Race Name: Human

Normal Eye Color: Brown, Blue, Green, Blue-Green, Gray

Normal Hair Color: Brown, Red, Black, Blonde, Gray, White

Average Height: Five to six feet.

Life Span: Normally 80 years, longest known Klein the Elder (103 years)

Other Important Information:
*Omnivores, but capable of all extremes.
*Humans live everywhere possible, spreading outwards constantly.
*Many conflicting religions, beliefs, etc.
*Most destructive race save the Egsu.
*Control one of the three major empires of the Western Continent, that being the Zanean Region.
*Truly capable of everything and anything.

Brief History:
The human history is the one most war torn and bloody of them all. At one point or another almost all of the major races have been persecuted by them, many have been slain. In this time of peace they have become one of the three dominate races, acquiring great wealth, power and influence. There is no need to really go over their history at this point.