Race Name: Buterfluas

Normal Eye Color: Infinate

Normal Hair Color: Infinate

Average Height: Anywhere from four to six feet.

Life Span: 40 years

Other Important Information:
*Bear wings like those of butterflies.
*Coloration of wings and patterns there on vary greatly and genetics have little affect in most cases.
*Worship a divine court of deities, all of whom are butterflies.
*Believe deeply in rebirth.
*Have belief that world was made by a being called 'The Creator' who gave the power of tending to the world to the butterfly deities.
*Most powerful creatures in world when it comes to natural magic use.
*Found only by Lake Aerith in the rainforest of the eastern continent.
*Strong allies with the anthropic races of the east.
*Culture lead by King/Queen and High Priest.
*Their warriors and guards ceremonally cut off wings to prove their devotion.
*Have a 'sister' race called Dark Buterfluas, who believe in sacrifice of sentient beings. Sister race made up of Buterfluas who were exiled many years ago.
*Dark Buterfluas have weakened bodies do to ingestion of poisonous forest plants which also triple the power of their magic.
*Both genders capable of carrying children.
*Have a capital located in the very center of the lake, made and hidden by magic of a living and sentient crystal, though most live outside of the city.

Brief History:
One of the few sentient races living upon the eastern continent, they are the masters of the continent unoffically. The other races look to the Buterfluas rulers for advice. MANY, many years ago the ruler cast out a group of radicals who threatened the peace. This group moved to the outer borders of the forest. After this the peace reigned, and the Buterfluas have become one of the most technologically and scientifically advanced of the races on the planet, despite that fact that few know they exist.