sei-The Hidden Face of the Moon

The Hidden Face of the Moon
by Sei-chan

Part 6

Sitting on his apartment's balcony smoking, Die looked up at the sky. 
It was way passed midnight and he was still awake. He couldn't sleep. 
Couldn't sleep at all. He had almost smoked all his pack when he 
finally stood up.
He threw his finished cigarette away yawning. It probably landed on 
the grass somewhere but who cared anyway?

He got back into his apartment et looked around. It was durty, as 
always. Everything was upside down and he hadn't done the dishes for 
five days.
He was disgusted by his own untidyness.

He sighed and flopped down on his couch.
Why was it disturbing him so? Usually, he only laughed at the guy. So 
why didn't that time...

"This stinks..." 

Shinya had cried. 

He had cried in front of him for no reason. Die would have thought he 
couldn't care less but his heart had squeezed at that time. As if it 
had been his own fault. But it wasn't!
So why was he feeling so bad?!

Alone in the crowd as always, Toshiya was studying for an upcoming 
math test. He was in the cafeteria and it was very noisy, but he did 
not mind because for him, they were all ants. He could crush them 
anytime and ants didn't make that much of noise after all.
Concentring on what he was reading, he would sometimes hear his name 
here and there or chairs meeting the table's leg. Which would 
probably hurt if the table was actually alive, but it wasn't so it 
didn't have to worry about shaving them.

Putting his book down for a second to eat his sandwich, he felt 
something burning on his back. Somebody was looking at him, looking 
very intensly.
A chill ran down his spine before he finally turned around to know 
who it was.

It was him...Kaoru.

The man smiled at him. He turned his head slightly to the right to 
say something to a half sleeping Kyo who had his face in his dinner. 
The little guy grumbled, or so it seemed, and turned around in his 

Kaoru chuckled before he stood up and made his way to Toshiya's 
table. He sat in front of the blue head. "Hello there."
Toshiya was surprised. What did he want? He raised an eyebrow before 
nodding to the blond man and returning to his studies.

"How's the homework going?" Toshiya stopped reading trying to stay as 
calm as possible. "It's fine." He closed his book. "Why do you ask?"
Kaoru raised his shoulders. "I don't know. Just asking. You just 
seemed like you needed some help back then, but you refused. So I was 
wondering if you did okay."

Toshiya chuckled, but it wasn't friendly. Not friendly at all, it was 
a durty and mean chuckle. "Me? Need help? You must be kidding."
Kaoru smiled. "You tried to read the question?"

Toshiya glared hard at Kaoru. "Of course I did you idiot! It's the 
first thing you do before doing the homework!"
Kaoru laughed. "You don't understand what I meant. I meant READ the 
question. Not answer it while reading."

Toshiya's eyes widened. 'What? What?? Whaaat???!!!' Was he taking him 
for a person who didn't have a brain? Of course he read the question!
"You's like smoking." Toshiya jumped on his chair and his 
face went as white as a sheet. "You can't smoke and lit the cigarette 
at once, you have to wait a little." Kaoru gave him a strange grin.

Standing up too fast, Toshiya pushed the chair he was sitting on 
backwards and it fell on the floor causing everybody in the cafeteria 
to turn around to look at them with questionning looks.
Trying not to care about what the others were thinking, the blue head 
closed his book as calmly as possible. He picked up his tray and 
walked away.

The nerv of him! How dare he?! Oooh!! I hate him! I hate him so much! 
What a bastard! He's torturing me. He's doing worse then telling the 
teacher. He's using me! That...that...!!

"Toshiya." The young man was even more surprised when he realised 
Kaoru had been following him.

"W-What do you want?" Toshiya took a few step backwards wondering 
what was going on. Kaoru was damn sexy and had a very beautiful face, 
but that smile he didn't go with those good looks of his.
"I'm tired. Could you do this for me?" The blue head blinked and took 
the paper Kaoru was giving him.

"..." It was the physics homework. Of course, it was a piece of cake, 
but why was Kaoru asking him to do his homework? Toshiya had done 
that class already, why did he have to do those stupid papers again?
"You must be joking! Why would I even consider doing so..." Kaoru's 
hand in front of his face stopped him.

