zev-JxIno fic
A Really Pointless PWP About J and Inoran

by Zev

Notes: It's RPS. Reeeal people. If this squicks you, don't read? Heh. It's unbeta'd so any mistakes as far as grammar and spelling go are left as is. If you want to beta it, email me.


"Drunken idiot." Ino giggled, half collapsing onto the old mattress of the hotel room they had rented for the night with Jun beneath him. Too drunk to drive home and this seemed to be the most secure place. This was the last time he'd go out drinking with Jun in a remote location, that's for sure. He wasn't even that drunk, but he wanted to play it safe. He pulled himself into a sitting position and began removing Jun's lunky combat boots. He only really wore them when he wasn't planning on walking too much. Ino remembered that much. A soft groan from above him attracted his attention.

"Something wrong?"

Jun beckoned him closer, and Ino had to lean over his chest to comply. His breath reeked of the alcohol he'd consumed and his body mirrored it.

"Ino-cha~aan..." Ino blinked, and in a flash, Jun had flipped him onto his back and had him pinned.

"Ju-mmf!" His words were lost as Jun pressed his mouth to Ino's own. Desperately. And taking advantage of his gasp, Jun plunged his tongue inside, caressing the recesses with surprising tenderness.

"Ino..." He gasped when he finally had to pull away, giving them both a chance to breathe. But he quickly latched onto Ino's neck, sucking and licking and nibbling the flesh found there.

"J-Junjun... uhn! We shouldn't..." His hips grinding upwards against Jun's own said otherwise.

"Just tonight, Ino-chan. Forget about the band. Just be you. And I'll just be me. Just two people." Jun murmured these words between kisses flying down Ino's partially exposed chest. The shirt he had on was either ripped or removed, he couldn't tell. Didn't care. Jun's shirt fell from his shoulders, being unbuttoned already as he liked to wear it. There was no time for murmurs of love - no breath for them. Ino's hands seem to fly directly to Jun's jeans, undoing the belt, button and zipper with surprising ease. He wanted. He needed. He /ached/. And mmm! Jun's mouth was delightfully hot, and his tongue wicked. He was literally attacking his chest, grasping the nipples between his teeth and flicking that tongue over them until they hardened - painfully. Ino barely noticed when his pants had been undone, and also didn't realize his upwardly grinding hips were already assisting in the removal of them. In fact, he didn't notice at all until Jun's mouth was on him. Hot, wet, blindingly wonderful...

"Jun! Oh...!" Ino's hips began bucking wildly, Jun seemed not to care in the slightest that Ino was almost trying to choke him. He was experienced. Ino saw that. Ino /felt/ that. He was so damn close... and then Jun pulled away, wrenching a sob from his throat that he certainly hadn't seen coming.

"Wh-what!?" The blonde seemed to purr when he saw the desperate look on Ino's face. How in the hell was he so collected? Ino rarely lost control and he was helpless right now.
"What do you want, Ino-kun?" Kun? Since when did he attach -kun to his name? He strived towards that mouth, still lingering dangerously near his arousal.

"P-please..." Jun's tongue snaked out, flicking over the tip and elicting a shuddering moan of approval.

"Hn... you don't want me to... maybe... take you?" Take him? Wasn't he going to take him anyway? Damn confusing man. But the thought was pleasing, so he nodded. Or tried to. "Wonderful..." Jun's hand slid upwards, two fingers resting on his lips. Ino's lips parted, taking them inside and tonguing them until he deemed them lubricated enough. Those fingers slid down again, and he watched in mild fascination as they brushed down his chest, and over his stomach and past his hardness. Oh, right. Settling his legs upwards so that his knees rested at Jun's sides, he had to bite his lip - anticipating the expected pain. It wasn't too bad, when Jun wriggled his finger inside, stretching to the best of his ability with the use of one digit. The second finger hurt like a bitch. The third - surprisingly - didn't. Jun spared a moment to flash a coy grin at him, before rising up and positioning himself accordingly. He focused entirely on the liplock Jun initiated, as opposed to the agony of him inching bit by bit inside him. Incredible, how the splitting pain mixed itself with pure pleasure. Two complete opposites, really. Instinctively, his arms came up and wrapped around Jun's neck, clinging to him for support. He was fine, really. Outside of panting from his exertions - to keep from screaming, that is. Jun pulled back a little, checking to make sure it was alright for him to move. Ino smiled briefly. Encouraging.

The first thrust felt odd. As most first things do. But once Jun settled into a pattern, the 'oddness' faded. His helpless moans were smothered against the side of Jun's neck - sweaty. His hair and Jun's own clinging to the moist skin. He felt Jun's own cries of ecstasy, as opposed to hearing them. He couldn't hear anything. Couldn't see anything, either. He was close. Extremely close. He would've liked to have lasted longer, but he knew Jun would forgive him.

"JUN!" His bellow was /not/ smothered, and seemed to echo in the room. Wet heat on his stomach. Jun followed not five seconds later, hissing his name against his ear. They lay, a panting mass of sweaty, sticky limbs before disentangling. Jun gently lifted Ino's legs, sliding the quilt out from beneath him in order to pull it over them. Instinctively, they fell into a snuggling embrace - with Ino's head against Jun's shoulder, Jun's cheek against the top of Ino's head and their arms snaked around each other's torsos. Comfy.

"Junjun?" Ino ventured, even though he was heavy-lidded.

"Mm?" He felt a hand lift from his waist to brush over his hair affectionately.

"... Is this... just once... or..." Yawn. He tried not to seem too fussed over the answer, even though he was.

"Would you like it to be?" Ino tensed slightly, but soon relaxed when Jun's fingers began to massage his neck.

"... I'd like to do it again sometime." Jun merely smiled in response and fell asleep. Either way, they'd sort it out in the morning.

- end -

Author's Note: God, that was bad. -rotflmao- I pity the poor soul who took the time to read it. I suck at PWPs, ne? Well, feedback address is at the top...


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