Race Name: Dwarf

Normal Eye Color: Brown, Blue, Gray, Black

Normal Hair Color: Brown, Black, Blonde, Red, Gray

Average Height: Just over 4 foot. NEVER call them short

Life Span: 200-250 years, oldest recorded is Grunden the Strong (340 years)

Other Important Information:
*Eat whatever they can import from the other races.
*Best makers of weapons in the world.
*Hold large grudge against elves for reasons unknown to others.
*Have no known religion.
*Tell many legends about dragons.
*Control the Lands of Narket.

Brief History:
The history of the dwarves is much what you expect. They mine, they forge, they build their cities. And so it goes and so it goes. The great sorrow of their race is recent in the destruction of the mountain city Caizen. More than anything they are now warriors and even some work as guards in Veshano. Previously at war with many races, leaving bitter grudges.