Race Name: Elf

Normal Eye Color: Brown, Blue, Green, Blue-Green, Gray

Normal Hair Color: Brown, Black, Blonde

Average Height: Between five foot and five foot six. Rare individuals reach six foot.

Life Span: Normally 3000 years, oldest not known

Other Important Information:
*Mostly omnivores but prefer fish to meat.
*Oldest and longest lived of 'mortal' races except dragons.
*One religion kept secret from the knowledge of outsiders.
*Considered most artistic of races.
*Capable of being amazing fighters, and mages but magic is not natural to them.
*Greatly dislike the dwarf race in most cases, and not fond of humans either.
*One of the three great races, and rulers of the Realm of Ani'Mes.
*Said to create the most beautiful of cities.

Brief History:
The history of the elves is so long that it is passed usually by song and poem. Despite the battles they have been forced to wage, the elves are very peaceable and rarely meet a race they are not willing to not only help, but guide in their paths. Upon the planet they are considered the most intelligent of races except for dragons, and for this they are often great leaders. Their cities are few, but their population great and magically powerful though their magic is not very natural to them.