yukimi2-7 Deadly Sins

7 Deadly Sins

by Yukimi2

Part 04: Lust

Illustration by: Dave McKean
From: Arkham Asylum (Batman Comics)     

Kaoru and Toshiya continued to work together, but each time I saw them, they both became closer and closer. I wanted to warn them bothnot to get too close, since there is a job to be done. I decided not to say anything. I trusted that they both will keep the relationship under control. A week almost passed without any murders. It makes one ownder what the killer could be thinking. No one in the precinct complained; we were all glad for osme more time to solve the case. Most of us prayed the killings were over.

"Commish, we might have a lead." kaoru said.

"What is it?"

"The bandanas are sold in a shop in the East side. Hopefully to the shop owner can remember the person he sold them to."

"Those are typical bandanas gangs wear, Lt. Anyone could've bought them."

Toshiya spoke up. "If gangs bought the bandanas, then the members would only buy one or two colors of the same kind. This killer bought several bandanas of different colors. Hopfully, we can narrow down the number of buyers."

"Alright, enough talk." Jiro said. "LEt's go."


The shop where they sold the bandanas was a small, cubical space. The interior was decorated with strange gothic contraptions. The shop was called 'Goth Heaven'. How ironic.

They greeted the shop owner, mana.

Mana stared at them with vacant, expressionless eyes. "How may I help you?"

"Ummm... we're with the police." Kaoru said uncertainly, while showing his badge.

Mana didn't even flinch.

"Ano.... we want to know if you recall someone buying a bunch of bandanas like these."Kaoru brought out the pieces of cloth in plastic bags.

"I do seel those, but many people buy these."

"Was there anybody you remember that bought several different colors?" Toshiya said. "Orange, yellow, light blue, dark blue, green, red, and violet."

"Many people come to this store. It's difficult to remember." Mana replied calmly.

"Was there ANYONE acting suspiciously who came in here and bought things? There has to be something peculiar about this customer. Like maybe disoriented eyes?"

Mana thought for a moment. "There was someone here who acted strange."

"Can you descibe him?"

"It's difficult to say. He didn't have a disoriented expression. He just tried his best not to be seen. He wore a red baseball cap to hide his face and always looked down. I don't think he wanted me to see him."

"Are there any other details?"

"The cap is red and slightly worn, but it was plain." Mana added. "But I don't remember anything else. If I ever see him again, I might be able to recognize him."

Kaoru nodded. "Thank you for your time."

"Ano... Kaoru, you go ahead. I'd like to look around for a bit." Toshiya said.

Kaoru hesitated, then left.

Once Kaoru was out the door, Toshiya immediately placed an object on the counter.

"Ah..." Mana said. "I see...."

Toshiya blushed furiously when he stared at the lacy, gothic-looking lingerie he was purchasing. "It might be useful someday."

Mana actually smiled a little. "So I've heard."


It was late at night when Kaoru and Toshiya decided to go back to the apartment to eat. When they arrived, they realized Kyo left a message on the answering machine saying that he had overtime at the job.

"So, it's just us tonight, huh?" Kaoru said.

Toshiya hid his embarassment. "Yeah.... um, do you want me to cook something up?"

"Please do. We've been living off of canned goods and microwave meals for the past 2 years." Kaoru chuckled.

Toshiya went into the kitchen as Kaoru flipped open the TV. He was a little nervous, having Toshiya there with him in his apartment..... alone........ He turned his thoughts away from anything impure. He flipped the channel to football and watched the game.

//Ah.... nothing sexual in watching football...// Kaoru thought. //It's all about tossing balls around..... balls.........// "ARGH!" Kaoru yelled at himself.

Toshiya popped his head through from the kitchen. "Kaoru, is anything wrong?"

kaoru stared at Toshiya, whose hair was pulled back hastily over his face by a hairclip. The beautiful face was looking at him with a slight worry and curiosity. God, he wanted to kiss those lips! "Uh... nothing... nothing's wrong."

Toshiya stared at him. "Don't get too impatient; I'm almost done with dinner." Then, he went back in the kitchen.

