Race Name: Shape-Shifter

Normal Eye Color: Unknown

Normal Hair Color: Unknown

Average Height: Unknown

Life Span: 40 years

Other Important Information:
*Shape-Shifters, though they can take any form, tend to have colorations they prefer.
*Live primarily in Luema Ubeth.
*Tend to be masters of performing arts, and are extremely peaceful.
*All tend to have a human form and a single other form that they prefer over others.
*Tend to be very over-dramatic.
*Humans tend to distrust them because of belief that Shape-Shifters are all thieves.
*Have been, on occasion, captured and sold as pets with special collars that limit their transformations or nullify them all together.
*Lead by a majority rule when together.

Brief History:
The origins of the race is unknown, as is their history. What is known is that they helped to create Luema Ubeth and are the best of all actors on the planet. They are untested in battle, magic and other things, and are known only for their shifting abilities.