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Ryslen Flurry 2002

Flurry Hatching!

With a cry, the tri-toned dragon pushed out of her eggs, spreading her wings. Her coloring looked quite like the Lights, save that instead of one color shading to white, she was purple shading into pink and then finally into white - and across her hide were tiny glittering flakes, and her wings were sprinkled with larger and equally sparkly snowflakes. A true Flurry dragon this. "She's SO cute!" Sharronn squealed to Ian's dismay. "And her name is Giyath!" The purple-pink-white dragoness trotted coyly as she could manage over to the space-faring woman. "Isn't she darling Ian?" Ian smiled wanly, as brownrider J'ti stepped forward to lead the first pair off the sands and help with the unusually colored dragoness' first meal. Auresanth looked smugly pleased that one of hers was the first to hatch, and even Mlinzith seemed to preen a little.

The second egg to hatch shattered at the edge of the ring, right between Lamarith's white paws. The hatchling was blue - darkly blue. How could a creature of night's coloring hatch from such a pure mother, and from a clutch such as this?! The blue dragon stepped out, and his color shifted slightly darker or lighter in a semi-metallic way. "He looks like a piece of that tiger's eye..." one of the candidates formerly of Earth murmured. The snowflake spangled dragon looked up and met the eye of a quiet candidate with a blizzard-winged black perched on his shoulder. My name is Tyilath, Kertal. The dragon seemed a perfect match for the former thief, and was pleased with what he'd gained. Light bronze Tiassath was pleased as well.

The third dragon to break out of his shell was bright - white and blue and silver - and Okiath let out a pleased if short trumpet. One of hers, it seemed. This dragon fanned out his wings and looked around. His eyes locked on one young man who was just perfect for him. Fanul looked into the dragon's sparkling eyes. "Ezith..." he murmured, and that was that. The snowy markings on the blue's hide seemed to sparkle brighter then, as the new rider scratched behind Ezith's small headknobs.

Miya slipped into the hatching grounds then, leading L'ken by the hand. The place was all but filled, and there was only one seat even reasonably close. Smiling at the person sitting next to it, L'ken sat down, and pulled Miya into his lap. She laughed, drawing Mystic's eye. The Ryslen folk were already beginning to wonder if she'd be staying on at Ryslen after the clutch hatched - or if Relieth would be relocating... "There!" Miya whispered, pointing to a red dragon with nub horns cracking out of his shell. "He's one of 'ours'..." L'ken smirked. "'Our' hatchlings were bald last time..." Miya giggled, and L'ken continued. "I suppose he'll pick a firey young one..." Miya poked him in the chest. "The dragon's color doesn't always match their rider's personality, L'ken." The outgoing whiterider blushed slightly. How true that was!

The metallic red dragon freed himself from the shell of his egg, and spread his wings, dotted with large glittering flakes like all the dragons from this clutch would be. His eyes swiftly locked on one young man, born of nobility, bravery running in his blood. The red took a step towards him and the man looked back. "You do not want me, Hizeriith..." The red stared intently. Thrate... he admonished lightly. The small blind flit curled around the candidate's neck cheeped but once, and Sari's word was final. Hizeriith and Thrate left the sands together, the dragon's shining hide matching the young man's hair.

L'ken tickled Miya gently. "What do you mean, the dragon doesn't match his rider?"

Tavi, Alimach's rider, stared out at the throng of candidates and perfect eggs. "I thought you said Twin Moon had candidates standing. I don't recognize anyone." Brierfox was remarkably calm, and did not react. Star, however, pointed excitedly in the direction of a shattering egg a few paces in front of what was, for all practical purposes, a wolf. The egg split and a blue dragon toppled out - no, a white-blue. His head was white, and shaded into blue, like a Light, but in reverse. His hide was spangled with glittering flakes, and his eyes were bright. Tokala, I am for you. The phantom wolf met the dragon's gaze, and his muzzle cracked in a gentle smile. "Saaventh, my friend..." The wolf rose to his feet and trotted towards the dragon, who was nearly the same size, perhaps a bit smaller. How interesting this pairing was...

Sargon saw fit to poke Tiyanni in the ribs to get her attention then, and she glared at him in mock anger. "Did that vampire give you any trouble?"

