yukimi2-7 Deadly Sins

7 Deadly Sins

by Yukimi2

Part 07: Pride-epilogue

Illustration by: Dave McKean
From: Arkham Asylum (Batman Comics)     

We arrived at the chapel, but I had a feeling it was too late. The place was right across town from the apartment. We all hussled, but I knew it was hopeless. When we got there, the scene was grim.

The beautiful chapel was clean, except for the altar area. We found a red hat on the altar, along with a lot of blood all over the area. There also parts all over. Body parts. We were reluctant to do anything; we've never seen such a grotesque scene in our entire careers.

One of the CSI boys found the head, which belonged to Toshiya. Jiro found the weapon right behind the altar. An axe. A bloody axe left carelessly on the wooden floor. The rookie profiler, Miyabi, came by and saw everything. After puking in the restroom, he explained to us that it is obviously a crime of passion, a crime of high emotions, since the killer was hasty and unmethodical.

I sighed. I know what happened. So did Sgt.Jiro. How to report his? We didn't know. It was obvious. The red hat and the blood all over Toshiya's white robe symbolized wrath. And the punishment was to be disemebered alive. I stared at the figure of the Christ right behind the altar. The blood was clean of Him except for His eyes. His eyes had blood dripping from it, as if He was crying blood. It was ironic. Toshiya wanted to fulfill God's ways, yet, he did it the wrong way.

"Where is the Lt?" I asked.

Jiro looked at me. "We have to arrest him?"

I stared back at him. "I'm sorry, Sgt. We have no choice in the matter."

Jiro reluctantly nodded. "No one's seen him ---."

Takeo came by with another CSI boy. He had the red hat with him. "Commissioner, sir. We found another note."

I raised an eyebrow. "Note?"

"Yes. It was tucked under the red hat." He handed it to me.

I read it aloud:

"Of all causes, which conspire to blind,
Man's erring judgement and misguide the mind.
what the weak head with strongest bias rules
Is pride the never falling vie of fools. -Anon-"

"Oh shit." I cursed. "Hurry, we have to find the Lt."

Jiro blinked. "Why, sir?"

"It's pride, Jiro." I said, making my way out the chapel. "His goddamn pride is what started this whole thing."


Kaoru drove like he always did when he became stressed. Drove and drove. He didn't know where, or how he managed to stumble into hsi car. He just knew he was going crazy. He just killed toshiya, but why did he feel so absolved and angry at the same time.

//God will never forgive you...// Toshiya had said those last words before he died.

Kaoru saw red and black spots in his eyes. He shook his head, and they disappeared. He was exhausted, that's all. Then it rained. Hard. He turned to a lane and drove faster. There was a stoplight in the intersection ahead, so he pressed his breaks. He stepped on them, but nothing happened. His car kept rolling....rolling....rolling.......

the last thing Lt.Niikura saw was a flash of light, then eternal darkness....


Police cars surrounded the overturned car. I shook my head once I saw Kaoru being pulled out from the rubble. I knew it was over.

"Commish." Jiro said, holding up an umbrella for me. "How....how did you know this would happen? His breaks were cut."

I looked at the car and at the perimedics, then sighed. "The note said pride, and it was the final deadly sin that had not been executed. The punshment was to 'die at the wheel' and I knew Kaoru would drive after finding out the killer was Toshiya."

"That would also explain the purple hair. Toshiya knew he would die before he could bind the bandana, so he simply dyed it in Kaoru...."

I nodded. I patted the Sgt. on the back. "It's alright, Sgt. Get home and get some rest. I think you well need it and it's getting late."

Jiro gave a weary smile. "Thanks, Commish. I'll be fine." He walked away.

I sighed as I looked at all the damage. It was done, but I still felt terrible. I failed to protect everyone. Then, Takeo, the CSI guy, came up and patted me on the back. "Don't worry, Commissioner. Things will brighten up."

I smiled faintly.Then, we both heard the ringings of the St. Catherines Church bell a few blocks away. It rang seven times.

The clock's struck seven....


Closing Song (y'know...the song that plays while credits roll ^^;): Track #2 of the Single FILTH -by DEG

Afterword: Er.... hopefully everyone enjoyed and recognized the symbolisms. i know, i pretty much overloaded this fic w/ symbolism. Everyone knows the Seven Deadly Sins, right??? The quotes are for real, I didn't make them up. I have a book of quotations that I get from. I don't think there's a St.Catherine's Chapel at Seattle, I just made it up. Dont' hound me for that. I originally was going to have Yoshiki be the killer, but I changed my mind after part 2 ^^; I really wanted a surprise ending, so there ya have it. And I often like happy endings, but I decided to do something very different in this fic. I know most ppl have read Rm304, so this fic must've been quite a surprise to you ^^;; No Shinshin or Die-chan either =( but no worries. I'm going to work on another fic after Rm304 is done. Gosh! I got this fic done before Rm304 ^^; Anyways, looking forward to comments, if any O_o;;;

Thanks to: Apman (Ohohohoho! Me thanking my Ototo???) b/c his fic 'the Archives' helped me get ideas for the 'dark and dreary' effect.

//The End??//