Race Name: Totemic

Normal Eye Color: Human form eye color depends on totemic form eye color

Normal Hair Color: Human form hair color depends on totemic coloration.

Average Height: Varies with form and depends on form

Life Span: 80 years

Other Important Information:
*Each Totemic has two forms, one human in appearance the other animal.
*Totemic forms tend to be same in size to the actual thing.
*All of their appearance depends on their totemic form. A tiger totemic will have striped hair, and lizard totemics have skin close to color of their totemic form.
*Close friends of the elves and Unicans.
*Live mainly in the forests of Narket or Ani'Mes.
*Some will take their Totemic form and refuse to change to a human form.

Brief History:
One of the elder races of the western continent. They have lived in relative peace throughout history, except when they fought to help the Unican race. Individuals have though, at times, found themselves enslaved but the race holds no grudges.