zev-JxIno fic

by Zev


Part 2: Problem Solved

And here he was again, for the second time that night, his hand poised and ready to knock on Inoran's door. Why was he arguing with himself? It was Inoran. He knew him. He shouldn't even be thinking about contemplating it. Just stop thinking, now. He knocked once, slumping against the doorframe shoulder-first. Inoran answered this time, clad in only a towel wrapped modestly around his hips. He looked surprised to see him.

"Junjun? Uh, hi." His hair was wet, J noted, when he ran a hand through it self-consciously before inviting him in.

"Hi, Ino-chan." Inoran had cleaned up a little. Even his bed was re-made. Funny how his home was usually always messy, but hotel rooms were always neat as they came.

"What's up?" Even though he had nothing to clean up, his friend was busy rearranging things. He always did it when he was nervous... but he hadn't done it around J in years.

"Did you know it's the anniversary of our friendship?" J grinned at Inoran's stunned, 'really?' look. "I got room service. On me." He was faced with a bright grin. Inoran rarely refused free food. How he stayed so thin was an absolute mystery.

"Junjun... we've never celebr-" Inoran was cut off by J's finger on his lips, and for a brief moment, something foreign flickered in his gaze. But it went when he sighed, shrugged and backed off to go to his suitcase. "I'll just get dressed." J was tempted to tell him that he didn't need to, but that would be a little too over-the-top. He'd have to be a little more careful than that. Just because he'd witnessed something he shouldn't have didn't mean it was a good idea to suddenly start something. As tempting as that thought was... and even more tempting now that Inoran's towel had slipped down a little further, and looked as though it was about to fall. Damn. He'd pulled it up. Probably for the best, anyway.

J busied himself with an issue of Rockin' on Japan sitting on his coffee table. The cover had a rather nice shot of Dir en Grey. He quite liked them. Hadn't had much of a chance to really meet them, since they'd never been at the same place at the same time. Inoran's annoyed sigh snapped him back to attention.
"Hm?" J glanced up from the article in his hands. Inoran had put his pants on, and was now trying to choose between two shirts.

"Which one..." He held up one - a see-through, purple-brown, pull-over shirt with patterened sleeves. "Or..." He held up the other one - a black, velvet, button-up shirt. Kind of plain in comparison, but they were both extremely tight. J thought for a moment.

"The first one." Inoran agreed silently, pulling it over his head. It looked very good. J sidled up behind him, pulling out the remnants of his shaggy hair from the back and pushing the tag beneath the collar. Inoran seemed to shudder when his fingers lightly brushed the bare skin of his neck. The moment was broken when the room service arrived.

"About time." J murmured quietly, stepping back to go answer the door. His company was astonished.

"Junjun, this is way too much! We'll never finish it." He hissed, staring at the cart. J merely smiled at the employee, who bowed his head and left the room.


When they had finished, or stomached as much as they could, they found themselves sprawled out on one bed, finishing off the wine J had ordered as opposed to Sake. Inoran wasn't that fond of it, and J quite liked wine now. Hell, it was alcohol, wasn't it?. It was a rather nice red, and neither seemed to care that it had been sloshed over a fair bit of the bedspread. They weren't drunk. Just a little tipsy. J wouldn't let them get completely smashed. They had to be up in the morning.

"Why, oh why, didn't we start celebrating this sooner?" Inoran questioned between giggling fits. J shook his head slightly, fluffing his bandmate's head.

"Because you can't have more opportunies to drink. You can't hold it." Inoran laughed, pushing at his shoulder playfully.

"I'm no more 'drunk' than you are!" Inoran blinked suddenly. "Where'd you go? Oh! Sorry!" He giggled some more when he realized that he'd pushed J off the bed.

"Maybe a little bit more, eh?" J snickered as he sat up, kneeling beside the bed. "I'd better get going soon..." he added, watching Inoran stretch out in a style reminiscent of something feline.

"Nooo! Don't go. There's two beds. Stay here tonight. We hardly ever even speak anymore." Inoran beamed, rolling over so as to be nearer to his counterpart, putting his wineglass down beside J's knee. J was painfully aware of how close he was. Beautiful. Inoran lifted his gaze - with some effort - and sighed quietly.

"Junjun... thank you." He wrapped his arms around J's neck, jerking him forward. Yep, most definitely drunk.

"Ino-chan, there's something I should tell you..." Something indeed. Inoran looked bewildered at J's serious tone, and actually sobered up a lot. Apparently he wasn't as drunk as J thought he was. "What is it?" He pulled back reluctantly, still lingering awfully close.

"I... saw you... earlier tonight." Inoran blinked. "I was hiding in the closet. I was going to surprise you, but before I had a chance to... you... started..." J didn't need to conclude, because Inoran's eyes were bulging, and had diverted downwards.

"Oh... h-how much did you s-" he began, but thought better of it. "-hear?" J inhaled sharply, tapping the bedspread.

"... Everything." He glanced up as Inoran nodded slowly, looking extremely pale.
"Why didn't you say anything?" He murmured quietly, now looking like he was about to cry as opposed to looking like he was about to vomit.

"Because you were beautiful." When his friend turned silent, he was finally forced to look at him. He was met with a disbelieving stare. Not knowing what to say, he merely shrugged.

"Oh..." Inoran muttered softly, disbelief fading into what J could only describe as intense and foreign. And then, without thinking, he was kissing him. Inoran let out a muffled cry of surprise, but soon quietened, arms on his shoulders tightening considerably. Maybe it was only the alcohol's influence that made him do this, and maybe it was the same reason Ino was responding this way... but by god, it felt like years of pent-up tension just melted away. J slid his tongue across Inoran's lower lip in a silent request to be let in, and was rewarded with Inoran parting his lips, ensnaring the muscle and suckling faintly. The need for oxygen eventually forced him to tear his mouth from the brunette's, admiring the kiss-bruised state of his mouth. As if it wasn't kissable enough as it was.

"Sorry..." J gasped, not sounding at all convincing. He gasped again when Inoran pounced him, knocking them both to the floor, as well as the wine glasses. Oh well. The hotel's problem, not theirs.

"Junjun, shut up." Inoran breathed, taking his lip between his teeth.

"Sorry..." J chuckled quietly, his hands sliding downwards.

"I get the feeling I won't be touching /myself/ for a while, eh?" J grinned again as Inoran nodded to himself. "Good..."

- end -


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