yukimi2-7 Deadly Sins

7 Deadly Sins

by Yukimi2


Part 01: Gluttony

//Excerpts from the Journal of Commissioner Yoshiki Hayashi, Day One//

It rained the day it all started; like an endless stream of waterfall droplets that ceased to stop. Of course it's a natural occurence. the place is Seattle, the city that rains nonstop. Many times, it feels as though the sun never comes out; but that doesn't matter. I'm glad it rains here, so it can wash off all the blood this bastard has bled.

"Commish, we've got some info on the victim."

I turned my head from the body's gaping, cracked skull. "What is it, Lt.?"

"Sir, his names Ken Kitamura." Lt. Kaoru Niikura replied. "Age 30. Alcohol. Drugs. and a regular at the Red Light District. Not someone I'd bring home to mom."

I snorted. The guy most likely got himself drunk and fell off the building. Cases like these were not uncommon, especially in these gutter parts of the city. I heaved a heavy sigh and turned to the Lt. "Think you can handle this?"

"No problem, sir."

I nodded, then left for my car. Kaoru wasn't that experienced in the field, but he'd been Lt. for 2 years and he solved the McNaughten case back then. He can do it. At least, at that moment, I thought he could.


Kaoru sat on his office desk and reviewed the case files again and again. He picked up Ken's personal profile and chewed on his pen while he reviewed it for the 5th time.

Name: Ken Kitamura

Age: 30

Sex: Male

Marital Status: Divorced

Cause of death:???

Kaoru threw the file down on the table and sighed. //Commishioner Hayashi thinks it's a simple drink and die situation, but something smells fishy.....//

"I got the autopsy report." a voice said, then papers were added to the pile on his desk. "Cause of death was alcohol overdose, not falling off the building."

He turned to his parner, Jiro, who was drinking a large mug of coffee. "You sure? There was so much blood on the street."

Jiro shrugged. "What can you expect? His skull cracked open upon impact from the ground."

Of course, Jiro was used to this stuff. He'd wokred here far longer than he has. Kaoru squinted at the badly written report. "Don't tell me Teru did the autopsy."

"Lemme guess. The report needs proofreading----badly."

"Quite so." Then Kaoru's eye caught something. "Hey. It says here there are rope marks on the victim's wrists."

"Yep. He was tied to his wrists and was facing down when we 1st found him. The Commish thinks it's just another drink-and-die case, but the guy was blindfolded with an orange bandana."

"Blindfolded? With his blood alcohol level, I don't think he could've blindfolded himself. How can the Commish think this isn't a homicide?"

"Kaoru, lemme put it this way. He's getting old..."

"I know ^^; But I heard he's the best in the force."

Jiro shrugged. "He WAS. Anyway, I think we ought to talk to his ex-wife."



Kaoru turned the keys to his apartment door and immediately crashed into the couch. It had been the longest day. They talked to the ex-wife, who brought no leads to any suspects. She couldn't have done it; she was working in an office filled with hundreds of witnesses and alibis.

"Long day?"

Kaoru turned to see his roommate, Kyo, bring him hot cocoa from the kitchen.

"Yeah You could say that. How was your day?"

"Great. As if the day can get any brighter." Kyo said bitterly.

"That bad?" Kaoru chuckled. "Why don't you switch jobs? With your Computer Science Degree, you could go anywhere."

Kyo opened his mouth in protest, then shut it. "Let me get you more of that." He hastily grabbed the cup from Kaoru and went to the kitchen. He didn't want to talk about it. He worked for a software company five minutes from the precinct, but he hated the job. Immensely. He really wanted to become an artist, but he decided to get a degree in Computer Science because it was convenient. He could go back to school. Go back to college and get a degree..... but......

Kyo looked back and stared at Kaoru watching TV. He'd known Kaoru for a long time. Very long time. Yet, he developed feelings for him since college. Kyo wished he never did. But it happened. He fel happlessly in love with someone who only saw him as a friend. He sighed. Kaoru was still recovering with what happened two years ago. Kyo couldn't leave him. NOt now.

"Ne, Kyo. What's taking so long?" Kaoru called out.

Kyo blinked back to reality. "N-nothing." Once he got to the living room, he frowned. "Scoot over, man. I need a place to sit."

Kaoru sprawled out on the couch on purpose. He grinned. "What'd you say?"

Kyo pouted and sat on Kaoru.


Kyo laughed. He couldn't help his feelings. Kaoru was a very good person. And even if Kaoru didn't love him back, he would do almost anything for him.......


Continued @ Part 2: Greed

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