sei-The Hidden Face of the Moon

The Hidden Face of the Moon
by Sei-chan

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The hidden side of the moon
Part 8

"What happenned to you? Last week you were a head of everybody and 
now you're so late it scares even me!" Toshiya looked away. It had 
been a week, yes already a week since Kaoru had started to give him 
his homework.
The man was doing okay, he was fooling around all day while Toshiya 
was trying to finish at least his homework in time to give them to 
the teachers. Alright, they would probably be late but he still would 
have handed them.

They would be done he would have a nice grade minus the points he 
would loose because he hadn't respected the rules. They were strict 
and even the baddest students knew the had to follow every single one 
or else they would never pass!
Toshiya was cursed, he would fail a class. Which never happened 
before! 'It shall known be down in history...' Toshiya smiled to 
himself sadly...

...and then fired up. 'I'm going to beat that guy up. I don't care 
who he is, I don't care what I'm suppose to be, I don't care if he's 
friends with Kyo! He could be the President of the USA I wouldn't 
even care!' Well...why should I care about him anyway... Toshiya 
I'll rip his own homework in his face next time he hands one to me.

He has no right to give ME orders, who cares if somebody finds out I 
have a shitty personnality. Everybody as flaws why couldn't I?

Walking out of the class room after being lectures for half an hour 
by the teacher, the blue head sighed and sat down on a wooden bench 
next to the gymnasium.
He could hear a bunch of guys playing hockey. They seemed like they 
were having a blast. They probably were good friends and hanged out 
all the time. Which was so much more then Toshiya could even think of.

Of course, he was a great player, he was the best. He had a talent, a 
talent with everything. He was average, I mean... Everybody can do 
what ever they want, they just have to try that's all. You can always 
get good afterwards.
You start bad and then you're better then everybody, like studies. 
Just study and you'll be fine. If you don't understand, ask for god's 
sake! But Toshiya didn't have to ask anymore, he understood 
everything because he had learned how to get his answers without 
getting somebody to do it for you.

Those guys who were playing, they would probably let him play with 
them but they would loose their smiles. They would try to do better 
because Toshiya was playing with them and then the game would end up 
in a fight.
The blue head didn't want that. It was true that he did not care 
about others, but being the subject of a kiddy fight didn't really 
appeal to him.

As he looked around him, he noticed everybody was in gangs. They were 
all having fun or helping each other. There were couples here and 
there, nobody was alone...except him...
'I's hard being popular after all...' Maybe he wasn't... 
Everybody knew him alright, but everybody knew Shinya too and Shinya 
was considered a freak. So was he too?

Had he worked all those years only to be considered a school freak 
who only does homework and studies? When he helped others with their 
homeworks, did they think he was acting superior? That he liked it 
when people took his time to ask because they knew he was smarter 
then any of them? Did they only use him?
So he really was alone after all... Now that he looked at it, he 
didn't have any friends. He knew that already of course, but he 
thought it didn't bother him. Only when he understood that he was 
strangely happy when Kyo came talking to him.

Kyo... My only friend...

My little brother...

He really was like a little brother, setting aside his height and his 
bratty ways, they would fight all the time and get along other times. 
He would never smile to him or seem bored by him everyday. He really 
was like a brother...

But normal humans...never lived with only their family. They had to 
look somewhere else, other places where there were people more 
compatible to them. You never chose your family but friends you did, 
that is why you should prefer being with them then with your family. 
That is why you confess things to them you wouldn't even consider 
tell your own brother.

Friends were a hidding please, and Toshiya didn't have any. He was 
wide in the open, armed with...nothing...nothing at all...

"Well... Your face hasn't suffered as much as I thought it would. You 
still look pretty." Shinya looked away not wanting to blush in 
Kaoru's face. That guy was so carefree. He could say anything anytime 
and didn't care what the others thought of him.

First thing, he was talking to Shinya. Only Die did, even his guy 
never would say a word to him. Die was they only one teasing him and 
the others were only laughing all the time. 

Second, he was blond...anyone could see he had bleached his hair, and 
he never seemed to study but rumors had be going around they he was 
suppose to be better then Toshiya.

Shinya studied his face... Nah...impossible. He looked then Die could ever be. He didn't seem like 
a selfish person or a genius like Toshiya was. He had abviously been 
sleeping fine the last few days, so no nights staying up late to 
He always that this calm look...and when you were around him, 
everything was so peaceful...Shinya felt like he was in a bubble bath.

Kaoru was certainly the most strange guy he'd ever met.

After being beat up by V6 both he and Die had taken him to the nurses 
office and Kaoru had stayed with him. Shinya had bruises all over his 
face and his right arm hurt like hell.
Afterwards, he found out it was broken, which was really bad.

"Humm....sumimasen Shinya-san." They both turned around and looked at 
the girl in front of them. She was in Utada Hikaru's gang. She was 
the one that had bowed to Shinya that last time, he remembered 
well. 'The only one who polite I guess...'
Kaoru smiled to the girl and said hi to her, she didn't even see him.

"Ano..." Shinya didn't say anything, he didn't really care about her. 
She was, after all, part of the gang that had given him trouble. "I 
wanted to apologize for my friends...Shinya-san...I believe they 
haven't been fair with you." Shinya raised an eyebrow not believing 
with he had just heard.

"Who payed you to tell me this?" The girl bit her bottom 
lip. "Nobody...Shinya-san." Shinya snorted. "Quite the Shinya-san! I 
know how you people are! You don't care about freaks like me! You 
only want what you can't get and don't even respected others. 
Apologize for your so called friends?? Sheesh...give me a break!"

The girl looked down. "Go...gomenasai..."
Why was she apologizing again? Did she really mean it? "Usually...V6 
don't beat up others but...she made up a story, even I don't know the 

Kaoru listened to Shinya and the girl talk to each other without 
saying anything. She looked very strange... Was she really what she 
said she was?
"I'm sorry miss, what's your name?" The girl blinked and finally 
noticed Kaoru's presence.

She looked down again and blushed slightly. "Izam." Kaoru raised an 
eyebrow, what kind of name was that? "Who cares about her name?! Why 
did you come talk to me anyway? Aren't you suppose to hate me or 
something? Don't you realise what's going to happen when your friends 
will learn you've been talking to me?!"
Izam took a step backwards when Shinya's tone got treatening. Why had 
she been talking to him? She didn't know...maybe she felt bad about 

Turning around, she ran away with a deep blush on her face.
Kaoru started laughing. Shinya eyed him not understanding what was so 
funny. "WHAT?!" Trying to stop his chuckle, Kaoru looked at him. "You 
know what Shinya...I believe you and Izam have more in common then 
you think." He started laughing again.

'That guy really is strange...' More in common? What did he mean by 
that? Why would he have something in common with a stupid girl like 

He had been searching for about three hours now, where the hell were 
they?! Utada had told him they were outside playing soccer, but where?
That's when he found them.

Smiling to himself...
Die walked towards the gang of six guys with a grin on his face.

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