Ryslen - Flight 47

Flight 47

White Golyrith
(Written by Xalia)

Trianda sat in her temporary weyr at Ryslen more or less twiddling her thumbs in impatience. Golyrith lounged out on the ledge, positively glowing. She would rise at any time now, and Trianda was anxious to have the flight over and done with. She had met all of her suitors and still felt nothing for any of them. Golyrith had established who her favorite was though and Trianda was fine with it. All they needed was for Golyrith to fly so they could go home and Trianda could go back to pretending her dragon was not sexually active until the next flight.

Luckily for her she would not need to wait long. Golyrith suddenly rose from her lounging position and bugled to the weyr. She snaked her head around to look at her rider, a mischievous glint in her eyes. She bugled again and leapt for the skies calling back to her rider as she did so. Come with me, rider mine, I promise we will enjoy it!

Trianda felt herself being pulled along with Golyrith and she surrendered to it, having no desire to experience this from her own body. Golyrith surged into the air, calling another challenge to the males who were slow getting off the ground after her sudden take off.

Blue Nunkith led the pack chasing after her and Golyrith slowed her flight to let them catch up. Nunkith made his move early and Golyrith twisted out of his grasp and bugled at him in chiding. Too fast youngling, if you want to catch me youíll have to take your time about it.

Golyrith surged into a cloud bank then, her white hide blending nicely with the fluffy white of the clouds and hiding her from her pursuers. She trilled occasionally to keep them on course and eventually surged from the clouds with another challenging bugle.

To her great pleasure Nunkith and Erfahrenth had dropped out, returning to Ryslen. The remaining three were above her and she trilled tauntingly to them before diving back down into the cloud bank. But Cendanth had other plans and dove after her. The other two followed his lead but were too late, Cendanth fell on top of her spreading his wings at the last minute and Golyrith bugled her delight as she spread her own wings to help keep them aloft. Keverek and Pyaerth spiraled back to the ground in disappointment as Golyrith and Cendanth coasted on. Trianda clung to her dragonís consciousness, not wanting to return to her own, delighting in Golyrithís pleasure as the dragons slowly descended. The reddish brown Cendanth had been Golyrithís favorite all along and Trianda was glad the flight was over, now they would have a clutch, Golyrithís babies would bond and she and her beautiful white could go back to their normal lives.

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