That smile again...

He then put both his hands in his pockets. "You know...I could always 
Toshiya was shocked. Tell? Tell and destroy what he had work for all 
these years? He had earn the respect of everyone and this guy wanted 
to destroy everything with a single sentence? No... NO! He couldn't! 
He wouldn't!

Not saying anything else, Kaoru turned around and walked away 
stretching. He then waved slightly to Toshiya. "It's due friday! So 
hurry up!" And got back in the cafeteria.

Toshiya fell on his knees feeling like the world had almost crashed 
under his feet. This...this guy... He was pure evil...!

Happy with himself, Kaoru sat next to Kyo who was still sleeping and 
poked him. "Hey! Kyo wake up!" Not sign of life. "Kyo! Wake up will 
you! You've got curry all over your face!" Still nothing. "Why you 
kawaii little..."
He didn't have the time to finish his sentence that Kyo was almost 
ready to strangle him to death. "What was that?" Kaoru blinked. "Did 
I say anything?"

Kyo shrugged and sat back on his chair. He started washing his face 
with a napkin he was always carrying because it always happened to 
him...sleeping in his plate like that.
"Where did you go?" Kyo put his napkin back in his pocket. "How did 
you know I was gone? You were sleeping."

Kyo threw his tray next to the trashcan, half of the curry landed on 
Noriko Sakai's head and Kyoko Fukada's own food. The other five girls 
got more lucky, but it only made Kyo laugh. "Good for you bitches!"
He turned to Kaoru who couldn't believe what his little friend had 
just done.

"Aren't you afraid they're going to get their boyfriends to beat you 
up?" Kyo laughed and crossed his legs after putting them on the 
table. "They won't. They're afraid of me." 
'Who could be afraid of a cute little thing like that?' Kaoru 
wondered, but he did not dare asking. "Why are they afraid?"

Kyo smiled at Kaoru. "Because my dad's the director of this school." 
Kaoru shrugged. "So what?"
"They're afraid I'm going to get them kicked out." They both stood up 
making their way out of the cafeteria meeting Die on the way out.

"They think my dad would listen to them, I'm quite famous around 
here." Die laughed. "I think we're they only ones who knows that he 
got kicked out of his house. That's why he lives with Toshiya, he as 
no choice."
Kyo tried to kick Die on the knee but was too short so he got his 
ankle instead, which was even worse.

"Toshiya is my cousin, that's why I live with him! Quit bugging me 
with that! Toshiya may be a brat but he's still taking care of me as 
if I was his own little brother." Kyo pouted, which was really really 
"So you like the guy after all..." Kyo's face went blank. "Don't make 
me sick, I don't 'like' him like that! He's my cousin, my cousin!"

'Family huh...' Kaoru thought they didn't really look a like, but 
from what Kyo had told him, it seemed that Toshiya had the same 
personnality. They were both brats and both smoked a lot.
If it wasn't for Kyo who didn't have that much homework, the 
apartment would look like trash, but it still did because Kyo was 
that tidy.

Toshiya was smart, Kyo didn't try. Maybe they did look a little a 
like... There was only one thing, Kyo was cute and Toshiya
Kaoru blushed slightly. He remembered those long sexy legs and that 
cute butt while he was following the blue head earlier. That guy 
looked really good.

"Hey! Kaoru! Don't fall for my cousin, you'll break your heart. That 
guy is really heartless."
"Nothing like you right? You like Kaoru don't you Kyo." Die grinned. 
It was a mistake because a blushing Kyo came after him. Both of them 
chased each other in the corridors while Kaoru did not really care. 
Seems like he hadn't heard.

Break his heart? Really? He wondered if he would break his heart... 
Maybe Toshiya wasn't that unreachable, he would made sure he would be 
able to get him. Besides, he had already started to break the ice 
around his heart.
Wondering if it would work, he followed Die and Kyo who were tackling 
each other on the floor but still moving forward.

Now I got homework so that's what I'm going to do... *wouah! I'm late 
I'm late!!*

Sei-chan ^.^

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