sei-The Hidden Face of the Moon

The Hidden Face of the Moon
by Sei-chan

Part 9

Toshiya was still sitting there, hearing those guys playing hockey. 
Knowing they were having a good time while he cursed them.
He cursed them all... Especially Kaoru... That bastard...

"Hey Toshiya." The blood dried from Toshiya's face when he recognized 
Kaoru's voice. The older man sat beside him not asking if he could 
join him or anything. He put his school bad down on the floor and 
started getting some books out, looking for something that seemed 

Toshiya snorted looking away. He didn't have to listen to him. He 
didn't have to be his slave anymore, who cared if people knew? Why 
would he even consider thinking about the others? He hated all of 
them, thought only of himself so he shouldn't bother with their 

"Here you go." Kaoru throwed a pill of paper in his face knowing he 
wasn't paying attention to him. "It's due tomorrow, I forgot to tell 
you about it. So get your ass in the librairy and work on it NOW."
Toshiya's veins started to pop. He was doing this on purpose... Of 
course he was!! He was bullying him! Him! HIM!!

He dared to face him, the most popular, smart, sexy guy in this damn, 
stupid, no good building filled with ignorent rats! Him, the only 
person that had some sens in this rotten city!

Toshiya grinted his teeth. He couldn't take it anymore, he had too...

The blue head jumped when a cigarette appeared in front of his 
nose. "Want a smoke?" He blinked...and blinked again. Wa...what?!
Looking around to be sure nobody had seen the both of them, the young 
man smacked the cigarette off of Kaoru's hand.

"Are you crazy?! I can't believe you brought this in the school! 
You'll get kicked out you know!" Kaoru grinned and put his pack back 
in his pocket. "You too... You know smoking on the school gr..."
Toshiya litterally jumped on him. "SHUUUT UP!!!"

Standing up, the blond man smiled and turned his back to Toshiya. "So 
you'll do it. Great. I guess, I can hold my tong for today."

Toshiya growled. It was the last time he would ever do something for 
that stupid moron who couldn't even get his own homeworks done...who 
had better notes then him...who manipulated him like a puppet...who 
had a damn sexy ass too!!

Punching his own face, the blue head looked down at the paper Kaoru 
had handed him. His eyes widened in shock. "N-no waaaaaayyyyy!!! This 

'DAMN YOU KAORU!' Toshiya finished in his head...
Guess he couldn't let anybody know somebody was blackmailing him.

"I knew you were an idiot, but this is unreal." Die chuckled. So what 
if he was an idiot? He had lots of fun and that's what counted the 
"Please be nice to me, my face hurts a lot." Kyo glared at him. "I 
don't care about your face. What I care about is to know WHY you beat 
them up? They never did anything to you."

Die looked away. "..."
Kyo raised an eyebrow. "Is there something you're not telling me?"

"Why don't you go back sleeping or something?" Kyo threw his hands in 
the air forfetting and walked away leaving a bruised Die alone.
The red head smirked. "Stupid V6..."

"Looks like you have an invisible friend too hey." Not bothering to 
turn his head, Die looked at Shinya from the corner of his eye and 
smiled. "Hey It!"
Dodging Shinya's punch, Die jumped off the bench and grinned.

Shinya looked fine. His face was a little beat up and his arm 
bandaged up but he seamed to be feeling better then the day before.
It had been so easy to carry the brunette to the nurse's office, he 
was so thin. So small... So vulnerable... He looked so much like a 

"What happened to your face? Got into a fight?" Shinya smirked.

He never got Die's answer, Takanori came running down the hall 
screaming. Stopping next to Die, he grabbed the man by the 
shirt. "You know what? You know what? You know whaaaat???"
Die sweat dropped. "Depends."

Trying to catch his breath, Takanori continued seeming even more 
exited. "Ayumi told me that V6 are hanging upside down from the 
school's roof!" Shinya wasn't sure he had believed right. "Who?" 
Takanori started jumping around Die. "V6!! V6!! I HAVE to go 
see~~~~~~~e!!" And he ran away.

Shinya eyed the retreating little lively form and turned his head to 
look at Die. "You didn't...!!" Putting his hands in his pockets, Die 
looked away blushing slightly.

He had beat them up. He had punished the guys that got him cornered 
the day before. Die had done that, unbelievable! Shinya never thought 
his biggest ennemi would protect him this way.
For him, Die was a jerk with no heart who considered him a sideshow 
freak. The idea of the red head even thinking of helping him never 
crossed his mind.

