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Ryslen Flurry 2002

The Flight

The sunset over snow covered Ryslen was breathtaking, the brilliant colors painted in the sky reflected off large perfect flakes of snow causing the ground and air to shipmmer as though they had been dusted with glitter.

Neva' gazed over all of this, and felt warm and tingly all over even though the air was chill and the night would be colder still. The last few eggs on the sands were nearly hatching, and the time would be right in the very near future.

Throughout Ryslen a calmness grew, especially among the riders of the dragons who'd come for Neva's Flurry. They assembled in the balcony level of the main hall where hot drinks and nibbles had been laid out. Now was the time to mingle - to meet the other riders of this Flurry who were forever linked to the minds of the dragons who gathered on snowy ledges and red stone towers awaiting Neva's signal.

Soft gusts of wind swept the glittering powder snow in glistening eddies aournd the courtyard and up into the air, where it would once again fal in a soft glimmering curtain to the ground below.

Inside, the riders chatted, and a few Ryslen residents and riders of non-participating Flurry dragons kept them all company. Mugs of spiced cider and mulled wine were cradled in cold hands, and warm eyes laughed. To the casual observer, it was nothing more than a friendly winter holiday gathering, but to the riders, it was something more. Much more. J'stin, flamboyant rider of Ice green Shanith bounced around with a sprig of Mistletoe, planting kisses on whoever would stand still long enough. He wrapped an arm around O'wen, who promptly brushed it off again. "Go find Ue'in. He'll play with you." the bronzerider said half in annoyance half seriously. The greenrider bounced off to find O'wen's identical and somehow exact opposite brother.

Outside, Neva' stretched her snowflake spangled wings and leapt from her ledge. She shot straight into the sky, skipping the gore of the feeding grounds entirely. Following her lead, 35 females of various pale hues leapt towards teh heavens, a chorus of brilliant voices reverberated off the red stone of Ryslen. 27 males, including the determined Light Blue Serianth, all white or silver or icy in color surged upwards to meet them, to mingle with them as their riders did, however briefly. The sunset shone on their paleness, granting to each the appearance of being every color as whites were once thought to be, just for an instant.

Neva' and the males who were intent on catching her rather than participating in the whole were fast to follow. Neva' was no fool, though this was her first flight, and rose high into the sky.

On the balcony, nervous eyes darted about. Neva' had no rider... but the white dragoness cared not for that detail, and as the shining males drew near, she made her choice, dropping to the side of the male she wanted to sire her children. Silver-Blue Selenyan wasted no time as he wrapped himself around her, letting the others return to the pack. Minaia quietly left the balcony with Fendranon to a private room. Fendranon's green slept on a ledge, knowing her time would come.

Now that Neva' had her mate, the true flurry of wings would commence. The myriad females scattered faster than the snow fell, frating glimmering clouds of tiny flakes in their wakes. Too few males for them all, the small crowd leapt after the glowing females, showing their speed and prowess as they strove to compete - to win.

Green-white Tariath had gone far, and looked back at teh small pack of males that sought her. Her cry of trimump torned to one of surprise as she tangled with Silver-White Tehndarinth. He was there, but he'd been behind her - or had he? Nevertheless, she accepted him, and Tesene looked to Engell. Sure, he was well matured, but she was no youngling herself.

A cry went up from the Victory College Dragons - the Terran Hocky team who'd impressed a large collection of Neva's clutchmates. Aisu an C'rter were kissing!? What was this? Other dragons reported it - the metallic brown Akigrath had overtaken Light Gold Akemith. Distracted by their dragons, the two ignored their teammates and left the balcony. "You know," Duck commented, "It was bound to happen. Hey!" Oscar poked the queer young man in the side and went back to his drink. Duck was confused, but what could he do?

White Erinith danced in teh sky, darting away from her suitors as they neared, daring only the most lithe of beasts to claim her. She allowed a light blue to get near her, but as she attempted to flit easily away from him, she found herself twined with him. Niyanth had correctly anticipated her flight. Obviously he was the best one to sire her offspring.