"Vennom?" Tiyanni queried, and Sargon nodded. "Not a lick. However..." she directed his attention back to the sands where a white dragon with siamese markings the color of blood was hissing and spitting at the young 'man' in question.

"Whoa Zixy!!" Vennom cried, leaping back, hands up in the air.

Don't call me ZIXY! The temperamental hatchling snapped. My name is Zixionnoixaith! If you insist on shortening it, Vennom, make it Zixion'...

"Zixionnoixaith." Vennom said, "I did not intend to offend..." The dragon came to him then, eyes slowly changing from angry red to loving violet flecked with hunger.

"That's one of Damuth's offspring." Akinta observed. "I'm certain."

"He certainly has Faith's temperament." Tiyanni confirmed with a smirk, wondering how much of a handful that pair would be during training.

A Light dragon burst from her ovoid prison, and revealed herself to the world, snowflakes and all. Soft beauty, but with such strength. Her rainbow gaze turned to one candidate - a young woman who'd recently lost a dear companion. One whom the true colors of life caused such pain. Lyar, I am Zryth. Lyar blinked, concentrating on the dragon. The soft touch of Zryth's mind wrapped around Lyar like a silken sheet, and the color came with no pain. Cream. Light Cream.

Ainea looked expectantly as one of Adisath's tiny eggs developed a network of hairline cracks. It wiggled and wobbled, and the smallest candidates watched as eagerly as the elfin rider. From the tiny egg came a silvery dragonet, speckled with shining snowflakes. It's hide was a color somewhere between cream and a light brown - sortof a natural ecru. The dragon was tiny, but brilliant, and rose to its feet, looking at the candidates with what would be considered a practiced eye if she were not a new hatchling. "Kylionith..." Rib whispered to it, and the dragonet turned to look at the elf. Rib... the dragon murmured back, coming to nuzzle up against her chosen.

Another siamese marked dragon shattered his shell, his red and black paws eagerly seeking the red sands. Like embers attached to his white limbs, the dragon clearly looked malignant. His gaze was for one person alone - Shaft. The revenge seeking young man was ready for Tehndarinth's darkly marked son. "Thornivath..." Shaft hissed, and the dragon smirked ferally. We will find him, Shaft...

Faith's excitement for the next egg's hatching brought the Firelancer's eyes to the sands. One of the white's own eggs was splitting, the dragonet inside forcing the two halves of the shell apart. The cream marked white spilled onto the sands, and Lani's eyes were glued not upon her, but upon the dragon's obvious chosen. Her own sister Willow, to whom the cream siamese dragon shot. "Her name," Willow said, stroking the snow spotted dragoness' neck, "is Ilyith."

A dragon with what seemed to be more simple coloring - green with white wings and crests to go with her snowflakes burst from her shell next. Yohlisanth seemed very pleased with this mineature of herself, and Luroath too seemed to preen. The green shook out her wings, and shook her head clear. Her eyes were vividly blue and shot with questioning yellow. Kshatarieth... I do believe you've not given folk the credit they deserve. Life need not be so painful. The green dragon, with the white candidacy scarf around her neck was busy snapping at the white and silver blizzard flits who still plagued her. What do you know of life, Akshaeth?! A pang of guilt and a flood of love brought 'Rieth to her senses. Akshaeth...

Softly, shards of shell fell away from a delicate green hatchling. Her head was white, and body sparkled with white snowflakes. Quietly she made her way to an offworld candidate - one who'd found herself in East Rock surprisingly. Morgaine... The reversed Light said, her faceted eyes whirling gently. The woman of Avalon looked down into those eyes, and spoke the name of the dragon, forever linking their minds with that otherwise insignificant act. "Vorith."

"There you are!" Dameon said, his eyes and voice excited. "Didn't see you until now." Darreon and Calca looked up to see the young man coming down the stairs towards them. "Having fun yet?"

"Certainly." Darreon said, and looked out to the sands, where another egg was hatching. A white paw had popped out temporarily, and now the dragon was struggling to crack the rest of the shell so he or she could get out.

"You'd better sit down." Calca said thoughtfully, as Dameon was blocking the view of the nice folk behind them. Dameon turned to look for a bit of space, completely missing the emergence of the white dragon with a stunning rainbow crest and sails. Clearly Sadikith's child, as she was the only Flurry participant with that sort of coloring. Who would the little darling choose? There were about a dozen young men and women in its path, so guesses were being made.

