yukimi2-7 Deadly Sins

7 Deadly Sins

by Yukimi2

Part 06: Wrath

Illustration by: Dave McKean
From: Arkham Asylum (Batman Comics)     

I knew Kaoru had gone out to drive. I knew he wouldn't stay for the investigation. I knew this was the way he relieved his stress when Toshiya walked away from him 2 years ago. He would drive, and drive, and drive. With that, he would drink too. He insisted he quit doing that, but I wasn't sure, so I had Jiro follow him from another car.

I stared at the body being hauled out of Kaoru's apartment. What a mess. I never thought it would end this way. An innocent was murdered, and this time, it really was an innocent. Kyo never did anything to harm anyone. He was always to himself. If things never went his way, he let it be and found something else to preoccupy his mind. How sad.

An hour ago, the officers were ready to raid the apartment, thinking that Kyo Niimura would be back from his workplace in the other side of town. We all thought it was too easy and too stupid that the killer would send his own name as a screen name on the email. Way too easy. But I guess all of us had our wishful thinking. We wanted the case solved so badly.

Once we entered the apartment, it was dark, and quiet. We heard running water in the shower, so we all went there. To our surprise, we found Kyo there. In the tub.

Lying faced-down in ice-cold water --- the punishment.

With a green bandana tied around his head --- the symbol.

Dead --- because of Envy..

It was too personal for the Lt. now. I have to let him off the case, no matter how much he insists on staying with it. I also had to contact Toshiya to let him know he shouldn't handle something so personal. Nevertheless, I felt like shit. I am the commissioner, yet I couldn't bring safety to everyone in the city.

How sad.


Kaoru didn't know how long he drove. He drove in circles; he drove through stoplights. He didn't really care. Kyo was always a good friend to him. He never did anything wrong to upset anyone, as cynical as he is. He was there with him when Toshiya went away; helping him from his misery and helping him move on with life. Whenever things went wrong, he always found a way to let it be.

The purple head closed his eyes. His best friend was now gone. All because of some demented serial killer who wants to carry out the punishments for the 7 Deadly Sins. He slammed his fist on the wheel and cursed. He was pissed. All those people died. Those people. And Kyo. It had to be someone that knew him. Someone that knew him that he also knew; or someone that knew him but he didnt' know. He didn't care right now. He wanted to get his hands on the fucked up bastard. Whoever he is.

//I swear, I will avenge you, Kyo// Kaoru thought angrily to himself. //You won't escape me, you bastard bitch. I'll get you. I swear on my fucking life I'll get you. No matter what it takes. And I'll see that you suffer. Yes, suffer....//

The rain began to fall. It spattered the view on his windsheild and he opened his wipers. He hated the weather; it made the day even worse. Feeling the need to relieve his suffering, he pushed harder on the gas pedal and drove faster.


//Follow the man, the Commish said// Jiro sighed in frustration as he tried to follow Kaoru's car swerve here and there. //Bah! Easier said than done// He watched Kaoru suddenly take a sharp turn. //What the hell are you doing, kaoru??!// He followed the dilapidated old car and turned on his wipers. //Damned rain. Damn city needs to stop raining. And Kaoru, you need to quit moping. Kyo wouldn't appreciate you moping like this.//

Suddenly, Kaoru parked on the side of a street. Jiro raised an eyebrow, then let his jaw drop when he realized that Kaoru was going into the apartment across the street. //Oh, shit...//


Kaoru pounded at the door of the apartment angrily. He could've pounded through the wood if he wanted to, but he patiently held back.

The door opened and Levin was there. "H-hello, Officer?"

Kaoru pursed his lips into a thin line. No, he was going to control himself in front of the little one. "Is your Uncle here?"

Levin opened the door to let him in. Once Kaoru saw the Cult Priest, he lunged after him. "YOU BITCH!"

Toshi widened his eyes in suprise and almost yelled. Kaoru had his hands on the priest's throat to keep him from screaming. "You and your FUCKED up CULT! You DID THIS, DIDN"T YOU!!! You fucking killed him!"