At the same time, the snow swirled around as Xarinaroth flirted with her own suitors, her white markings and brilliant green hide making her very visible and the gold snowflake charms on her wings shone invitingly. A fleet of Ryslen Lights sought after her, testing their wings against hers. She taunted and stayed out of reach long enough that most of the pack h had dropped away in search of easier quarry. Only the most determined would take her, and Light Bleu Serianth did. K'bel swept a punch-happy Naura up into his arms, and Ue'in and J'stin led the way out of the balcony holding hands and skipping like children. O'wen may have rolled his eyes, but no one noticed. T'vari stood there hesitantly. His dragon's mate's rider had gone skipping out. Suddenly Loresa stepped to his side, likely surprising herself, and led him away.

The party went on, and so did the flight. Luroath, a blue-white from Abri soared after she who was his match - white-winged green Yohlisanth. The trick was convincing her of that. Aylitan smirked as Yohlisanth closed her wings and dropped like a stone. Luroath would not be put off so easily, and tucked his wings close, diving after her. Without warning, she opened her snowy wings, and shot up anc claimed him. P'ro laughed, and twining fingers with Aylitan, left the balcony.

Bolton is here. Mezireth said to Jeyann in the relative silence between exits. "He's not exactly white, Mezireth." the young Weyrwoman responded. Yes, but he doesn't chase. Damuth chases. Keen eyed Tiyanni spotted a snow-covered Sargon and two others arrive in the main hall, and decended to the main level to greet them and welcome them to join the party. Kyrix looked a bit disturbed, and Sargon's daughter Akinta positively glowed. From the balcony, Lani glared. Damuth was actively persuing Faith. Kyrix hesitated under that gaze, but with Tiyanni prompting, the newly arrived joined the party.

A large male, one of the sleekest chasers, bronze joined with white soared after a white. With delicate precision, Tiassath encircled Lamarith. Felio'meh preened and stepped over to talina. Ture, she was griff, but he was cat. Nothing wrong with that!

Gold-Green-White Auresanth smugly led a pack of males all by herself, a number of impressive ones in fact. It came as no surprise to her, but perhaps to Liska and Tov as Mlinzith wtined his icy blue self with her. A light snow began to fall anew as the last colors of sunset gave way to twilight.

Blue-winged white tumbled with white as Arzianth and Ryll met. S'nar stood there in shock. Arzianth had 'won' after so many losses at Rylsen. He wasn't sure what to do, as Ryll had no rider. Siezing her chance, Lani snatched up the still S'nar and led him out, eyes shooting daggers at Kyrix - who only had eyes for Akinta. It wasn't his fault Damuth yet persued her white Faith!

White Sarath, sparred on by her rider Loresa, dive-bombed her choice of males - the ice blue Juyath. She didn't mind that he was smaller than she. It makes a little girl feel special to be big sometimes. A'tyr, unsure of himself, retreated from the cloud of riders, and through sheer determination alone chose no partner. However, in his moment of weakness, his form may have wavered.

Faith, knowing what her ride4r did, turned to confront the white-red, snarling and clawing at him. Undaunted, Damuth broke through her defenses and made her dreams come true. Quietly, Kyrix and Akinta made their exit, with Tiyanni and Sargon smirking at each other over mugs of steaming coffee brought by some Alskyrian riders.

Shining silver Tuveth stretched his wings to the limit, passing a pair of lights in persuit of Kalliasth, a beautiful green-blue. Iridalvi turns to Kaldrin as his dragon pairs with hers, but Sequoia from Fionabhainn snatches him away. Texia, instantly alert to what the near future could bring, tips Deran, Duowing Blue Rhyalinth's rider into Iridalvi's path. She continues to glare at Sequoia's back as she plants a demanding kiss on Dran. Used to the admiration of women, Daren takes this all in stride, scooping the young woman up into his arms and carrying her off before things got out of hand.

