When the time had finally come that Tirinna would allow Remus from the room unattended, he would spend all of his free time watching the young dragons. They were all so beautiful and just amazing. Soon he came to be able to pick out their genders as well, and, rather expectedly, he held a fondness for the females, but kept his eyes upon the males. It was almost amazing to learn that they already had their own personalities.

For example, there was the red male whose passion and short fuse seemed to remind Remus of his older brother when he was a kid, and he was also the largest. Then there was the one that was like a mix of red and orange, Tirinna had called that color copper, who was one of the smallest of the males. That one didn't seem to be as outgoing as the others. There were two other males that he didn't pay as much attention to though, a pale blue and an orange, but that didn't mean he liked them any less.

Truth was that Remus already had a favorite. Actually, it was two favorites really, but they were still the ones he watched constantly. He'd even gone as far as to learn their names. One was a blueish-green called Makani. For some reason, even though Remus had never been in contact with the little dragons, he knew that this one and him would get along perfectly. Somehow Remus knew that they were a lot alike, and that Makani would always be on his side if it came to it.

Then there was the bronze Kaleto. He, as the copper was, happened to be one of the smaller males. This one seemed to be smarter than Remus himself was, and didn't really seem to react all that emotionally to things. While he knew that he would probably butt heads with Kaleto often, it didn't keep the male from wanting him as much as he wanted Makani. Good thing he didn't have to choose. Tirinna said that it was the choice of the dragons, and he'd just be happy to have one to help him on Carodos...

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