Toshi struggled and choked for breath, but Kaoru was too strong.

Levin drew back by the door, scared enough to piss his pants. Suddenly, he bumped into Jiro, who just came in the opened door to see the Lt. strangling a priest. "Oh, fuck." He muttered. He went over and pulled Kaoru away. Kaoru resisted and punched the Cult Leader in the nose. Jiro lost his patience and threw the purple head down on the floor and punched him in the face. Hard.

Kaoru stopped and stared at Jiro. Breathing hard from anger and frustration. Jiro didn't say anything but merely stared at him with cold eyes. Levin, shaken, felt his knees buckle and sat on the dusty floor. Toshi regained his consciousness and stared at Kaoru with wide, fearful eyes. For a few moments, only the patter of rain could be heard landing on the roof and leaking through the ceiling. Then thunder struck, and it faded away, causing the head lights to flicker for a second or two.

Jiro didnt' relent his glare to Kaoru. His anger though, was calm and controlled. "To think, you're the Lt. of the precinct that Yoshiki has high hopes for. To think, Kyo valued you as a best friend, and even more than that, for many years. To think, many people gave you their trust to solve their case so lives could be spared. To think, a man your age could act so childish that you let your emotions run your thoughts. To think, if Kyo is still alive now, he would trust you with his soul to solve this case rightfully. And you sit here and lash out your anger on the first person on your suspect list?! That's not what we're here to do. That's not our duty as police in uniform. We're here to serve and protect citizen's rights; not badger them without substantial evidence. You think you're doing Kyo a favor? You think you're doing someone a favor?! Well, look at Levin now. The kid's scared half to death with what you did. You think he could trust you with what you did right now? Hell. You'd better shape up, Lt., because the Commish expects you back at the precinct pronto."

With that, his partner shook his head and left him lying on the floor to think of his actions.


Later on, Kaoru went back to the district. He went straight to Jiro and apologized for his actions. Jiro didn't know what to say, only that he shouldn't do those things again. kaoru just nodded and went to me. He knew i was letting him off the case. I can see it written all over his face.

I sighed. "You know what you're here for, Lt."

He nodded. Strange, but he didn't protest. He was calm about it.

"Alright. You're off the case. I'm giving this to Sgt.Hakuei and Sgt. Gisho. Don't worry; they're one ot the best in the precinct." I waited for his reply, but got none. "I have something for you to do though."

He looked up.

"I want you to go to Toshiya's and tell him that he's off the case. I know both of you will be devastated, but I hope you will confide in each other and heal. I doubt Kyo would want you both to mope for the rest of your life."

He said nothing. He nodded, then left.

I finally admitted to myself that I was worried.


Kaoru somehow managed to get to the ghetto area in tact. he didn't know how to break the news to Toshiya, nor did he know what Toshiya's reaction would be.

He cursed to himself. How is it possible that Kyo got involved? It is obvious the killer used Kyo's computer and there was no sign of broken entry, so the logical conslusion is that Kyo knew the killer OR the killer was disguised as someone whom no one would suspect danger (ex: pizza boy, security guard). The worst thing Kaoru could remember from the scene was the blood all over the tub diluted in the water and spattered in the bath tiles. the autopsy indicated drowning as the casue of death. Kaoru had wondered where the blood came from, but he wished he didn't find out.

"His... his eyes were cut out..." Teru had mumbled in shock. "...both of them.... clean-cut inscissions...."

Of course, everyone was baffled to hear it. Why anyone would want a pair of eyes then cover the sockets with a green bandana made no sense.

Kaoru took a deep breath to calm himself. When he got his hands on the killer, he was going to make him suffer.










He went into the building and walked up the stairs to the 3rd floor. He faced Toshiya's room and saw the nearly faded-out numbers on the rotten wood.