"That cutie has a scaled underbelly like Selenyan!" Fendranon observed, and Minaeya poked Dameon, so he'd move out of her line of vision. Her nod confirmed it. Her Silver-Blue had caught Sadikith after all.

"Sit down, Dameon." Darreon said, and somewhere on the ledges above, sunset-winged Liojuth rumbled. This was his birthplace as well, and most Ryslen-born dragons acted like they owned the place from time to time.

"There's no where to sit." Epitath's rider protested.

"She's upset." Calca said, ignoring the seating situation.

"She?" Dareon and Dameon said simultaneously. "How do you know?" her husband asked. The Archangel shrugged.

Calca!! the hatchling cried, and she was on her feet. Dameon found himself in her seat as she flew down the stairs to the white dragon's side. "I'm sorry Gzrieth..." she whispered to the dragonet. She certainly hadn't asked permission for this!!

Another egg shattered as the dragon within used it's nub horns to smash the shell. The horns replaced the headknobs expected on a dragon - an Alskyrian feature, most likely - and this dragonet used them well. With a great shove, the dark tan colored hatchling pushed his way free. Jaath seemed to be proud of him. He unfurled his wings to steady himself, showing the sails to be snow white and sparkling with silver snowflakes. After regaining his balance, the khaki hatchling charged towards the candidates. The candidate who was likely the most bizzare looking (and smelling) leapt out of the dragon's path, one word dropping from his mouth. "Quesdedeonth!" The dragon turned, and looked to the alien. Kaval.

A bright green dragon tumbled out of her shell next, giving a sharp squawk as she landed on her back. The soft red sand clung to the damp hatchling as it was apt to do, obscuring the coloring of her wings as she righted herself. Eryka pitied the small dragon, and was certain she could feel the itching of the sand on her own wings - save that she had no wings. On instinct, the former princess stepped forward, and began to brush the sand from the wings of the dragoness, revealing the snow spangled white sails beneath. Thank you Eryka. I am Kyrenath.

It was not unusual for a former lordling or lady-to-be to find their purpose in life changed drastically by a visit to the hatching sands at Ryslen. Even now, several young men and women of royal lineage graced the warm sands. One sought the eyes of a bluerider in the stands - I'stern - and catching hers, he mouthed one word - Look. In the center of the circle of sands where she stood, one of Gold-White Xhorieth's eggs shattered decisively, and a tri-colored dragonet stepped forth, her markings both vivid and obscured by her coloring. Spreading her soft golden wings defiantly, she announced herself to all who could hear. I am Amyniath! the young queen said boldly. My rider is... The dragon locked eyes with her chosen, speaking directly to her. You, Soterga.

A rather large contingent of folk from HollowGlen hold had come to the hatching when they were properly notified that one of theirs was to be presented as a candidate for impression. The way Liamoron and Amella had their heads together, it was almost obvious that they were still plotting their daughter's future for her. When Liadana saw her parents and brothers in the stands, she exchanged places with another candidate so her back was to them. She got to see her greenrider friend N'yeth then, and smiled. She tried to ignore the shrill calls of Lianon and Lynon, but they were her brothers...

A small egg cracked open, and a purple and white dragon tumbled out. She landed on her feet and was quick to spread her vividly purple wings and show off the white snowflakes sparkling on them. Giving them a few quick flaps, she settled them lightly, and began to stalk towards the candidates who had their backs towards her. Keeping low to the sands, the striped dragon crept closer, and closer to the oblivious youths. She crouched low to the sands, and sprang.

"LIADANA! LOOK OUT!" Lianon cried, and the girl turned around, just in time for the purple tiger-striped dragon to tackle her into the sands.

"Miowieth, that was not nice." Liadana whispered, having no real breath to scold with. J'kyan came out to help her up, and Miowieth tagged along behind as they exited the sands.

Akemith and Akigrath began making a bit of noise - mostly encouraging - when the first of their eggs began to rock and then shatter, tossing the icy dragon out into the sands. She tumbled, and then righted herself, spreading her sparkling snowflake wings. Metallic, she was, much like her sire - but she was pink. Decidedly pink. How could such a hot color combine with such an icy look? The dragon didn't care, and likely her rider wouldn't. The fire elemental and the dragon locked eyes, naming each other simultaneously. "Kaalilianth." Aaliya.

