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Ago, Now & Unknown


Part 1 – Now [I]

The stars glittered in the dark sky. People walking beneath it, not many of them will eventually notice the beauty above them unless they are willing to lift up their head to look at those real diamonds in the sky. It was just like life whereby you will only gain if you have put in your effort or you will end up with nothing.

The tune of ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ starts ringing louder and louder, people around was looking at him, wondering why would a guy like him will put up such handphone tune. The blue hair guy seem rather use to people using doubt expression glancing at him, it was not the first eventually. A guy like him, with perfect body and beauty will outstand anyone at any place was using this childish music. To others, it will be strange but he didn’t care what others may think of it because his lover put this up and that’s the most important thing to him.

The blue hair guy look at the name on the display screen and a sweet smile appear on his face, it was his lover.

“ Moshi, Moshi!” He answers the phone cheerfully. “ Kaoru, you’re back!”

“ I’m back, Totchi.”

“ Why didn’t you tell me earlier so I can fetch you.”

“ I want to give you a surprise, my love.”

“ Where are you now?”

Toshiya throw all his belonging into his bag and was about to leave when he suddenly remembers something. He walks to the counter and order two-cheese cake, one for his beloved Kaoru and the other one for his poor friend who was about to be thrown behind.

“ What are you buying?” Another guy approaches Toshiya.

“ Cheese cake for two.”

“ Two??”

“ One for Kaoru!”

“ He’s back?”

“ Yes.” Toshiya reply and pass one of the cakes to the guy. “ Sorry Shin-chan but I going back now, I'll make up to you another time.”

Shinya receive the cake but pretending to weep. “ You heartless soul, how dare you leave me behind like that.”

Toshiya sweatdropped.

Shinya giggle and hint Toshiya to go. Knowing his friend was joking with him, Toshiya left with a glare to Shinya but then both of them broke out into laughter.

Friend…? Their relationship is more than that. Shinya look at the disappearing figure of his friend before he turns to walk the other direction. The past seems to emerge in Shinya’s mind, those happy and bitter memories.

Toshiya press the doorbell continuosly until he remember he have the key which Kaoru had gave him. He rummages through his bag, struggling to find the key when someone opens the door. Toshiya was still busy with his war of finding key that he have not realize his lover was standing there staring at him. A smile appears on Kaoru’s face to see his lover reaction.

“ Totchi, what are you doing?”

“ Finding my keys…” Toshiya answer directly but then he stops and look up. “ KAORU!!”

Toshiya jump toward his lover, dropping all the belonging in his hand and embrace him tightly. Kaoru smile and was about to hug back but Toshiya push him away suddenly. He puzzles.

Toshiya stare at the floor, look at Kaoru then tears emerge from his eyes. “ Your cheese cake…!”

Kaoru pick up the cake box and open it. The cheesecake was all smash up. He looks at his lover then without a second thought; he digs his finger inside the cake and dig up some cake. Toshiya look at his lover and was so touch that Kaoru was willing to please him by eating the smash cake. To his surprise, Kaoru push his finger with the cake into Toshiya’s mouth instead of eating it himself.

“ Kaoru… >__<” Toshiya pouted.

Kaoru laughed.

Toshiya glared at him.

Kaoru spotted the tears starts forming around his lover’s eyes again.

“ Fine, you don’t love me anymore! I leave now!” Toshiya bust out crying.

Toshiya pick up his bag; swing it hard toward his lover stomach. Kaoru hug his stomach from the unexpected attack with one of his hand and the other hand, he pulled his lover back. Toshiya tried to struggle free but failed.

“ I love you Totchi!” Kaoru whispered. “ But it’s also fun bullying you and seeing you getting angry.”

Toshiya joined his eyebrow; then an evil thought rise in his mind. “ Yes, yes… you’re just like DIE. He also likes to make fun of me.”

This time, Kaoru joined his eyebrow when he heard Die name being mention. He hates to hear that name being mention by his lover because he knows that guy – the great DIE was his rival. Die knows about his relationship with Toshiya but still, he was openly wooing Toshiya. Thinking of it, Kaoru rub his forehead lightly, seeing his was getting a headache.

“ You still seeing him?” Kaoru ask jealously.

Toshiya giggle. He knows his lover was getting jealous. “ Of course I’m still seeing him. He’s in the same company as we are now.”

“ He WHAT!???” Kaoru exclaim upon hearing.

Toshiya burst out laughing frantically seeing the big expression of his lover that he seldom could see. Kaoru then realize he was been trick by his lover, he pouted. Toshiya stop laughing. Kaoru was looking angry at first but then he smiles.

