Updates, updates, and additional updates

click here to go back September 29: Two new Houshin acts.

September 28: I've gotten 3 submissions now, and so far, they're all spiffy! Any more coming?

September 26: My 30,000th hit is coming up, and 3 is my favourite number, so I'm doing something special this time. I give you scanned translations; you give me your own fanart. I want the 30,000th hit celebration pic to come from you guys. Every submission will be posted up here. When? I'm not sure (I'll probably only get like 3 submissions, anyway). The pic has to be drawn by you; by hand, on the computer, I don't care. The drawing can't be of anyone who's in a series I don't own. And it must have Stick Rezo in it. If any of you guys can do this for me, I'd appreciate it very much. I don't care if they're stick men, cause this isn't a contest. You get extra (non-existant) points if you draw a character I really like. And please note the e-mail I put up above the updates box.

September 25: Wouldn't it be funny if I made this picture of Bunchuu an animated one where he blinks every now and then? The answer is: No. It would be damn creepy.

I must change the layout of this site someday. It's starting to suffer from "Must Keep Scrolling Down Syndrome".

September 24: Went to Iwase today. They didn't have the 21st volume of Houshin Engi! Argh... but I did read a recent act in Weekly Jump Magazine. All sorts of crazy stuff was going on and I didn't get it. Anyway, I bought Yuu Watase's latest book Imadoki, another Kindaichi, and El-Hazard, which I couldn't find in Japan. Weird.

September 23: I've recieved a very nice picture from Kit. Thanks! In other completely unrelated news, Bunchuu has won the award for Bestest Friend Ever, ending Hongo Yui's five-year run.

September 22: I just came back from camp, and I'm really tired. I'll try to get atleast one chapter of something by sunday (though you can probably guess which series it'll be). I need a new main image.

September 19: I'm in a better mood today. Okay, I'll be gone camping from tomorrow until friday. Here are some interesting things I put up in past updates.
July 3: 10, 000 hits image and screenshot.
June 22: Marvel at my great editing job.
June 21: 7000 hits image.
May 11: 3000 hits image.
April 23: Tooya looks alot like Nakago.
March 10: Something for Mitsukake fans.
Feb 28: Rurouni Tasuki.

September 18: Well, I was thinking of translating more Ayashi no Ceres this week, but because of one pushy person (you know who you are), I've completely lost the will now. Do you really think I feel good reading annyoing e-mail after walking home for 45 minutes from school? The word "please" doesn't justify it, and multiple exclamation marks only makes it worse. Until I start getting paid to do this, I can do whatever I want. If any of this continues, this site is over.

September 17 (2nd update): I was going to do three acts of Houshin and one chapter of another series, but I didn't have enough time. But the next three acts of Houshin are up (must... reach... volume 10). Why didn't I have enough time? I had to go around looking for a $119.99 calculator which is mandatory for school.

September 17: Why is it that even people who don't like Houshin Engi want Psycho+, Fujisaki Ryuu's pre-Houshin book, translated next? Is it just because it has the word "psycho" in it? I don't get you people sometimes.

September 11: I came home from school today and found 46 survey results patiently waiting for me in my e-mail box. How many do you think I'll have by October 11? Ah well, the results are very interesting and informative. Put up first act of Houshin 5. I think I'll either do another chapter of Slayers, Lost Universe or Ayashi after this.

September 14: You may be wondering why I'm speeding through Houshin Engi so quickly. Or not. The reason is, when I was in Japan, buying and reading the series, my feeling for it was somewhere between "so-so" and "good." But from volume ten, that's when I became a total fan. That's also when it starts getting more serious. So I want to show volumes ten and up as soon as possible. With the other series, there isn't really a certain point I want to reach, which is why I haven't been working on them as hard. I need a personal motivation. Yes, it's a bit selfish. Deal with it.

September 10 (again): Dear god, I put up the survey less than an hour ago, and I already have 10 replies (not that I mind it).