Jeyann supressed a giggle as a barefoot Engell returned, gathered up two mugs of cider and a plate of cookies, and exited. It was then that some giddy rider laughed that Tehndarinth was going back for seconds, which he was.

Copper Dvantrith and his clutch sister Green Nivalisth (not to be confused with Nevalith) soared side by side silently, in command of the evening skies. Cream Tuiath, persued by silver Ginith neared them, turning on wingtip, Dvantrith snared Tuiath, leaving Ginith momentarily bewildered, but seeing Nivalisth, he leapt at the chance. Alaena pulled Derimin close, and Alex wrapped an arm around Janet. Though her Vuith had yet to tire, she left with him. With smirks on their faces, Aleima and Akelei convinced a pair of the Victory College boys to go away with them.

The snow grazed across the silver wings of a white female determined to only be caught by the best - and not one of those browns passing themselves off as white either! A gust of wind caused a white out, and Rianth didn't see White Kemroth's approach, but did not fight against the small white when he twined neck and tail with her. Biarni, however, was a bit startled. Now what? Kemroth's rider was hesitant, but it was though Kemroth had chosen for him. Resigned, but still pressed by urgency, the two whiteriders exited the balcony.

L'ken had talked to pretty much every female rider there was on that balcony, but he was drawn to one in particular, and had spent most of the evening sitting and chatting with her. Myia had lost her weyrmate, and was still overly distraught, too hesitant, too closed. Though L'ken had been her partner at the first Flurry, he would not assume anything - though Relieth was giving Senorith a run for her money even now. He tried everything he could think of to get her to crack a smile, or laugh, or at least let the tiniest bit of ice melt away from her, but to no avail. As news of Juyath's return to the sky passed around the balcony, L'ken stood, and bent down, brushing away a stray tendril of her amber hair, and kissing her tenderly on the forehead. He smiled, and said nothing, walking away to stand in the doorway, apart from the others.

Elcayleth was at home in the clouds and snow, being a Flurry dragon herself, and knew exactly who she wanted for her mate - the catch was losing the other males that persued her. Doubling back suddenly, the cloudy light green noticed that Sekayth was not amongst her suitors. Up through the clouds she went into the darkening sky, narrowly missing being stopped by a sneaky Tehndarinth. There, above the clouds, was Light Blue Sekayth, and as he joined with her, Damari and Keylyn joined hands and departed.

Tehndarinth was not to be put off again, and dropped out of the clouds, stealing Purple Camoflage Neigeth away from the larger dragons who pursued her. Engell was nowhere to be seen, but neither was Neigeth's rider Gyo, who'd vanished with her husband Kyo moments earlier.

For a long period of time now, Calionapyth had been leading her select chasers across the sky, darting out of their reach and foiling their attempts at snaring her with precision manuvers she could execute with her four wings that they could not duplicate with two. But now, she was ready. Full speed ahead, Cali raced away from them, and only the fastest of those who had already proved themselves to be most agile would claim her. One by one the males dropped away, until one, who was quickly closing in remained. Light Copper Kaledonith ensnared the Caramel Duowing with such force that their riders were stunned. Dioghaltas passed that surprise on to Ketara as he swept her off her feet and all but ran out of the balcony. Terra, with a huge grin on her dwarfish face, startled Dungar too...

Gold-White and White raced across the sky, and up into it, as Releith sought after Senorith. Even though there were a pair of bronzes and another large rare, only Releith had managed to keep up with Senorith - and of course, that's the way she wanted it. Relieth flew in tandem with her now, wingstroke matching wingstroke, and two became one. Myia rose from her seat, and walked towards the exit quickly, quietly. L'ken was there. Glowing from Senorith's overflowing emotion, she could not speak, but wrapped her arms around L'ken and held him tightly. Like others before him, L'ken swept her up like others had done earlier that night. He wasn't exactly tall himself, but powered by adreniline and dragon power, he could do anything. And he would do everything to make her happy. She deserved it.

