Race Name: Unican

Normal Eye Color: Gold only

Normal Hair Color: Silver only

Average Height: 6 foot even for full grown of either gender.

Life Span: 230 years.

Other Important Information:
*Bear spiral horns, like that of a unicorn, upon their name, and are named for it.
*Quick reflexes and sharp eyes in youth.
*Do not work well with humans in the slightest.
*Omnivores using all parts of animals that they hunt.
*Pregnant Unicans cannot consume meat without becoming ill.
*Unican horns can be ground up into a dust and then consumed, passing their powers on in this way to the person eatting it. They were also kept as good luck charms and small pieces are still found set into the heirloom jewelry of many wealthy human homes.
*Unicans worship a single entity called Geneh. This deity is believed to have created their race in his image and have given them their magic. He is often described as a unicorn with a white coat, golden horn and hooves, and pale blue mane and tail.
*Only Unicans can enter the inner village of Kipo and the Tesyu mines.
*Unicans are ruled by a Queen unless there is no female in line and then a King is chosen from the royal line.
*All Unicans have a magical power.
*All horns made of some rare metal/precious stone. The metal or stone shows what magic Unican is capable of.
*Only race on Carodos who can handle the Cunis weapon.

Brief History:
The Unicans came into existence by unknown means sometime shortly after the elves. For millennia they lived in peace until the coming of the humans. Like many of the ancient races their peaceful way of life was destroyed and much of their territory invaded by the short lived race. As humans became more powerful they began to hunt Unicans, not only for their horns but also for their silvery hair. At the time mining for silver was common among the elder races, but yet to be attained by humans, so in their jealousy the humans used what they could to try to have similar finery. Because of this much of the silver trim and fabrics found in clothing of that time period were all made of Unican hair. As the humans settled into their own peace this habit disappeared but many still sought Unicans for their horns. Though even this barbaric habit has faded into obscurity the Unicans do not trust humans unless they are accompanied by one or more of the ‘enlightened races’. In this day it is known that Unicans are one of few races whose natural magic is potent even without training. They are also the only race that can survive in the mines of Kipo, and some of the best lancers in the lands. Few races can handle pole arms as well as the Unicans can, mainly because they are the only race that trains primarily in pole arms alone. While they are also good archers it is not expected that their skill will ever match those of the elves themselves. When Unicans grow old their skills with weapons dwindle and their original horns either grow stronger in their control over their power, or weaker in strength.