September 10: Like Houshin Engi? I made a small section comparing how they look in the manga and the novel. It can be found under "other stuff". And I made a survey, which will be up for a month. If you really love me, you would fill it out. Eh, fill it out if you hate me, I don't care.

September 7: My computer's fixed and the last two acts of Houshin 4 are up. Volume 5 is all fighting, so editing all the sound effects and such will be hard... I really want to go onto volume 6. Kihatsu! Iron Chef parody! Elephant race! And more. I can't believe I made it all the way to volume 5 in less than a month. But I can't keep updating like this anymore, because I'm in the insanely hard IB program now, and I have to memorize all 50 states of America and read 5 chapters of a french novel by monday. I'll try to keep the weekly updates I used to do before summer.

September 4: Current situation: my computer broke, so right now I'm using the other computer in our house, which is really, really old. Fortunately, it recently gained the ability to hook up to the internet. Unfortunately, new translations will have to wait until my computer is fixed. I finished Houshin 4, but the computer broke before I could upload them.

September 1: Finally, I've drawn the 20,000 hits pic. Pretty professional looking, eh? Eh? I'm proud.

August 31: Well, it was 11:00pm, and I suddenly felt motivated to finish the next chapter of Ayashi, so I did, and it's up. Also up are Houshin Engi acts 30 and 31.

August 30: Two more acts of Houshin.

August 26: Finished Houshin 3. Yes, now I get to do volume 4! That's when alot of things start happening. To AnC fans: sorry, but I tried...I tried to do another volume, but I just, really, really didn't feel like it. And when I don't feel motivated to do something, I end up doing a horrible job. Plus, ever since the series got picked up by a company, I've been getting kinda scared... To AnC fans who also like Houshin Engi: Hey, atleast I'm doing something. Random thought: I think Kou Hiko (the buseiou) is the least girly-looking man on this page now.

August 25: First seven acts of Houshin Engi 3 are up.

August 24: I've done 5 acts of Houshin Engi 3, but I'm not putting them up yet. And I might, just might, do Ayashi. You may have noticed that Stick Rezo has gone from the bottom of the page to the very top! He is the site mascot, after all. So who replaced him next to the block of disclaimers? None other than Hakutsurudouji. He will serve as a semi-mascot. "Stick Rezo is displeased. Why must there be a second mascot?"
Quiet, you. The bird's cool.

August 23: No update today, cause I'm planning to translate a whole bunch of chapters and put it up all at once. Anyway, I went to Iwase Books two days ago. They also rent out videos. So I rented Slayers Great, the Card Captor Sakura movie, and both Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo movies. Slayers Great was okay. The CCS movie was boring as hell. Maybe it's because I've only seen one episode of the TV series. (Nah.) The Kindaichi Shounen movies were good, but you probably don't care. It's a mystery series, by the way, and the manga is excellent. I may translate it someday. Random thought: There sure is alot of yelling and multiple exclamation marks in Houshin Engi.

August 18: Well, I broke my old record of completing one book in five days...I've finished the 2nd volume of Houshin Engi in 4 days. The last two acts are up. Boo-ya! Maybe I should do Ayashi next. You see, Houshin Engi is hard to translate when it comes to the talking, but editing the sound effects and such is easy; however, editing the sound effects in Ayashi is hard. And I'm kind of a perfectionist. Editing the sound effects takes longer.

August 17: Acts 13 and 14 of Houshin Engi are up.

August 16: Finished the next three acts of Houshin Engi. I'm more than halfway done the second volume now. Oh, and Ayashi no Ceres fans, please...calm down. I'm only focusing on different titles for now because I've been working on Ayashi no Ceres and Slayers for so long.

August 14 (again): First two acts of Houshin Engi volume 2 are up. Space Coyote go to sleep now.

August 14: The seventh act of Houshin Engi is up, and the first volume has been finished. Can you believe it? I finished a whole volume in 5 days. Those were some 5 boring days, I can tell you that.