Like fire amongst the crystals of ice, Domalith flew, knowing that she'd find some dragon here who'd be worthy. A smear of blue on the clouds above her alerted Dom' to his presence, and effortlessly, she rose to meet him. Cloudy Blue Saath twined with Cloudy red Dom' in the clouds, which pleased them both. Selena smirked, and planted a kiss on Ryan. With a grin, they departed, with the other hockey players crowing in delight for him.

The larger males who might have persued Senorith were now after one of her more spectacular daughters - one of her Ryslen-born daughters, the Metallic Gold White Xhorieth, who was Senior Queen at Abri, but had come 'home' to participate in the second Flurry after the first had given birth to her. She split the clouds with the speed she used soaring across the sky, and in her wake was SunLight Bronze Taescath. It was only fitting. Angeoria smiled as O'wen took her hand and kissed it. He's been treating her like royalty all evening - courting her, like Taescath courted her queen in the sky. Their departure preceded Taescath's success, but not by much.

The most visible dragon in the sky was Xaarth, oddly enough. Amidst the snow the whites and Lights and silvers were all hidden, but his lithe red-brown form was right there. A female flickered past, crimson markings on her wingand he turned on wingtip to follow. Lanayth laughed, but within a moment she and Xaarth were entangled. What would come of this? Hayan and Raven looked at each other, and turned away. Neither had any attraction to other women. There were plenty of unclaimed males, and they too departed with dragonriding hockey players. What was it with those hockey players?!

One rider spent most of the evening looking up to the men. Way up. Tiny Ainea was out of place, and she knew that her tiny silver-white Adisath wouldn't be mateless much longer. A young man (to use the term loosely) with wet flippers and a tail stood speaking to Tiyanni - Ceandin, Hitasuk's rider. With him was a small young man, a new arrival who was no more than four feet tall, but clearly adult. He was pale and very smooth to look at - streamlined. His black eyes locked with hers, and he started across the balcony, leaving Ceandin and Tiyanni talking about him. "My name is Lane." He whispered, sitting down beside her. "You look like you could use a friend." Ainea laughed, almost bitterly. "You could say that." In the sky, the tiny icy blue Juyath closed on Adisath even as she tried to outfly him, using clouds and snow to her advantage, and the elfen woman stiffened, her gaze settled more heavily on Lane now. He'd have to be the one, he was the only one remotely close to her size here. "What's wrong?" Lain queried, placing his hand on hers, the slight webbing between his fingers noticable now. "I'm old..." Ainea murmured so low it almost went unheard. "I'm not as young as I seem either." Lain murmured back. Adisath accepted what Juyath had to offer, and Lain and Ainea went off to... get to know each other better.

A'tyr was having trouble maintaining his composure, and then someone bumped into him as he walked. His eyes were drawn to Tanu Tamanna's form, and as she moved away from him, she began to change. A'tyr pressed his eyes closed. Juyath's mating was begining to affect him, when he opened his eyes, he believed it, and Tamanna, in wolf form, winked at him and went for the stairs. Abandoning his drink, A'tyr shifted into the form of a great wolf and followed after her, his need pressing on him, as she led the way out into the snow. Two wolves found the outdoors very hospitable.

Jaath, a silvery-misty-white from the Healing Den stretched her wings, trying to outrace the icy blue Mlinzith, also from the Den as Tiassath shot back up into the sky and set off after something female. Vainia caught a glimpse of someone in the corridor, and stepped out of the balcony. "Vale?!" She didn't return, and Jaath didn't try to escape Mlinzith anymore either.

Light purple Nocesleth and Light Green Keilebeth were on a collision course, knowing they'd be able to shake their chasers with a sudden change in direction. As they neared each other, the Light Brown Mezdelinth who was following Keilebeth, and Tiassath, who'd sprung up behind Nocesleth increased their speed, hoping to correctly anticipate the female's move and to avoid injury. On the balcony, Lena was surprised by a tap on her shoulder, and whirled around to face Ryff, the last person she honestly wanted to see. Nocesleth went down, and Mezdelinth followed, exchanging green for purple, and happily pairing with her. Tiassath crowed in delight as he twined with a surprised Keilebeth. As this happened, Lena's expression changed, courtesy of Nocesleth. Ryff was the only person she honestly wanted to see.

