yukimi2-7 Deadly Sins

7 Deadly Sins

by Yukimi2

Part 02: Greed

Illustration by: Dave McKean
From: Arkham Asylum (Batman Comics)     

//Excerpts from the Journal of Commissioner Yoshiki Hayashi, Day 2//

Kaoru had to fight the large crowd of reporters and camera men just outside the crime scene. It was quite a sight. The building where the body was found was in a 5 star hotel, top-notch stuff. A person without a Gucci watch would never be able to get through. It made him wonder how the killer could have slipped through, and why the two crime scenes were in such different scale.

He finally reached the top floor to Suite 6712. The CSI were already there, taking pictures and dusting for prints. He saw the body in a large hot tub. The water's been drained and the body lay there with some slight burn marks on his skin.

//Fuh. Must've been too hot in the tub.// Kaoru thought.

"Name's Camui Gackt." Jiro stated.

"Camui Gackt?" Kaoru exclaimed. "THE Camui Gackt??! Son of one of the richest people alive? Son of the owner of Dotcorp Incorporated??!"

"Yes, yes, Kaoru." Jiro said. "Don't get too hyped up now. He got hand-cuffed to the tub and from the looks of it, he drowned. There's something interresting you might want to see." Jiro handed him an object in a plastic bag that said 'evidence.' "That probably fell off and started floating around the water. After we drained the water, that was found next to the body."

Kaoru stared at the bag. Inside it was a yellow bandana.


"At least we know the 2 murders are connected." Jiro said, as he saw Kaoru's discouraged expression.

They've been sitting for hours, staring at the evidence, autopsy reports, notes from everyone they interrogated, and the profile. From what they've learned, Camui was not a guy everyone liked, yet, they couldn't bring up any of those Camui-haters in link with Ken's murder. Ken came from a ghetto society, while Camui made friends with the Prince of Wales.

"And at least we know it's a serail killer, and someone mimmicing the McNaughten Case two years ago." Jiro pointed out.

The McNaughten Case. Kaoru stiffened. He did not want to hear that again. He rubbed his temples. "I told you not to mention that again."

"Kaoru, I know what happened two years ago. The precinct doesn't, but I do. You need to set your pride aside for a moment. If we need his help, we will get it. These victims are far from innocent, but they are people. And you never know when he'll strike at an innocent person."

"I know, I know. It's not pride that's keeping me from asking his help...... it's just that....."

Jiro sighed. "I understand. But the profiler we have right now is a rookie."

"You mean Miyabi?"

"Yeah. A MAJOR rookie. He can't even tell the difference between a knife versus a stab wound."

"What makes you think he'll cooperate with me again? After all the shit I've done to him, how can he turn back to me and forgive me?"

Jiro gave a wan smile. "He's always wanted to help people; you know that. He's always wanted to become a profiler like his father and bring justice to the system." Jiro motioned to the bandanas. "Whatever it is, I'd like this case solved quick. The killer's mocking us. He leaves these clues on purpose for us to have a run-around."

"I think it's a bit more than that." Kaoru took out a cigar. "It's just like the McNaughten Case. He leaves things after his victims die as a sign for something. In McNaughten, he left roses on the victims as a symbol of his 'love' for them."

"So you think the killer's leaving bandanas to tell us something?" Jiro snorted. "What do the bandanas represent? Gang colors??"

"I doubt that----."

The door opened suddenly and I came in. "I need to talk to both of you." I shut the door. Camui Gackt's father just called and demanded this case be solved NOW."

"Gackt's father?!"

"Yes. He wants to find his son's killer immediately. I don't care what you guys do right now, just solve the case. The media's in on this and the father's got enough money to sue every person in the precinct if we don't act fast." I turned to Kaoru. "Since you solved the McNaughten case, I trust you can do this one too."

Kaoru nodded. "Yes, sir. Leave it to me."

"Camui's already suing the hotel." I informed them. "And I don't like having society freaks up my throat. I'm counting on you." With that, I turned and left the room.

"He's been acting so strange lately." Kaoru observed.

"I tole you. He's getting old. You know, he keeps saying he's counting on you."

"Maybe he's thinking of retiring and putting me on the pedestal."

"It's not that." Jiro frowned. "He didn't even mention ME in the conversation."

Kaoru shrugged, then his face grew serious. "So, what do we do now?"

Jiro glared at Kaoru. "You KNOW what we have to do."

Kaoru sighed in resignation. "Alright. I'll ask for his help. Where is he staying at?"

"I dunno where he lives now, but I do know where he works at."


"At the strip bar called 'Sugizo's Hungry Cat.'"


Kaoru went by himself to the strip joint. He wouldn't have minded, but he was nervous about seeing him. 

//Toshiya...// Kaoru thought. It's been 2 years since. He sat on an empty round table and sipped his drink. He looked out on the platform where the pole was erected and a stripper was dancing. Kaoru wasn't really paying any attention, he was remembering what happened 2 years ago....

Two years ago, he and Toshiya worked closely at the precinct. He was sgt. and Toshiya was a profiler. They were both rookies, but they made a good team. Toshiya had a talent as a profiler, but he also had a talent for solving cases. The problem was, Toshiya never followed the rules; he foten broke into suspect's houses without warrants, and that often brought him to trouble with me, but he always solved the case. Always. Even the McNaughten Case.