August 13: Fifth and sixth Houshin Engi are up. One more and I'll be done the first volume! I'm makin' record time here! What does everyone think of Houshin Engi, anyway? It's really hard to translate, as you can tell by my lame work on it so far. Things will get better soon, I swear!

August 13: Third and fourth Houshin Engi are up.

August 11: Second Houshin Engi is up.

August 10: The first chapter of Houshin Engi is up! Remember, I wrote it while still disorientated, so if something doesn't sound right, then just ignore it. I'm halfway done the second chapter. Houshin Engi is strongly recommended by...me.

August 9:Well, I'm back, but I'm still tired and a bit disorientated from jet lag, so please let me rest for a while. I bought 50+ mangas. To see what I got, you can check out my manga list and see what's new. I'm going to begin translating Houshin Engi, a great series that's currently popular in Japan. If you've seen the anime series, the manga is alot better. (Note: the anime made my favourite character super nasely, thus I hold a small grudge.) (I'm not going to tell you who he is but I will later so you can be shocked and appalled with me. Aha ha ha ha ha ha!)

July 11: I'm not here. I'm currently on vacation in Japan, hoping to obtain everything on my shopping list, which is...alot of stuff. Mangas, CDs, videos, computer games...I doubt I'll be able to do so, but one can dream. Anywho, don't e-mail me asking when I'll put up the next chapter of [insert title here]. Ever. I'll tell you here when I'm going to put it up, so don't bother me. That's the reason why I'm not aiming for tons of visitors, cause tons of visitors equal one or two e-mails asking me about that kind of stuff. Feedback is fine, though. I love getting feedback. I'll come back on August 8th, which is Aogiri Yuuhi's birthday if you care. Hopefully, I'll come back with El-Hazard, Weiss Kreuz, Mahou Tsukai Tai!, Senkaiden Houshin Engi and Angelique mangas. Especially Weiss Kreuz, cause the art is amazing. Oh, and if a pic or a link on my site doesn't work, just press "reload" until it shows up. Geocities is seriously messed up lately. And so, see you in four weeks!

July 8: Five new fanart pics.

July 6: Qawoor, Ura and Enishi at the fanart section.

July 5: A new sponsor. And I'll try to get another translation up before I leave for Japan, though I can't gurantee it.

July 3: 10 thousand hits! I didn't have the will or inspiration to draw a picture, so I just did a clipart of mangas I hope to get when I go to Japan. And here it is. And since Spamdini went through the trouble of providing the screenshot, here it is.

July 2: At the Anime Expo, Viz announced that they're releasing the Ayashi no Ceres manga AND anime. (See?) I think I may have to take down my translations when the manga is released. But then again, Viz releases a new volume of FY about twice a year, so...

July 1: Now you can find out who the hell I am at the "other stuff" section. It's in progress; I'll add more stuff later.

June 29: Sometimes, I look back at my translations and I'm just not satisfied. "Ten people are burned"? What the hell does that mean?! Anyway, the 20th sponser is up. And since it's the 20th, it has to have Rezo in it. ...Never mind the reasons, he just does. His stick form is the site mascot, after all. Whoa! I'm the 8888th visitor. How trippy.

June 24 (2nd update): Put up first two chapters of Ayashi volume 3. And just to tick you off, I stopped at a major cliffhanger! Aha ha ha ha ha! ...Okay.

June 24: Voice actor Iwanaga Tetsuya turns 30! And belated birthdays for Hayashi "Canna" Nobutoshi (June 10) and Ueda Yuuji (June 15).

June 22: Look at this if you want to see what I do when there's a really big sound effect I can't translate. I just erase it and pretend it wasn't there. 2 new fanart.

June 21 (2nd update): I finally finished volume 2 of Ayashi! Have a look. A note about the pic in the vol. 2 section with Aya and Ceres both having their hand on the mirror - I edited it so that you can't see the book seam. You can still sort of tell it was there, but oh well.

