yukimi2-7 Deadly Sins

7 Deadly Sins

by Yukimi2

Part 03: Sloth

Illustration by: Dave McKean
From: Arkham Asylum (Batman Comics)     

//Excerpts from the journal of Commissioner Hayashi Yoshiki//

Kaoru wasn't expecting Toshiya to show up that quickly. Three days after his visit to the strip bar, the ex-profiler came marching to his office. He opened his mouth to greet the blue head, but was cut off when Toshiya sat on his desk and crossed his legs.

"Don't give me anymore of your cajolery because I've decided to help you with the case...." He brought out a nail-filer and nonchalantly inspected his nails. "....under certain conditions."

"C-conditions?" Kaoru stuttered, still startled at the surprise appearance.

"Yes, conditions. First, I want a salary for as long as I help with the case. I can barely keep a roof over my head with my night job at the club. Second, I want immunity in the case. I don't want anyone busting me for doing something I should not be doing. Third, don't get in my way. If I want to go somewhere and do something, don't protest. Keep your pretty mouth shut and just nod your head. Fourth, I don't give a shit about who gets the credit when the case is solved. I'm tired of dealing with that. BUT, you can't ignore me after the case is over, understand?"


Toshiya got up and straightened his short leather skirt. "And another thing, keep this relationship in distance. This is only a temporary partnership. Don't try to win me back or I'll kick your arse."

Kaoru blinked. "Well......."

"I suggest you talk to the Commish right away." Toshiya raised an eyebrow.

Kaoru simply nodded, too startled to speak.


Kaoru nervously explained Toshiya's demands to me. He was probably expecting to be rejected, but I didn't do it. It wasn't in the book, I know; but I know Toshiya's a good kid. The only reason I had to fire hte boy was because the mayor demanded it. The mayor insists the breaking and entering was unacceptable, but I knew it was because Toshiya refused to sleep with him. How ridiculous.

I told Kaoru I would tell Camui senior about Toshiya and he was willing to provide him an under-the-table salary.

"Lt." I said. "Don't get too personal in the case, OK?"

".......Yes, sir...." Kaoru replied.

There was a knock on the door.

"Come in." I said.

Jiro came in with a grim face. "Sir, there's been another murder."


Three of them entered the room. The dead body lay in the restroom faced-down on the tiles. The blonde hair was tussled and whisped all over the man's face. They were in the restroom of a bar called "The Joint," located fairly close to Ken's murder scene.

"Hmph... we go from ghetto to five star hotel to another ghetto scene." Jiro snorted. "What' s next?"

Kaoru only shook his head. "No blood. No struggle. No indication of the cause of death."

Toshiya inspected the body. "He's blindfolded with a light blue bandana?"

"The other victims were also blindfolded, but had different colors. Hmmm. Looks like this guy wasn't even tied up."

Takeo, a CSI member, came up to them. "Look at what we found in his pockets." He held up a wrapper and a needle.

"Drugs." Jiro shook his head. "A drunk, a rich bastard, and an addict."

Toshiya remained silent. He saw the man's arms cased with syringe scars. Definitely an addict. "What's his name?"

"They call him Shuse. Quite a regular at this place." Jiro flipped through his notes. "Bartender says the guy's got an engineering degree, but decided to make easier money by selling drugs. Unfortunately, he himself became addicted. He also said Shuse went to the restroom around 11pm and never came back out. He mentioned Shuse's always shoots up at that time."

"Anyone suspicious followed Shuse?" Kaoru asked.

Jiro gave him a look. "Lt., EVERYONE in the joint bar is suspicious. And there were so many people at that time, anyone could've killed him."

Toshiya stood up. "Did Shuse have any enemies?"

"Possibly all those people he sold drugs to, but it's difficult to say."

Toshiya nodded. "I'm going back to the precinct."

Kaoru stared at him. "You're not interrogating anyone?"

Toshiya glared at him. "I don't have questions if I don't know what the murder has in relation to the other murders. I'll review the evidence, review the other 2 cases, then come back with questions. And it's not my job to question people. I'm only a profiler. I told you, don't get in my way." He walked off.

Jiro whistled. "Wooo! He told you there."

Kaoru frowned. "And you're supposed to be my partner?"


Toshiya made notes on the sheet of paper he stole from Kaoru's desk. Kaoru hadn't gotten back to the office, since he and Jiro were interrogating . A few minutes later, they showed up.

Toshiya gave a smug smile. "Finally."

Kaoru set his lips in a thin line. //He's deliberately trying to provoke me!// "Have you figured out anything?" he said tightly.

Toshiya's smile widened. "Give me access to the IS Department."


"I said---."

"I know what you said, but---."

"Good. Now take me there, or are you breaking our agreement?"

//Dammit.// Kaoru cursed internally and led the way.

Jiro smiled as Kaoru stalked off with rigid posture and Toshiya sashayed his hips around as he walked. //Heh. This is getting more fun.//


3 of them reached the IS Department in no time.

"Eh? Toshiya? Is that you?" Kohta, the IS computer nerd said.

"Kohta-kun. It's so good to see you." Toshiya gave him a warm hug and a small peck on the cheek.

Kaoru rolled his eyes.

Jiro chuckled.

"Ne, Kohta-kun. I need a favor. Can you check out any info on this." Toshiya handed him a list of things.