Kaoru turned back around and turned off the TV. He lay across the couch and buried his face in one of the pillows. //Kaoru, control youself....//

Few minutes later, Toshiya came in and announced that dinner was ready. They both had some soup and vegetables. "I hope it's alright. I know you must be really hungry by now...."

//Oh, yes. I'm REAL hungry....// Kaoru mentally hit himself. //Pervert! Stop that!//

Kaoru sipped the soup, then looked up to watch Toshiya eat. He saw the blue head dip his spoon in the bowl, then bring it up to his lips. He stuck his tongue out to taste the soup, then winced when he felt how hot the liquid was. Kaoru grew hard watching the blue head. His tongue looked so erotic, pushing out and licking the spoon.

Suddenly, Kaoru couldn't wait anymore. He stood up, to Toshiya's surprise, and walked over to his side of the table. He wrapped Toshiya in his arms and kissed him. It wasn't a sweet kiss that left a person blushing; it was a desperate kiss that left a person overwhelmed with passion. He felt Toshiya cling to him in equal hunger; so he lifted the blue head off the chair and carried him to his room.......


Toshiya twirled a strand of kaoru's hair in his finger. Kaoru placed an arm around him and sighed. "Totchi, I wasn't supposed to take the relationship this far. The commish insisted that...." Kaoru lost his train of thought when the blue head trailed his fingers lightly over his chest. "Totchi!" Kaoru scolded and grabbed the teasing fingers.

Toshiya merely smiled. "Ne, why did you dye your hair pink?"

Kaoru stared at him. "Why, you want me to dye it back to blue?"

"No, no. It's just that I'm used to seeing you in long, blue hair." Toshiya played with the pink hair again. "Can I dye it purple?"

"No." Kaoru said firmly.


"No, Totchi."

Toshiya pouted. "But I think you'd look really sexy with purple hair."

Kaoru looked at the blue head. What an unusual request after having sex. Toshiyia didn't even seem phased, but Kaoru sure as hell was. That was the best sex he's had since two years ago. Suddenly, Kaoru felt Toshiya finger his chest again. "Toshiya, please. I'm tired." He stopped him.

"Let me color your hair." He whined.

Kaoru hesitated. "Oh, alright. But don't make it too bright."


Jiro choked on his coffee once he saw Kaoru walk in with a scowl on his face. He wiped his mough witha tissue and walked toward Kaoru. "What did you do?" He stared at the hair.

Kaoru didn't answer him. Suddenly, Toshiya came up with a bright smile on his face. "Ohayo!"

"Yo." Jiro greeted. Then, he understood Kaoru's predicament. "I like the new do, Lt. It really fits you." He grinned.

Kaoru glared at him.

The phone rang and Jiro picked it up. "Hello? Alright. Got it. We'll be there ASAP." He hung up.

"What is it?" Toshiya asked.

"Another murder."

"Fuck." Kaoru muttered. "Where?"

Jiro stared at Toshiya. "At 'Sugizo's Hungry Cat.'"


The place was bustling with cops and the media. The strippers were being interrogated already and the place was chaotic. Kaoru made sure he stayed close to Toshiya, worried the bishounen would become overwhelmed.

Once at the back office of the strip bar, they found the body laying casually on the ground. Kaoru immediately looked at Toshiya, who surprisingly looked calm, almost serene. It was probably from shock.

"Looks like he was laying dead for a while." Takeo came up behind them. "All of us at CSI are pretty sure about the cause of death."

Toshiya remained quiet as he stared at Sugizo. Strange that he didn't feel anything, at least, it seemed he didn't feel anything. Despite the serious burns all over the victim's body, the beautiful face was saved. Along with the dark blue bandana.

"The sin of Lust..." Toshiya whispered aloud. "....is to be burned alive in the dark blue flames of Hades...."

To be Contd @ Part 05: Envy

yk2: Hope you enjoy it so far. I also hope no one has figured out who the killer is ^^; I'd like to keep the ending a BIG BIG BIG surprise..... =+)