“ Fine! Fair now, you make fun of me back.” Kaoru muttered then he pulled his lover for a kiss. Slowly, Toshiya clutch his finger into Kaoru’s clothes and they deepen their kiss.

“ I’m saying the truth.” Toshiya say when they broke up for some breath.

Kaoru stared at his lover. From his lover expression, he knows Toshiya was telling the truth. Sweatdrop. So that great DIE challenge is coming again, Kaoru frown.

The tune of ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ was continual ringing, feeling frustrate, Kaoru broke his kiss from Toshiya to allow his lover to get the phone. Toshiya pulled the blanket around his naked body and reach out for his handphone.

“ Moshi Moshi!”

“ Hi, Toooootchi!” The man from the other side of the phone exclaims loud enough to be heard by Kaoru. “ Heard that Kaoru is back?”

“ Die?” Toshiya called then he looks at his lover who was now sitting up from the bed. “ What’s up?”

Kaoru frown. >__<

That idiot, how dare he interrupt my precious time with Totchi!!!

Fifteen minutes had passed before Toshiya pull down his handphone. Kaoru was still sitting up on the bed but had already finished his second cigarette, now looking absolutely displeasure. Toshiya move closer to Kaoru and sit across his leg. He pulls the third cigarette that Kaoru was having away, ignoring the protest.

“ Angry?” Toshiya whisper and place another kisses on Kaoru lips.

“ What he wants? Chatting for so long…” Kaoru asked with some jealousy.

“ That’s not important…” Toshiya reply and pulled Kaoru on him, covering themselves with the blanket.

Second battle being… >__^;

Next day, Kaoru drove Toshiya to work. He had just get out of the car when he heard the most irritating voice (to Kaoru) in his life calling his lover name. He knows who this person was! Taking a deep breath, he was well prepared for their tongue battle before he turns around and sees that person face.

“ Good morning, Kaoru.” That person greet first. “ You’ve been away for so long, I thought you have been death.”

Toshiya sweatdrop but this was what will happen always when they meet.

“ Ohayo!” Kaoru greets back. “ How would I dare to die before you!”

That will be the ending of their conversation. Although different sentences, they will only have two at a time.

Kaoru frowned.

Die pretends not to see Kaoru.

Toshiya smile awkwardly.

Then there comes their saver. “ Good morning everyone!” That person greeted politely.

“ Ohayo Shin-chan!” Toshiya greets blissfully knowing he can be save.

Both Kaoru and Die greet Shinya back then pretend not to see each other again. Shinya sneer a little looking at these two big children.

“ So how your photography works Kaoru?” Shinya asked trying to find some topic. “ Do you still need to go back to London?”

Die seem to get interested in Shinya question, wanted to know when he rival will leave again. Toshiya was also waiting for Kaoru answer, as he was also not sure of it. ‘ How can I forget such important thing?’

“ One more time and my work will end.” Kaoru answer. “ Will be somewhere next month.”

“ That’s good!” Die exclaimed. “ You can stay longer if you want!”

“ Shut up!” Kaoru glared at him.

The second tongues battle of the day, surprisingly.

“ So soon?” Toshiya broke their battle.

Kaoru notice the sadness and loneliness in his lover’s eyes. “ The last time, Totchi.” Kaoru said trying to comfort his lover.

Somehow after a while, both Kaoru and Die notice that they will be working at the same company from today onward. Both are senior photographer and the worse battle may be up soon! Toshiya and Shinya seem to remember too, both sweatdrop to think what will happened later when Kaoru get to know that…

[Explanation: Kaoru and Toshiya were working at the same company. When Kaoru was in Japan, Toshiya will be his assistant. Die had just join the company (join mostly because of Totchi) and the company had sent Toshiya to be his assistant as Kaoru was not in Japan so now that Kaoru is back…]

Shinya: ^^;

Toshiya: Someone helped!!

Author: Think what will eventually happened your-self! Hope they won’t get into a big fight!

The following few week was just like war of ‘Kaoru and Die’ in both Shinya and Toshiya’s eyes. Seem that Kaoru had lose in the battle that day about getting his assistant [Lover] back and was now dangerously to get approaches. Die in the other hand was trying all his best to anger his rival and this was making the whole company seem turning upside down.

After all, the manager did promise Kaoru to give his assistant back to him once he came back from his last travel.

TBC… Part 2 – Ago [I]

By Tsmrhara

Author: Please be known that this story contain 5 parts.

Part 1 – Now version 1… It is telling the story happening now.

Part 2 – Ago version 1… The past.

Part 3 – Ago version 2… The past.

Part 4 – Now version 2… Continued from part 1.

Part 5 – The future… will be the ending of the story.

I know it a bit of confuse but hope you like it! Please forgive me for the poor English I’m using. ^__^


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