Pictures courtesy of  Ryo_Chan


Name: Michelangelo

Sex:  Male

Birthplace:  Manhattan, New York City, New York

Species:  Mutant Turtle

Eyes:  Brown

Weapon of Mastery:  Nunchucks


This all depends on which universe your looking at, so I will give you a brief History.

Michelangelo was one of four baby turtles accidentally mutated after falling into a sewer.  The turtles were adopted by a rat called Splinter. He trained them in the art of ninjitsu, in the hopes that they would one day avenge the death of his master Yoshi. 


Michelangelo is the most sensitive of the brothers, he wears his emotions for all to see.  He is seen as  the clown, the 'goof off' of the team, causing a few headaches and worries among the others.  Viewed as the youngest one, his brothers tend to feel over protective towards him.  But when the need arises Michelangelo is as deadly as the rest.  He feels the needs to put other peoples' feelings before his own.  This is something that must weigh down on him greatly.

My Views:

Michelangelo is the most explosive character of all.  His sense of fun and his outrageousness is infectious to all that know him.  He may act the 'dim wit' at times, but I believe that Michelangelo is probably the most creative and intelligent member of the group, next to Donatello.  In some universes Michelangelo's an excellent writer and a wonderful artist.  He is the 'buoy' that keeps the team afloat in their darkest times. 


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