"Did the Commish give permession?" Kohta asked.

Kaoru reluctantly nodded. "Yes."

"OK. I'll see what I can come up with."

Minutes later in Kaoru's office.....

Toshiya stared at the printout Kohta handed to him a minute ago. "Just as I thought."

"What?" Kaoru asked.

Toshiya handed Kaoru the paper.

"The Seven Deadly Sins?!" Kaoru said incredelously. "What does this have anything to do with anything?"

Toshiya got up and walked around the office. "Serial killers generally have a logic, as twisted as it is. It's their own logic. Most victims are not random; they CHOSE their victims to suit their logic. This killer sets a pattern in accordance to the 7 deadly sins."

"How did you sum this up?" Jiro asked.

"First of all, let me review the murders. Victim no. 1 died because he drank himself to death. He was known to be an alcoholic, which shows Gluttony. The punishment of gluttony is to be force-fed, and the color orange symbolizes gluttony. Victim no.2 is known for using people to get more money, which translates to the sin of Greed. Punishment for greed is to be boiled alive. He was in a tup of hot water that left burn marks on his skin. Most likely, he couldn't handle the heat and drowned himself. Plus, the color of greed is yellow, which pertains to the yellow bandana. Victim no.3 decided to make work easier for himself, so he exemplifies Sloth. The bandana's color light blue  symbolizes sloth, as well as the punishment of being poisoned by snake venom."

"Wait, how did you know that?" Kaoru asked.

"Snake venom?" Toshiya grinned. "I convinced Teru to do the autopsy today. You know I've got the charm"

Kaoru snorted.

Toshiya turned to Jiro. "Thus, comes my conclusion of the 7 Deadly Sins. Well?"

Jiro looked at him. "Wow. That's awesome detective work."

Kaoru said nothing. Of course, he never gave compliments.

Toshiya cocked his head to one side. "Kao-chan have nothing to say?"

//Stop teasing me.// Kaoru said. "So now what do we do?"

"YOU'RE the LT. here." Toshiya said sarcastically. "Why are you asking us?"

//Alright, that's it!// "Look, I asked for your help on this case. I did NOT ask you to sit here and....... and INSULT me! And I'm tired of you sitting there MOCKING me with your facial expressions!"

"Mocking you?" Toshiya looked aghast. "Who said I was mocking you?" He gave a deep frown. "At least I pieced the clues together. What have YOU done?" He snapped.

"You pieced the clues together, but we don't even have any leads to WHO the killer is!"

"Oh, and YOU do?"

"Stop changing the subject."

"I am NOT changing the subject. I'm a fucking profiler! I just piece the evidence together!"

"Don't you mean an EX-profiler!" Kaoru bit out.

Toshiya's face grew crimson in anger as Kaoru's jaw tightened incredibly.

Jiro picked up his coffee and backed away. "Um..........I'll be outside if you need me." He went away.

Once the door shut, the lash of insults began again.

"At least I got my job fairly." Toshiya exclaimed.

"I already apologized for that!" Kaoru kept getting more and more exhasperated. He was angry, but he also had the strong urge to kiss those pouting lips. The fact was appalling to him. He was torn from throttling the boy or ravishing him.

Toshiya continued to yell as Kaoru began to focus his eyes on the blue head's mouth.

"And I can't stand it when you boss me around!" Toshiya yelled. "And.....and I HATE YOU!"

Kaoru snapped out of his daydream. "W-what'd you say?"


Kaoru raised an eyebrow. "Oh, really..." He suddenly grabbed the younger man's arm and pulled him close to his chest.

"What are you doing?" Toshiya stared at him. "Kao---!?"

Kaoru ravished those pretty lips and prodded his tongue inside the hot mouth. Toshiya pushed him in vain. Kaoru didn't relent his grip. He stroked his tongue inside the mouth until the blue head's body relaxed in his arms. The kiss grew deeper and deeper, much to both their suprises. THere was a cough, then another cough that was much louder. Toshiya and Kaoru broke apart hastily and stared at me in the doorway.

Toshiya blushed uncontrollably while Kaoru paled.

I looked wearily at Kaoru. "Lt., I do hope you've got some leads."

"Y-yes sir."

I raised an eyebrow. "I meant the case."

Kaoru stared atthe ground in embarassement. "Yes, sir."

I had to smile. "Good."


Kyo opened the apartment door in surprise to see Kaoru and Toshiya standing there. His eyes widened. "T-toshiya?"

Toshiya grinned sheepishly. "H-hi, Kyo."

Kyo blinked. "Are you.... are you....?"

He shook his head. "No, no. I'm just here to eat with you guys."

Kaoru frowned. HE really wanted the blue head to spend the night. They all settled into the dinning room, where a tiny chocolate cake sat in the center of the table.

"Cake?" Kaoru stared at Kyo.

Kyo felt embarassed. "Ano... you were having a stressful week, so I decided to buy cake from the groceries..."

Kaoru was speechless for a moment, then smiled. He ruffled the blonde's hair. "Man, what would I do without you?"

Kyo frowned and fixed his hair. He turned to Toshiya and gave him a questioning glance. The blue head merely gave him a 'It's a long story' look. The blonde nodded and let it be.

Kaoru would never be his.


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