sei-The Hidden Face of the Moon

The Hidden Face of the Moon
by Sei-chan

part 7

'I'm cool... I'm fine... It doesn't bothers me. Really it doesn't!' 
Toshiya grinted his teeth. Maybe it did bother him a little, just a 
little, but that was already too much. How could Kaoru treat him as a 
slave? That no good... That... THAT...
Toshiya sighed. 'Damn...what a bastard...'

He had done three of Kaoru's homeworks already and was late for his 
own, which was really out of the ordinary. He hadn't had the time to 
study or sleep for two days. He was so busy with all the work Kaoru 
had given him that he was going crazy.

"Toshiya." The blue head turned around slowly and saw Kyo walking 
inside his room. "You look uglier then Gackt and believe me that's 
not a compliment." Toshiya shrugged not saying anything.
Kyo sat on the corner of the desk and looked at what his cousin was 
doing. "Isn't that...physics? Haven't you done that class already?"

Toshiya gulped. No, he would not tell. If Kyo knew... If Kyo knew... 
The little man laughing at him... He didn't need that for the moment. 
Kyo was the only one who really knew him and he would probably laugh.
Kaoru was his friend too, so he would never defend Toshiya. He would 
just laugh... And laugh... And laugh... 'And it would break my 

"You're kidding Kyo! I'm doing this class right now, don't you 
remember that it's two years in a row?" What a stupid lie, but maybe 
Kyo wouldn't notice.
Kyo raised an eyebrow not saying anything even if he felt that there 
was something fishy. He still turned around and walked out of the 
room saying 'gambatte ne' before closing the door.

Toshiya sighed soundly.

Those were the most awful days of his life, how could he ever get 
back at Kaoru without him revealing his secret? It was impossible! 
Toshiya grumbled. "How can a guy with such good grades find the time 
to blackmail others?"
Even if he might give his work to all the brains around the school, 
he still had to study. That took a lot of time didn't it? Remembering 
all these rules and...going to Toshiya his 
homework...!! "Aaaaaah!!! I'm going to kill him!!"

His bedroom's door opened again and Kyo peeked in. "What was that? 
Did you tell me something?" Toshiya litteraly fell off his chair.
Kyo sweat dropped. "You okay?"

Standing up fast, Toshiya laughed strangely. "Ah ah ah ah!! Yes. Yes 
I'm okay. You just scared me. Ah ah ah ah aaah!"
I can't believe I'm acting that stupid. Can't I even ask for help to 
my own cousin? Smoking on the school grounds wasn't that bad and 
since he was a good student he wouldn't get kicked out. 
But...but...his image...the respect of the would be...all 
gone... He didn't want that, so the blue head kept his mouth shut 
sitting back on his chair.

'He's stanger then I thought...' With that fact in mind, Kyo closed 
the door of Toshiya's bedroom for a second time.
The guy needed some sleep, maybe he should force him. Kyo sighed. 
Nah, I'm going to go to sleep, maybe he'll follow my example.

But that was most unlikely because Toshiya still had his own homework 
to do. Homework that he had to hand the day after.

This felt very nice... Huh uh, very nice! The grass smelled so sweet 
and the sun was just hot enough. This nice feeling of the warm rays 
on his face... Really, life was good.
He wasn't too happy to have cried in front of Die, but who really 
cared. The red head would probably tell everyone, laugh at him and it 
would be forgotten, like anything else from him.

Shinya opened his eyes. The sun was already high up but he still had 
half an hour of lunch. Laying in front of the school on the green 
grass really was his favorite hobby. That way, he could read or 
listen to music while enjoying that feeling of peace.

Now that he thought of it, he hadn't talked to Kaoru since that 
time... For two days Kaoru hadn't been taken out of his mind and now 
he almost had forgotten. Was it because he had cried in front of Die?
Impossible. He cried often, so why would it bother him?

Because it was in front of HIM...

He didn't care. Neither did he care about the fact that Toshiya 
looked beaten up that morning. Anybody had their bad days, so did he. 
And cry is normal, so why would he care...?

Because it was in front of HIM...

Alright! Alright! I admit it...
Maybe it was a little too much, crying in front of my ennemi, but I 
couldn't help it. He seemed so happy and I was so... Shinya sighed.