//Room 304....// Kaoru thought, then gave a wry smile. he knocked, but no one answered. Then, he notcied the door was unlocked. He slowly opened it, not wanting to alarm the blue head. To his shock, Toshiya wasn't there. Instead, the room was bare except for the wriging on the wall. The writing was written in blood and splattered hastily.

It said:

"Thou Art too fair to be left to braid Saint Catherine's tresses "

Kaoru suddenly felt a wash of dread. He grew dizzy and noticed the small jar just bellow the dripping, bloody words. It settled on the floor against the wall, flanked by two burning green candles. With a trememelous hand, he lifted it up and examined it closely. Inside the jar floated murky brown liquid and chunks of brown substances. There was something else. Kaoru grew nauseated and covered his mouth. He was staring at a pair of eyes. A pair of pretty, brown eyes.


I wondered what would happen to Kaoru the moment he left. Yet, I gave in to my mistaken instinct that he would be OK just as long as Toshiya was there with him. It was hours after Kaoru left, and I sat wondering how the pieces came to be. I know Sgt. hakuei and Gisho would give their case their best efforts, but for someone to outwit Kaoru and Toshiya has to be a killer with a twisted but indomitable mind. Just like the McNaughten case. The killer outwitted everyone, but eventually they solved it. And once everyone figured out who the perpetrator was, we found him hanging on a noose in his own apartment.

I rubbed my temples as rain began to pelt my office window.


It was Jiro.

"Yes, Sgt."

He looked grim. "what shall the Lt. and I do now?"

I sighed and stared out the window. "Both of you will get a break. I'm afraid the Lt. won't be able to handle much at this point."

Jiro nodded.

Suddenly, Kohta rushed into the office. "C-c-c-c-commissioner!!!"


"Look at this!!!" He handed me a piece of paper. It was a computer printout of an email.

I pressed my lips into a thin line. The message contained a quote.

"The ANGER of God cometh on the children of disobedience -Cor.II.6-"

I furrowed my eyebrows. "Where did this come from?"

Kohta pushed his glasses up his nose. "i traced the message as soon as I got it. Here's the phone number and the address."

I took it. "Thanks Kohta." I looked at the address and turned pale. How could this have happened? I turned to Jirowith a grim, troubled expression. "Let's go."

"Oh Commish. There's something else." Kohta said. "The screen name.... it said the message was from a 'St.Catherine'...."


We got to the apartment in a few minutes. We busted through the rickety door and saw the bloody words. We didn't see the jar. It wasn't there.

I looked at the writing on the wall as the others searched for evidence.

"Commish!" Jiro said. "No one's here. Where's Kaoru?"

I paled as I realized what the bloody words were saying. "Shit." I muttered. "Lets go, Sgt. Before it's too late."

Jiro blinked in perplexion.


Kaoru stopped the car hastily and jumped out into the sidewalk. He cradled the jar protectively as he made his way into the tiny chapel of St.Catherine's. In a moment, while he was in the empty apartment, he figured out the meaning of the quote and rushed there. The chapel was on the outskirts of town, yet, he knew he had to be here. St.Catherine's chapel was surrounded by lush green grass and beautiful gresh air. The building itself was modeled after a gothic cathedral, only its size is not monuental. The chapel can probably host 40 people at most.

Kaoru burst into the wooden doors and was not surprised that the doors were not locked. The chapel was quiet, with a few candles burning here and there, giving the place a warm, yellow glow that made the polished golden artifacts glitter. kaoru stepped forward and heard the echo of his footsteps. As he grew nearer the alter, he noticed an axe and a red hat laying on the altar. He froze. Mana had said the man wore a red hat...

"Oh my Jesus, forgive us our sins.
Deliver us from the fires of hell......."
a voice echoed.

Kaoru turned around. He saw a figure kneeling in the right front of a bench. The figure had his hands clasped in prayer and his body clad in a white cloak. He had the hood over his head, covering his eyes because he faced down.

"...Draw all sinners and non-believers to your Most Sacred Heart.
Keep us in the hollow of Your hands......"
the person continued.

"Toshiya?" Kaoru whispered.