June 21: Well, I drew a pic of Ceres with a mouse on Paintshop Pro 5, and right now I have 6998 hits, so what the hell, I made it into a 7000th hit image. And I may be able to finish volume 2 today.

June 20: 5th chapter of Ayashi is up. Oh, and as a note, you might notice that the new character Alec adds "deshi" or "mashi" at the end of almost all his sentences. That's cause he's American and he mispronounces "desu" and "masu". But it becomes his trademark, so I kept them in. Think of them as Chichiri's "noda"s.

June 19: School's out! I can finally re-start translating again. The next chapter of Ayashi will be up tomorrow. It's pretty long, but it's an imporant chapter and one of my favourites. It also introduces a new character who, to warn you in advance, is a man.

June 16: Well, since I probably won't be able to do any scanning this weekend, I'm fixing up all the Slayers scans. ***advertisement*** Oh, and uh, if you really care for me, vote for me, #36, Space Coyote at the MAG. For art AND creativity. ...That is all. *runs away*

June 12 (2nd update): Another new sponser. I really like this one.

June 12: New sponser. Hooray for Copy Stick Rezo!

June 10: Since there'll be no translations this week (have to study for finals), I'll be uploading sponsers and fanart instead. The new sponser is animated, though quite shoddily.

June 9: Well, good ol' Zechs is up in the fanart section if anyone cares.

June 4: The first chapter of Lost Universe is up.

June 3 (second update): I went to the bookstore today and bought Ayashi 4 & 5 and Lost Universe 1. Now I have three main translation projects going here. Oh, and everyone seems to love the layout of this site, but I don't really see what's so special about it...

June 3: New pictures on page 2 and 3 at the fanart section.

June 2: That's it. For now, I've given up on ChaCha, because it's so hard to edit things. The speech balloons are way too narrow. I'll have to think of something. In the meantime, I've put up chapter 1 of Slayers 5, because lately this place has been turning into the Ayashi no Ceres Translation Site. Plus, Team Rocket, Kenshin vs. Sailor Moon and more at the fanart section...tomorrow.

May 28 (second update): Well, since there was no chapters this week, I'll make it up to you by finally premiering my fanart to the public. I present you The Nameless Anime Fanart Site!.

May 28: What? It's May 28th? That means in 3 days, May will be over! Finals are coming up! ...And so, that means less updates. I hope you can understand.

May 21: Put up chapter 3 and 4 of Ayashi.

May 20: Hey y'all. Since the growing trend in my guestbook messages seems to be "Hey, I like your site, now put up more Ayashi no Ceres," I've finished the 3rd chapter of Ayashi, but I'm almost finished the 4th chapter so I'm going to put both of them up at the same time tomorrow. Next week, I plan to do Akazukin Chacha, and start the 5th Slayers.

May 12: Put up more scans from the 8th FY. I've been meaning to do more scans, but I've been sick at bed for the last few days. For the next update, I want to do Akazukin ChaCha, which I've neglected for a long time.

May 11: Woah! 3,000 hits in two months? Obviously it's not just my friends who visit this site anymore. Here's a little piccy I drew.

May 9: More FY scans comin' up soon. Okay, the next time I go to Iwase, I'll buy 4th Ayashi, and either Lost Universe, Saber Marionette J, or 5th Ayashi. ...But what if they have the 6th FY or 1st and/or 2nd Slayers? (long pause)

May 5: Voice actor Koyasu Takehito turns 33 today. And here's a belated birthday; three days ago, voice actor Midorikawa Hikaru turned 32. (They're both sponsers for this site...heh)

May 4: New sponser. I don't know about you, but I really like this new one.

April 29: Second chapter of Ayashi 2 is up. I think after this I'll finish off the Fushigi Yuugi Nyosei Country storyline.