Another purple and white dragon tumbled out of her shell, this one much more like a playful puppy than a sleek feline. Even her white spots were reminiscent of a breed of Earth dog - though usually the canine was white and the spots dark. She bounded right over to a lupine candidate, not caring when she tripped and landed right at the Arctic wolf's feet. I'm Doiesieth! The spotted purple said with a giggle. I love you Hope! You are so brave!

The priestess watched, oblivious to the heat of the sands, glad that the tiger-dragon's leap had not harmed the girl severely. She had seen more than her share of bloodshed already. Life is not always sunny days. a soft voice said, and Toreilli turned to see a dragon who was the silver lining of the clouds - a Light Silver. "Alnevareth? What do you mean?!"

A dragonet bearing four colors pushed out of its shell, the snowflakes bold, bolder, hidden and almost indistinguishable from its hide. Silver, White, Bronze, and Gold. What was it?! Murmurs washed through the crowd, and only the voice of one candidate hushed them. "Her name is Sentrenith." Eyes riveted onto the golden haired Angela. Yes, and your name is hardly Angela. the young multicolored queen said. You are my rider, Safety.

The hatching was interesting for one woman who was not a first time candidate. Seeing the hatchlings picking her bond was nostalgic, and it was not necessarily a good feeling. Thielle a soft voice said, and she who had been named whirled around and saw a metallic purple dragon waiting patiently. You have waited long enough. Theille Tagenal looked into the dragon's rainbow eyes. "Galanielth...?"

Things simmered down temporarily, allowing the heat of the hatching sands to begin to seep into the candidates. The draconic ones didn't seem to mind so much, with perhaps the mountain dragon as the exception, and it seemed beneficial to one candidate who loved the cold so very much that even the heaviest sarcasm wasn't enough. An egg in the midst of a relatively clear expanse of sand shattered when the dragon within used the small horns on his nose to ram against the fragile casing. A metallic dragon as red as forge shook shell fragments from his shiny wings, his stocky limbs planted firmly. He was decidedly a copper, but he just looked hot! He seemed to smile knowingly at Calionapyth, and then turned and faced the young dwarf Vack. I am Pyajeth.

In the stands, Weyrwoman Mayhe of Beach Shards Weyr and her new female Weyrleader Lahaya watched the new dragons choose their riders carefully. How many of these splendid young dragons would grace the sands at their weyr someday? At Mayhe's side was Summer, the flamboyant ex-season, and tagging along with them was Spring, who wouldn't have missed this hatching for the world. Beside Lahaya was Yijaan, who had bonded with the abandonling green Vinasyrth at Ryslen not too long before. As they all looked on, two eggs on opposite ends of the vast cavern shattered, one revealing a silver dragon speckled with white snowflakes whose wings almost seemed to be made of wind-swept silver snow. The other dragon was a warm cream with sunset wings. Her body looked like ice, and the snowflakes on her hide shimmered. The dragons seemed to be heading straight for one another, as though each had imprinted on the other, until at the last minute they turned to face a pair of candidates - one the epitome of the frozen season, the other as brightly deceptive as fall. The snowy silver turned his gaze to Winter, and the warm sunset turned hers to Autumn. I am Adroriath. and I am Wydelith. Hopefully you have taken full advantage of the wait. the little dragon said with an audible smirk. Winter grinned back, and the two ex-seasons announced their dragon's names for the pleasure of their friends in the stands.

The head and forepaws of a purple dragon popped suddenly out of an egg that had hardly rocked or displayed signs of hatching, and the young dragoness squirmed her way out, her white tail and vivid purple tailspade arriving in view last. The Light looked around, and quickly made her choice. She marched over to the girl in a decisive manner, and her eyes whirled happily as Quinra spoke her name. "Tezeth."