"...Abide in our hearts and guide us to Your light."

"Toshiya!" Kaoru said, unblieveing.

"Please walk with us Lord, and show us the way to serve You....Amen" Toshiya prayed louder.

Kaoru suddenly felt a growing anger inside his chest. "TOTCHI!!"

Toshiya stopped and looked up. His eyes, Kaoru noticed, were dazed, as if he was looking at him but not really seeing him at all. Kaoru pressed his lips together in a thin line. "I had a hard time believing it was you."

Then, the blue head smiled, a crazed kind of smile that showed all his crooked teeth.

"Why, Toshiya? Why?!" Kaoru demanded.

"Why is it so hard for you to believe?" Toshiya said expressionlessly, slwoly getting up and walking to the aisle. "You think I'm still that innocent rookie profiler from 2 yrs ago? I knew nothing. Nothing about the real world. Nothing about the hurt or pain it caused. Until I met you. I thought treating others the way that I want to be treated was true, but I understand now it's nothing but falsehood. I loved you, but you never did love me back, did you?"


"SHUT UP!!" He shrieked. "JUST SHUT UP!!!!! Don't call me that ridiculous name! You of all people are at fault. It's all your fault!!! You think you're so rich! With your damn rank as LT. that you never deserved! Well! After all that happened, I ended up a whore. From a law enforcer to a fuck toy, how convenient! And right then, I met those sinners. Oh, I met them all, alright. And I knew I had to cleanse the world free of them. I knew than that I had a duty on this earth. You were the ultimate sinner, LT. I merely bid my time; and bit by bit, I planned and planned." Toshiya began to walk slowly toward him, his head cocked to one side. "I watched the clock run his hands, round and round, Kao-chan.... I heard it go tick and tock and tick and tock..... Then I heard the hour bell. I saw the clock's struck seven...."

Kaoru felt dizzy. He rocked and put a hand on the altar to steady himself. "No... this can't be... what about Kyo? Why...?"

"Kyo was so unhappy because of you." Toshiya spat out bitterly. "Only you're too stupid to notice he loved you. But of course, he couldn't have you. Yet, he still stood by you and it hurt him so. I took away his pain."

Kaoru clutched the jar tighter. "How can you take away his pain?! You killed him!!! YOU FUCKING KILLED HIM!!!!"

"Oh, but he was jealous, you see?" Toshiya said. "He was jealous of me b'c I had you. I had you, but he couldn't have you. He was miserable. Poor, poor Kyo-kun. He did nothing wrong, yet he sinned. And it was all because of you!" By then, Toshiya was at arm's length with Kaoru.

"You think he wanted to die? How can dying ablsove all the pain?"

"You know nothing, Kao-chan. How naive. He should've died a long while ago."

"Are you saying he deserved to die?!" Kaoru thundered.

Toshiya smiled his toothy smile. "Oh how he screamed out your name at his dying breath." He said heatedly. Swiftly, he reached out with his long, slender arms and grabbed the jar from Kaoru.

Kaoru gasped and tried to get the jar back, but in vain. Toshiya already slipped from his grasp and was a few feet away from him. he slipped behind the altar, with the statue of the Christ behind him. The blue head had the crazed look on his face while he lifted the jar high over his head and laughed.He immediately threw the jar down on the alter with huge force, causing the glass to break and all it contents to splatter all over the sacred table. "Don't worry, Kao-chan. You will see Kyo soon. Very soon."

Kaoru didn't hear any of Toshiya's words. He stilled in shock. He watched as Kyo's eyeballs rolled off the table onto the floor. He suddenly felt something strange; it was a feeling beyond anger. He didn't know his actions. He could only see spots of red in his vision, as if his anger caused his blood to fill up his eyes.


Contd @ Part 07: Pride-Epilogue

Yk2: Er... hope u guys understood what just happened. BTW, the quote on the wall is by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, a really good poet and philosopher =) And brace yourself for the next part; I hope I don't upset anyone ^^;