zev-JxIno fic
All Good Things

by Zev


'Alone again, Jun... and you will be for real when this is over...' Jun growled at himself, angrily flicking his lighter on and off, regardless of the fact he already had a lit cigarette balanced between his lips. He'd disappeared outside when the impatient screams of the fans loading into their seats had begun to echo /everywhere/ he went. Screaming for the end. Why were they so eager for it? He wasn't.

"Hey..." Who...? Ino... shit.

"Hi." He muttered quietly, not exactly in the mood to deal with his 'friend'. Not in the mood to try and hide the feelings he had for him. Like he could do that anymore.

"You okay?" Ino plonked himself beside him, much to Jun's dismay. He could feel the heat from Ino's thigh and instinctively inched towards it. It was a cool night, and the modest tanktop he'd adorned to his torso wasn't exactly the best choice for warmth.

"Yeah. I'm just thinking." Offering his cigarette, he attempted a smile... and failed. Ino took it. Of course. Ino was more of a smoker than he and the others combined.

"It's a shame... the end, I mean. I guess I always thought it would last forever." Jun nodded slowly, forcing himself to look away as Ino took a drag. It was odd how attractive he looked when he inhaled. Brow furrowed slightly, cheeks hollowed out...

"Like our friendship, you mean?" Ino actually winced when he heard that. Jun hadn't meant to sound bitter, but... well, it was true. Their vows of 'eternal friendship' at fifteen echoed in his head still. Always and forever. They'd always thought those words would hold true, even now. "I'm sorry, Jun." Blink. What did Ino have to be sorry for? It was his fault, really. He'd been the one to distance himself from the guitarist because of his 'forbidden' feelings.

"It wasn't your fault, Inoue." Fascinated, he watched as Ino flicked the ashes from the end of that cigarette, completely ignorant to the fact that Jun was watching him much akin to the way a family dog sat underneath the table, begging for scraps.

"It wasn't yours, either. Things change, Jun. There wasn't anything you could have done." Wasn't there? He could have at least tried to return those calls asking how he was... where he was... "I never tried. I should have. I never wanted to lose you, Ino." He bit his lip, inwardly scolding himself for sounding as though they /had/ been more than friends.

"You haven't lost me, Jun. I'm still here, aren't I?" Ino was better at faking smiles than he was. Accepting the cigarette back, he merely marvelled at it a moment. Hell, it was probably as close to a kiss as he'd ever get from Ino if he finished it off. Which he planned on doing.

"You won't be tomorrow." He took a long drag, if only to shut himself up. Ino was silent... and then Jun felt a pair of arms around his neck, his own wrapping around Ino's waist reflexively. Shit. He should be stronger than this. He didn't want Ino to see him cry. Then Ino pulled back and he knew. "Don't cry." The guitarist's voice was a bare whisper, his hand brushing over Jun's cheek, wiping away the wetness travelling down it. He would have been bouncing off the walls if he hadn't been so confused as to why Ino was doing this. "Sorry..." Pulling his hand away, Ino scuttled backwards a little, looking dumbfounded.

"Ino..." Jun murmured, glancing down at his own suddenly empty hands. Should he... tell him? Now would be the best time, if he was going to do it. He may never see Ino again after tonight. "I..." But he was silenced by Ino's index finger pressed against his lips, and then his lips against Jun's own. Gentle. Barely a kiss. More of a light brush. But it sent Jun's blood rushing. He felt dizzy. Ino lingered there, as though contemplating whether or not to kiss him again or pull back completely. After a moment of regaining his breath, Jun surged forward, claiming his mouth to assist in making up Ino's mind. This... mmm... perfect. Ino's lips parted to his insistent tongue, a soft growl forming in the back of his throat. Jun would've melted right then and there, except he didn't want to break that first /real/ kiss. But he had to. Damn the need for air. He and Ino both gasped when he broke away, desperately trying to flood oxygen into their starved lungs. Wow. Jun didn't even notice when Ino pulled something out of the pocket of his jeans and pushed it into his hand, his palm pressing to Jun's own - so hard he could've made the shape out had he wanted to.
"Be strong." Ino whispered against his ear before fleeing back inside, leaving a very confused man in his wake. Glancing down, his lips curved into an amused smile. A necklace. Ino's 'talisman', as he liked to call it.

"Thank you, Ino..." Time to face the music. Jun saluted the sky, well aware that hide-nii was watching. He'd always said that he and Ino would get their heads straight some day. What better day to start than the very day the 'legacy' finished.

"Wish me luck." And with that, he disappeared inside.

- end -


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