The main contentration of peoples is upon the unnamed Western Continent of Carodos. The three most powerful races have their territories defined, but villages of each race do exist outside of their own territories. Other races exist in many places in each of these countries, some living primarily within the bounds of one race's land over that of another. Important cities outside and inside of each area are marked, as are the wild lands of the continent, places that none of the three powerful races claim and other races thrive. These are, of course, some of the more dangerous lands as well, and some of the more impressive and magically inclined species live in these areas that are relatively unknown to the primary races.

1. Veshano (Capital)
2. Temple of Chniey
3. Sulanet
4. Darnaw Fort
5. The Northern Wall
6. Hevat
7. Luema Ubeth
8. Malmol
9. Chorkal (Capital)
10. Fort Vesire
11. Valael (Capital)
12. Alloirdo
13. Lesaka
14. Typav
15. Merchant Town Raynen
16. Mining Town Kipo
17. Pass Town Clostia
18. Port Town Buidran
19. Frontier Town Nilusk
20. Mountain City Caizen
21. Ruins of Rirunewe
22. Prison of Namil
23. Northern Wall Village Heniko
24. Magic Training Grounds of Wiguf
25. Lost Village of Lotir

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