Konoruth tirelessly followed a icy green dragoness, and would have continued to follow her to the ends of the world, but Shanith was tired of letting her rider J'stin have all the fun, and turned back, capturing him! G'ryph laughed, and Myandi smiled at him lovingly as they too left the balcony. Two more dragons had returned to the sky, as they seemed apt to do in multi-dragon flights, Neva' and her first mate Selenyan. Both were pleased - but both wanted something more.

Latoteyth raced across the sky, her shifting iridescent purple hide drawing one male on like a beacon - the Sparkul White Soneth. Seeing how few males were still available, Latoteyth knew she had to act quickly. She did, all but stopping midair. Soneth swerved away, leaving her there. With a roar, Latoteyth set off again, determined that the white wouldn't catch her - but that was the challenge he'd been waiting for. No matter how hard she tried to elude him, the closer he got until he twined himself around her, and she twined with him. K'rional smiled at Aielke, who jumped into his arms and kissed him!

Silver Ginith rose up into the sky again as Tanu Cheeyath seduced another, a Flurry-experienced white who needed no bribes to chase the silver-white-gold beauty. With agility helping him to harnass the last of the day's thermals, Scyth swept up beside her and claimed her. Tanu Tamanna was already occupied, and A'kalgon was left alone, temorarily.

Dephanee knew instantly when Jovannath had her eyes locked on the prize - though noone knew when Kaledonith had returned to the sky. Dioghaltas was very occupied, but A'kalgon was not, and Dephanee moved to his side. He needed no persuasion, and as Light Green met Light Copper, A'kalgon's lips met hers.

By this point, Vuith was tired of outflying males, and just wanted to twine necks with something sleek and call it a night - There! She turned on wingtip and soared after the sleek silver form of the dragon who's mate chose hers. Ginith. He turned, and enveloped her flowered wings in his, and gave her what she wanted.

Vuith's clutchmate Sadikith, however, had not chosen any male in partiuclar, and with rainbow wings shining in the ever darkening sky, was startled when Silver-Blue Selenyan appeared within reach of her. How had he arrived so quickly? She surendered to him then, and his wings carried them both. Dora's eyes went wide. Selenyan's rider was already occupied, but there was someone there who'd do nicely - another hockey player claimed...

Silver Okiath's eyes laughed as she soared away from those who'd followed her so long, as did Arzianth's. After so many failures, he knew all about success, and having stealthily returned to the sky, caught the silver beauty off guard and made her day. S'nar reappeared on the balcony long enough to charm Lakhshmi, and that was all.

Soniadoreth, an Alskyrian, was the first to see the blue rise into the sky, and snarling at him, she forgot about Webeith following behind her, and soon the light brown had her in his clutches - and Caeala siezed C'thal before he could do likewise.

A Healing Den white, smaller than some, but larger than others, daughter of Linith and Kulerth, both residing at Ryslen, outlasted nearly every other female, and the male on her trail had done likewise - never getting more than a few lengths away from her during the entire flight. Light Blue Lorccanth came upon Rhewith then, and together they flew through the sky. Chevasto looked on in horror as Nanai led that pesky G'nat away. What would he do?

The only bit of sunset that remained in the sky was on the wings of two dragons, Kalistath and Stirdalath. It was fated to be such, and as they twined, their colors painted the sky anew. Kaylee tugged at the feline-elven-blue Chevasto, and Iedilyn planted a kiss on a young man nearby. A hockey player, to noones's surprise.

Only Neva' remained in the sky, and in persuit of her, the agile duowing Rhyalinth. Their pairing came with little fanfare, but plenty of enjoyment.

Though the flight was over, the party continued deep into the night, and some of the riders returned - and others weren't seen until morning.


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