Usually, Shinya would laugh at this. Laugh at Die, laugh at the 
situation he was in, but he didn't feel like doing so. He didn't feel 
like making fun of the red head.
He actually felt...well...touched. Which was very abnormal for him 
since he was so cold hearted with everybody. 'Well except Kaoru, but 
he's different.'

"H-how did you...beat the 6 of them? You were alone weren't you?" Die 
would never let others fight his battles, the was one think Shinya 
knew perfectly.
Die snorted. "None of your business My Lady."

Not reacting to Die's comment, Shinya stood up and walked away 

"..." He had found out. Of course, he did. It would have been hard to 
hide it from him. But why did he do it anyway? Why did he answer to 
that frustration.
When he and Kaoru had found Shinya being crushed under those guys 
feet he felt so angry! There was the uncontrolable rage boiling in 
him and he had to calm it someway. 

Getting back to V6 seamed like the good idea, but doing so made 
Shinya think the wrong way. He didn't want that. 'I'm the only one 
who can tease Shin-Shin. The ONLY one, that's why I beat them up.'
Die smiled. "Yeah, that's why!" And then walked the opposite 
direction Shinya had gone to whistling. "Might as well get them down 

Classes were boring as usual. He already knew everything by heart, it 
was a piece of cake really, but the others were so stupid. They 
wouldn't even get the simplest things.
English class was always the worst, because he had half of those 
eight girls that hanged out together.

Worst of all, is that Ayumi Hamasaki had to be part of them when 
Gackt was in the same class. 'Stupid Gackt...'
Ayumi insisted that people called him Camui because it sounded cuter 
so it suited him better. It's not that Gackt was bad and all. He had 
a good sens of humour and it was more hilarious when he didn't look 
like he was joking.

He was a nice person and all, but he had an ego the size of China. He 
was good looking compared to others but not a babe like Ayumi told 
She would do almost anything to get him say a couple of words in 

Being in english, he shouldn't talk in another language but even the 
teacher was impressed! 'Can't believe somebody is better then me in 
something...' Toshiya did understand what Gackt said, which was 
something Ayumi wasn't able to do, and he knew what Gackt said were 
the silliest things.

His favorite phrase was "Je te veux" which he said "Ju te veux", 
sounded awful but even Toshiya couldn't do better. He had no reason 
to say "I want you" when you least expected him to, but Ayumi reacted 
every time he did so.
The blue head guessed he really liked the attention.

Secondly, he liked to complicated things and say "Amat d'étoile 
couleur sepia", don't ask where the hell he found that sentence, even 
Toshiya didn't know.
It meant more or less a group of starts the color of a flower nammed 
sepia, which he expected to be either blue or mauve, but he wasn't 

There was only one good thing about Gackt's french talking, it shut 
Ayumi up, she talked too much. She would either fall unconscious or 
drool over the blondy who didn't even care about her.
Everybody knew he had a thing for somebody else, except Ayumi.

Turning his attention to the paper he was working on at the moment, 
Toshiya sighed. Kaoru's homework... He was between classes, english 
class actually hadn't started yet, but the teacher always left some 
work to do on the black board for them to work.
He was always late so it was his way of keeping them busy. Also, that 
way, the students knew when the teacher was absent. Which wasn't that 
bad. So he could work on that big research to be sure he would be 
able to sleep at least fifteen minutes that night.

The young man had been done for a while. There were few students who 
were still working around him while others weren't there yet.
In two words, Ayumi was there but Gackt wasn't so he could hear her 
talking behind him.

He was lucky for the moment, but he felt like something bad was going 
to happen. Something he couldn't quite put his finger on.
While he was searching his brain to find an answer, the door opened 
and he looked up. It was Gackt or Camui if you want, who cared anyway.

He looked around and his eyes rested on Ayumi with her puppy eyes. He 
sweat dropped. "Bonjour." The only thing they heard in the class was 
a huge "wham" as the stupid girl fell on the floor under her desk.

Toshiya looked at the unconscious girl and shook his head. Girls were 
the most stupid species on the planet. They were lower than apes!

"Hey there." The young man held his breath. Oh no...that was what his 
brain was telling him...
Kaoru was in his class and he had forgot!

My brain isnt responding anymore...I have to go sleeeep ^^;;;
oh and another thing...NO I'm not telling you guys who Gackt as a 
crush on! You'll just have to wait so please don't ask!

But please don't let it stop you from commenting :D

Sei-chan ^.^

to be continued~

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