zev-JxIno fic

by Zev


Part 1: Foiled

Post-show adrenaline was still in his system. Perhaps that's why he chose to do this now. J was standing in front of Inoran's hotel room door, knuckles curled and waiting to be knocked against the door again. Inoran wasn't answering, so J assumed he was either napping or not there. He had a key, though. So he used it. Yep, Inoran wasn't there. So his surprise wasn't completely wasted. He'd planned to spring the anniversary of their friendship on him. It'd be the first time they would have celebrated it, given Inoran didn't remember the exact day. J did, though. Where to hide... bathroom? No, too far from the door. He wouldn't be able to stun him from behind. Closet! Perfect. He'd have a clear view of the rest of the room, too. Inoran had a surprising amount of stuff piled in there, but J managed to move enough aside so as to be seated comfortably. Inoran had stated before he'd left that he'd most likely be headed right back to the hotel, because he was tired. So he would be here soon.

Speak of the devil. The door swung open, and was closed again. J could hear that he was breathing heavily. Had he run the whole way here? Kind of stupid, really. Ready to pounce any minute... hang on, what's he doing? J leaned forward a little, peering through the very slight jar in the closet door so as to get a better look. Was Inoran... stripping? Oh, dear. Now would definitely be the right time to do something. But he couldn't move. Inoran's naked upper half was something he'd seen before, but maybe the excitement from their performance was still affecting him. His heart had sped up a little when Inoran kicked his pants in J's direction, seeming not to care that he'd left a mess. J didn't, either, since he was now lying on the bed... completely naked. And... oh... J's jaw dropped a little. One of Inoran's fingerless -glove clad hands had slid down his own chest, brushing his nipples briefly, and was now slowly inching further downwards. Yep, now would definitely be a good time to leave. His breath caught in his throat when he noted that Inoran's eyes were squeezed shut in concentration, and that he was stroking himself slowly. Oh... fuck.

Inoran was absolutely stunning like this. His pale flesh was covered in a very light sheen of sweat that J wasn't entirely sure hadn't already been there from the show, and the sliver of light coming from behind the window screen washed over him, giving him a very ethereal look. How'd he not notice how attractive he was before? He'd only known him, what, 18 years? The soft whimper coming from Inoran's mouth had him entirely fixated on the image. This wouldn't be easily forgotten... even if Ino didn't find him. The guitarist's hips were now thrusting upwards into his own hand, his lower lip bitten to keep from crying out, J assumed. Without thinking, J himself was beginning to touch. Fucking tight pants. Moistening his lips, he tried to unzip them without making a sound... not easy at all. Just keep watching... if he notices, leave. Luckily for him, he'd managed to pull them down without drawing attention. He hadn't touched himself in a long time, not since the innocence of teenage fantasies and experimenting. It felt so good, or maybe it was just watching his friend doing it that made it feel like that. Inoran began to gasp softly, implying that he was close. So was J. So close. Inoran came first, intensely, his hips bucking furiously.

"Jun..." WHAT?! J came rather quickly, just after he heard his name, and before he could react. It was taking all his strength not to cry out himself. Holy hell. Inoran had called his name. Did he know? Or did he... was he thinking about /him/? Inoran was laying, panting, one knee propped up. His unsoiled hand brushed his hair back, and lingered there. J didn't dare breathe, much less make a move to do up his pants. He really needed to get out of there before Inoran found him. He was provided with an excellent opportunity, as Inoran got to his feet and headed into the bathroom, turning on the shower. He'd come back later that night with his 'surprise'... if he could face him.

- end chapter 1 -

to be continued

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