A largish egg spun slightly as it rocked, and the pieces of shell fell away like a flower blooming. A surprisingly graceful dragon stepped from the scattered shards with an air of superiority, but without the sort of ego that ruined his beauty. His icy colored hide was metallic - very metallic. As the icy pink that chose Aaliya had been noble, this bronze was as well. When he paused to be admired, Eyrlass Analyn and Eyrlan Ton'loran conferred with each other, and even Braithen had to put a good few words in about the quality of this dragon. Sure, his parents had been Flurries from previously, but he was special. The snowflakes on his wings shown as the eyes of the candidates did in anticipation of the bronze's choice. Saro smiled at the length of them - good and strong he'd be someday. His mate would be in for a pleasant surprise. The leaders of the Lao Damian hatcheries would have missed the new dragon's choice if Aureliane had not gasped quite so loudly, "Cezaris!" Indeed, the icy bronze was headed right for the dancemaster, who had felt the tug of the young dragon's mind several times since his arrival at Ryslen, and was still pleasantly surprised. "Welcome, Amorescalonth. Welcome." Cezaris said to the bronze, who looked up to him with adoring rainbow eyes.

A sharp snap heralded the hatching of the next snow-sprinkled dragon, one who was as white as a polar bear, save the rust colored stripe running the length of his body and wingsails that matched. Wings unfurled, he stalked across the sands he could not possibly hide in, and nudged against the candidate of his choice - Bear. Who else would it be? The bright eyes of the hatchling turned and gazed up into the stands, meeting the gaze of a young girl. Though the horned white dragon did not say anything, Bear knew. "Molireth, her name is Annie..." The Caerleaders from the Trandiok Glacier watched the dragon's impression with true interest along with their fleetleader Mattias, but none watched so eagerly as young Annie, who'd befriended Bear long before Molireth!

A smaller egg flipped nearly end for end before the narrow end cracked open, letting the dragonet's silver tail flop out onto the sands. As if the snowflakes weren't enough to make this young beast special, her tail was striped green and white. With a obstinate kick, the silver dragoness got completely out of her shell, and showed off her green wings while her striped 'socks' got covered in fine red sands. One candidate began giggling, and surprisingly, so did young Sessath. Adashe!!!

A small egg shattered, sending fragments out like a ripple from a stone thrown into water. The hatchling standing in the epicenter of that miniature wave was very bright blue, and his broad wings were white as the snow flakes that glittered on his hide - but not as brightly as the silver ones that shown on those pristine sails. The dragon was small, very small - but he was absolutely perfect for his chosen. Clearwater stepped forward but one step, speaking the name of his bond. "Iizzith." The dragon's rainbow eyes turned to the small male, and the blue went right to him. Surely, this was meant to be.

A sharp thunderlike crack preceeded the arrival of a blue, who was as snowy as the rest of his clutch siblings, but colored with a blue-white cloudy mist. He drifted casually across the hatching grounds to an Alskyrian lad, whose head was in the clouds, somewhat. Elmhsi, I am Lmelth. the cloudy blue said, and that was that.

Finally, with more than a third of the eggs hatched, Neva's large clutch began to make signs of hatching. One of the eggs shivered, and grew hairline cracks like stripes, and soon a silver hatchling pushed out. He stood out on the red sands, shaking open his blue sailed wings and fluffing up his crest. It stood up boldly, more like an eel's than the expected Ryslen crest - spines and blue web that matched his wings. His belly was blue scaled armor, and it was plainly obvious that this was a miniature Selenyan. His rainbow gaze was turned to a candidate who was looking away from the central sands. Without his usual hat, the candidate's striped hair was far more obvious than normal. Clearly, Dariben felt underdressed. The silver-blue dragon balanced on his hind legs and put his paws on the Cyphteron's shoulders, laying his chin on the 'young' demi-immortal's shoulder. He didn't speak, but the candidate's hand came up and touched him, and Dariben spoke - "Tithienth, my bond." In the stands, Dameon crowed. Now Dariben had to go see his parents!

The second egg of Jovannath's small clutch cracked open, revealing a lanky Light dragon of unusual coloring. Black. His step was pained, slow, but his eyes were bright with life. His gaze met that of a gaunt and haunted young man, a raider who had accidentally become what many dreaded. Kinslayer. Iaceo knew that the black and white dragon could see deep in his heart, and did not fight it. Iaceo... the Light Black hissed, and Iaceo knelt before his dragon, accepting the bond by speaking the beast's name - "Vivendoth."

The Hatching Continues!