April 27 (second update): The site is now Ayashi no Ceres themed. Well, the top part, atleast. So don't worry, Stick Rezo still remains.

April 27: Put up the first chapter of Ayashi volume 2.

April 25: Made a support section.

April 23: Finally finished volume 1 of Ayashi no Ceres. You'll notice that the quality of the scans will be much more improved from now on. I figured out how to make the pages white and not a mix of various shades of gray, which makes editing alot faster and easier. So I've done this to all the FY 16 & 8 scans. I wish I could've figured this out sooner.... Yesterday I went to Iwase and got the 3rd Ayashi no Ceres, 5th Fushigi Yuugi (with Evil Tamahome! Whee) and I was going to get the 4th Ayashi as well but then I looked up, and "Oh my god! It's a 'Graduation M' comic book!" (If you don't know what Graduation M is, this would mean nothing to you...) so I got that instead. Oh yeah, and Tooya does look alot like Nakago.

April 22: Gave this site a tiny makeover.

April 21: Yay! I've finally finished the entire third volume of Slayers!

April 14 (second update): I've finished chapter 4 of Ayashi no Ceres. Just one more chapter to go! ....Buuut I'll probably finish Slayers first. By the way, I want to put up more sections on this site...you know, to keep myself entertained when I'm too lazy to do fanscanning. But I have no good ideas. Figures.

April 14: Put up ratings for each book.

April 11: A new chapter of Ayashi will be up soon. This is the second to last chapter by the way, not the last...this thing doesn't have chapter names or splash pages, so it's impossible to tell. Afterwards, I'll probably finish up Slayers.

April 9: Oy...sorry for the lack of updates, people. There's just too much math and french and english homework... and I'm cold and there's wolves after me... I think the next time I update, the last chapter of Ayashi no Ceres 1 will be up, because I really want to get onto volume 2. Then Slayers, then Akazukin ChaCha, then more Ayashi no Ceres and Slayers. But I also have to finish up the Nyosei county story in Fushigi Yuugi. Now that that's been said, see ya.

March 30: Done the 3rd chapter. You can probably tell I want to finish this volume quick... I originally wanted to just translate the 2nd volume (cause there's more development and it's interesting) but the 1st one is important, so.

March 29: Wow, I finished the second chapter of Ayashi no Ceres. That's two in one day. (my school's on strike)

March 28: Yay! I finally finished the first part of Ayashi no Ceres. But I ran out of space in my second account...I'd better get another one, or better yet, find a different server to store the translations.

March 27: Finished the 15th chapter of Slayers.

March 21: Put up the next chapter for Slayers.

March 16: New sponser.

March 12: Translations for the first chapter of Fushigi Yuugi volume 8 are up. Next week I'll either finish up the rest or do the the 14th chapter of Slayers. Or I might start Ayashi no Ceres. Who knows; every week is a suprise here at Nameless Manga Translations!

March 11: I went to Iwase Books today. I bought one Akazukin Chacha and the first two Ayashi no Ceres comics. $26.09 in all. Not bad. Anyway, I added a guestbook at the bottom of the page. Made an "old news" archive.

March 10: A little something for Mitsukake fans and non-fans. I thought this was too funny to just let go. One might call me "easily amused."

March 11: I added a guestbook at the bottom of the page. Made an "old news" archive.

March 8: New sponser.

March 5: Finshed and put up "Zelgadis's Past"!

March 4: I'm working on "Zelgadis's Past", but this is an extra-long chapter, so I've only finished close to half of it.

March 3: Another new sponser, and Omi was added to the honorable mentions in the Girly-looking guys sponser. Congratulations, Omi-kun! p.s. Weiß Kreuz is cool

March 1: New sponser.

Feb 29:I changed the background colour to make this site look less girly.

Feb 28: Well, here it is...it took me hours to colour it -- hours which I could've used to work on my math assignment -- but it was worth it. Rurouni Tasuki. Here's the exact same one, except it has a wood effect.

And that is all.