The McNaughten Case involved a whole string of serial murders marked by a single red rose left at every victim's body. The case brought such an uproar in the city and the media was constantly criticizing the precinct. Finally, Toshiya broke into a suspect's apartment and solved the case. Unfortunately, Kaoru's desperation to be promoted overtook his rational thinking. He wrote the report, stating that he solved the case and Toshiya broke into the apartment on his own. It was selfish and stupid. He hurt Toshiya a lot, causing the profiler to lose his job. Kaoru, gloating at his promotion, did not apologize for his actions. Toshiya decided to break up with him and move out of the apartment they shared with Kyo.

Kaoru finished his drink. //I was young....// he muttered to himself. //And Damn stupid....//

"Sir, do you need more drinks?" a waitress clad in a really really short skirt asked.

"No thank you. But I have a question: do you know a Hara Toshimasa that works here?"

"Yes, I do. He's so popular witht he customers. Let me get him for you." She walked off.

Kaoru closed his eyes. //The moment has come....// When he opened his eyes, he saw a tall form gracefully walk toward him. He stared at the slim, long legs that showed through the thigh-high fishnet stockings. Then, he moved his vision up the swaying hips, small waist, and flat torso. Then, he saw the beautiful face that unmistakably is Toshiya's. //He looks the same....//

Toshiya looked at him from a few feet away and froze. Kaoru stared back. Toshiya's ody stiffened, then continued toward the pinkhead. Once at Kaoru's table, Toshiya stared at him with hard eyes. "State what you have to say, then leave."

Kaoru was speechless for a moment, then regained composure. "Please sit down. I'd like to discuss with you an important matter."

"I'd rather not. Get to the point."

Kaoru sighed. "Toshiya...."

"If this is about what happened 2 years ago, forget it. Back then, you didn't want to talk to me after that promotion. I tried to talk to you about what you did, but you were too busy for me, weren't you? Well! I'll tell you right now, I'm too busy working to talk to you! Goodbye!" Toshiya turned to leave.

Kaoru grabbed his arm gently. "Totchi, please."

"Don't fucking call me that." Toshiya shrugged him off.

"I came here for an entirely different matter." Kaoru said softly. "....the precinct needs your help."

Toshiya froze, then turned to Kaoru in anger. "Help? HELP?! Why do they need my help when they fired me 2 year ago? What do they want me to do? Fucking wipe ass shit from them??! I don't think so."

"It's connected to the Camui murder."

Toshiya shook his head then laughed humorlessly. "You think I'm expendable, don't you? You think I'll just sit there, solve the case, then let you have the million dollar reward Camui's father has set up."

"Toshiya, I know I'm asking a lot from you. Please, forget about McNaughten and help us prevent the killer from killing----."

"FORGET!?" he snapped. "Do you think I can forget? After fucking losing the job, and getting rejected by my lover on the same day?! Then I couldn't find any other job because of the 'breaking and entering' shit, so I had to settle for this strip joint! I've been working here for a year and a half, Kaoru. Do you think I asked for this? Do you think the apartment I live in right now is livable? Do you thin that I LIKE getting money by having people grab my ass everywhere I go?"

Kaoru didnt' know what to say. He, after all, caused this mess. That wasn't all. He felt so much guilt it caused his chest to swell in pain. He could see that Toshiya was ready to break down and cry. He was too. He wanted so badly to alleviate the pain. "To....Toshiya..." kaoru started. "I'm sorry."

Toshiya stared at him incredelously, then turned around and hung his head. He stayed silent.

Kaoru knew Toshiya was crying. "Please.... I'm very sorry. I was.... so young, and I was so stupid. I didn't know anything. I was a bastard. Dammit! Hit me, yell at me! I deserve punishment for what I did!"

When Toshiya didn't turn around, Kaoru grew desperate. He grabbed the bluehead's shoulders and turned him around. Then, he dropped to his knee and begged. "Toshiya, I beg you. Do what you want with me, just forgive me. Please."

Toshiya felt torn between anger and sadness. He wanted to forget the past and move on, but he couldn't just let it go without compensation. He turned away. "Let me think about it." He whispered.

Kaoru stood up. "Alright." He sighed. "About the case?"

"I'll..... think about it."

"How long?"

"I don't know. If you're going to pay me to do it..... I can't afford to---."

"If I tell Camui's father, then he'll be certain to pay any costs."

"Ok.... give me a week to think..." Toshiya said, avoiding Kaoru's eyes.

Kaoru nodded. "I'll come for you."

Toshiya stared at him uncertainly, then walked back o the kitchen. As soon as he entered the room, long, slender hands wrapped around him. He gasped. "B-boss?"

"Hmmm?" Sugizo purred on the younger man's ear. "Who was that delicious young man you were talking to? Boyfriend?"

Toshiya blushed. "N-no. Just some guy from the precinct I used to work at."

"You must've worked real close to him. I saw him kneel at your feet."

"It-it's nothing. Just him being a jerk."

Sugizo cocked an eyebrow. "Jerk? I don't see many people here that would go on one knee to a hostess. He must be one of a kind."

Toshiya suddenly felt warm. "Yes.... He is...."

Sugizo stared at Kaoru from the distance, then licked his lips. "Working with him must've been..... interresting....."


Continued @ Part 3: Sloth

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