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Ago, Now & Unknown


Part 5 – The future [end]

I will make your wish come truth the next time I see you if you are still longing for it.

The seventh death anniversary of Kaoru, as usual Die and Shinya will pay Kaoru a visit. Still hoping Toshiya will be back this year but it seem that their hope turn in vain again.

“ Let’s go now.” Die said.

Shinya simply nodded his head; he had notice the disappointment in Die. Each time Die will find something to comfort himself but he does not this year. He understands how eager Die wanted to see Toshiya again but every time he only ends up in disappointment.

Where are you Toshiya?

Just as Die and Shinya was entering the car, Die heard something familiar. A tune, a very childish tune that he used to said to Toshiya. Die felt his heart beating faster and faster, he wants to see the owner of the handphone who have this tune.

Die get out of his car an follow the direction where the tune came from, there he saw someone standing alone looking at something. Die felt excited but the very next moment, he was disappointed again. That man was too short to be Toshiya.

“ Die was it?” Shinya asked while getting out of the car.

Shinya looked at that man then back to Die.

“ Shinya.” Die speaks out suddenly. “ I was afraid…”

Shinya know what Die referring to, Die was afraid that Toshiya might have killed himself long ago. It had been seven years but they did not have any news about Toshiya.

“ Die, just let it be. We can’t do anything now.” Shinya said trying to comfort Die. “ He will be all alright.”


They were on their way back and had stopped at the traffic light. There was silent in the car where Die heard that tune again. He look outside the car window and saw the same man which he had saw earlier on stopping his car beside Die’s.

Die rubbed his forehead. He wanted so much to get out of his car and killed that man for letting him feeling disappointed two times within an hour. Shinya just look at that man.

The road was absolutely quiet at the moment. They were the only two cars stopping there.

“ How is it then?” A voice was talking from that car which is loud enough to be heard by Die and Shinya in the other car. “ Kyo! Don’t fall asleep now!”

The shrieking voice really hurt Die’s ear.

“ TOSHIYA!! Don’t struggling me!” That man exclaimed.

Die seems to have overcome his anger from that name he had heard. Shinya stare at that car realizing that is another person in the car.

“ Toshiya!?”

Die rushed out of his car and approached that car in lighting speed frightening the short man to hell.

“ Die…”

Toshiya walks out of the car. His face was red; his eyes were watery then he jumps toward Die.

Shinya smiled.

Die was overjoyed.

Toshiya was crying in Die arms.

Kyo was in the car wondering what was going on.

The next time I see you, I will make your wish comes truth if you are still longing for it…


One year ago, we meet here after so long. Now we’re here together to pay you visit Kaoru.

“ How have you been Kaoru?” Toshiya said to the tomb of Kaoru.

“ You see, I have your sweet heart now.” Die said while embracing Toshiya’s waist.

Toshiya pinch Die’s hand and pushed him aside. Die obediently stands aside pretending to be sobbing. Toshiya glared at him and then look back to Kaoru’s. “ Kaoru I’m now with Die.”

“ I have finally won the battle.” Die starts to talk again.

“ Don’t touch me for a week!”

“ Totchi!??”

“ You’re too noisy!” Toshiya glared at Die.

“ …… “

Toshiya’s handphone ring, still the same old tune.

“ Moshi Moshi?” Toshiya answered.

Toshiya talked for a while before hanging up. “ It’s Shinya.” Toshiya added.

“ Is he coming?”

“ Nope, he’s still oversea for his honeymoon.”

Die laugh again when he think of the day Shinya getting marry. How clumsy that guy had been!

Shortly, Toshiya and Die bid goodbye to Kaoru and left with their hands holding together.

Swinging on Toshiya’s neck was a necklace with a diamond ring chain on it.


The stars glitter just like thousand millions of diamond in the sky…it will away be there just like my love for you…


The End

By Tsmrhara


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