July 12, 2006: Up goes something I got in a giveaway, as well as 9, count them 9, different Esecentas, making that the whole of my population at the minute.

June 27, 2006: A few more draggies paged, as well as all of the world information I'm putting up for now. Enjoy.

June 21, 2006: Awww, lots of cute rukel pets have been paged with their owners, and one is just your plain inhabitent. Go find them. They are SO cute.

May 29, 2006: The fourteen Danachians from the Danachian Giveaway are up. Seems the place is actually starting to look populated. Amazing.

May 28, 2006: A whole bunch of new dragons and riders up thanks to the wonderful White River Weyr give away. Intend to have more dragons up tomorrow.

May 18, 2006: I finally have Remus up as well as all of the dragons I have so far. Working on the world information still and that will be up sometime. I'll let you know.

May 7th, 2006: Due to much patience and support from a good friend of mine, there is finally something to see and update! I will be working very hard to get everything done soon, and if you find something broken then be sure that I'll fix it soon.