"Hey you." Shinya grownled. What now?
Sitting up, he looked at the six guys in front of him. They were V6, 
those six stupid morons that hanged out with the eight bitches.

One was in front of them, one that seemed to be Utada Hikaru's 
boyfriend. 'Don't tell me she really told him??' The brunette 
couldn't help it, so he started laughing.
"What are you laughing at you freak?" Shinya continued 
laughing. "Don't you know you made my girlfriend mad? And I'm here to 
beat you up because of it!" Shinya forced himself to stop laughing 
and looked up at the guy still chuckling. "Oh really?"

He couldn't believe Utada Hikaru had really told those morons about 
that. It was a futility and she still told him. My god women are 
stupid, they can't get over the most simple problem without calling 
somebody to fight for them.
'Ah good thing I'm not popular.' If anybody would ask him to 
rearrange somebody's face, he would just laugh at them. Of course he 
would. Besides, he always laughed at everybody. 'Well they deserv it!'

"You want me to have a black eye huh? Okay, why don't you punch me 
right here? I'm waiting for you." Shinya stood up facing the six guys 
and smiled.
He didn't care. It wasn't the first time he got hit, wasn't the first 
time a gang would tie him up a tree or what ever came up their mind. 

He knew he was defying them, but he liked that. Maybe they would 
leave him alone afterwards. "Can I just tell you something before you 
make my face look like a Picasso painting?" V6 shrugged, they weren't 
that bad were they? And what was picasso anyway? A new sort of 
pokemon maybe?
"I can't believe your doing your childish girlfriend's request. Are 
you her dog or something?" That was it, he had said too much and he 
knew it.

The fact was, when they were more angry, sometimes they punched only 
one time, but it depended on the type of guy that was in front of 
you. Shinya knew V6 weren't that type, so he would get beat up really 
But he did not care... Neither did he care that he cried in front of 
Die... No...he did not care at all...

Shinya got pushed against the fence behind him and the guy put his 
hand on his troath. He was so pissed off his veins were starting to 
pop. But Shinya did not care...
Closing his eyes calmly, the young man waited for the guy to hit him 
and he did. Never had he gotten so badly treated by others then that 
time. In the end, the six of them were on him kicking him all at the 
same time.

It hurt, but he did not care... He would got at the nurses office, if 
he ever found the strenght to do so, and would lay down for the rest 
of the day. They would ask what had happened but he wouldn't tell, 
because he did not care... 
He did not care about any of their actions, someday somebody would 
get back at them. Shinya knew that, even if it wouldn't be for him, 
they would learn to leave others alone.

Being crushed under the six guys' feet, he felt awful. He would have 
bruises everywhere and woudln't be able to walk straight for a week...
That's when he heard voices... Voices of people he knew, voices that 
made the kicks stop... They were familiar, but he couldn't tag them. 
His mind was all fuzzy and his vision blurry so it took him a while 
to see who it was.

"Are you okay?" 

Shinya blinked. 

"My God they got you bad." 

"Do you think he's broken somewhere?" 

"I don't know." 

"Maybe we should ask him." 

"Shinya? Shinya!" Shaking his head, Shinya looked up the person that 
was holding him. It was...Die... His eyes almost popped out of his 
head. He couldn't believe Die had stopped V6 from beating him.
But there were two voices... Looking around he finally noticed 
Kaoru's presence. "Kaoru..."

Kaoru smiled sweetly to him. "What happened?" 
He nice...Kaoru... "They beat me up...because...because I 
was sitting in Utada Hikaru and her gang's spot..."

Kaoru and Die eyed each other. "It was...two days ago a believe... 
Right before, I talked to you Die..."
Die and Shinya both stared at each other. They knew what the brunette 
was talking about, but Die didn't say anything, neither did he laugh. 
Kaoru didn't seem like he understood, which was a big surprise for 
Shinya who thought the rumor had gone around the school already.

The red head helped him up still holding him tightly against him. 
Shinya couldn't walk. "Are you...are you okay?" Die seemed like he 
was embarassed about something. He wasn't joking, he wasn't teasing 
Shinya. Nothing...
"I-I'll survive." Shinya looked down.

Poor Shinya nee... @_@

Sei-chan ^.^

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