked away. He really hated him, he hated him so 
much. He was happy and he wasn't. What did Die have that he didn't?

Feeling tears coming up in his eyes, Shinya put his left hand on his 
mouth holding a sob.
He wanted to run away but he couldn't. His legs gave away as he fell 
on his knees in front of Die.
'Why do I have to feel like this in front of that moron... I wanted 
him to never see my face like this, him to think that I was though... 
Aah... I'm so hopeless...'

Tears came streaming down his face. He couldn't hold then and didn't 
want to anymore. He was so tired. So tired of everything...

Well...that's it for now. I can't promise next part will come up soon 
because school will be starting tuesday morning soo...I won't have a 
much time as this week. But I'll try to do my best...

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